Little Fire

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Fei Larken was left at the nunnery when she was an infant in nothing but a blanket with her name Fei stitched into it. The nuns pitied her even as a child, a small sun burst mole was hideous enough on an infant but the runes forever branded into an infant? Whomever her parents where Fei wasn't interested. She wanted out of the nunnery and to live her own life- but there is a vast world outside of one Fei knows. One that is calling her to come home, and to finish what her mother started.

Erotica / Fantasy
Alex Fox
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Fei Solaris

I've always been pretty empathic. Able to read a room or read a mood. That's why despite not knowing his name, or a word said to me- I could have him.

His mouth trailed down my neck as his hands fumbled with his belt. I didn't know his name- didn't really care. I came to this party to dance, enjoy life a little maybe even sneak some booze and enjoy life before I had to stuff myself back in the cage. Go back to saying yes ma'am no sir and pray at least five times a day to a god I didn't believe in.

Today was my birthday and the last thing I wanted to do now that I was sixteen was be stuck inside a convent. No, I wanted to lose my virginity. At least right now I did. The party wasn't great. My friends had ditched me, the couch I sat on smelled like pot and cat piss and the music was someone screaming "Let it bleed" while describing his emotional pain- because that's totally not a mood killer. Whoever the DJ was- clearly was having a bad night or couldn't read a room. But then, I saw him look at me from across the room. His heated need as he kept glancing at me as if to shy to say anything.

And now?

I moaned as I felt him press his hot hard length between my thighs, the thin lace material of my panties was the only thing separating my aching flesh from his hungry pulsing member as his teeth grazed my nipple. Oh yes. This I liked.

He guided my hands above my head, pulling my shirt up by his teeth before dragging the rest with his hand, his mouth descending on mine again. He rolled his hips against mine again as his tongue entangled mine, his hand fisting in my hair as my nails clawed down his back- he had been quick to undress and lay on top of me entirely naked. All I wanted to do was feel more of him against me.

I had lead him upstairs into the room, locked the door and it was as if a flip had switched without a word said between us. He tossed me onto the bed pulling off his shirt and climbed on top of me.

I whimpered with need as his mouth trailed down my neck pulling back my hair softly, his other hand-


My eyes flew open as I trembled at his touch coming back to the now, his middle finger running over my clitoris making my hips jump in response and another sound pulled from my lips making him smile against my skin as his teeth pulled my bra down to capture my nipple between his lips.

God had I known it would be like this... maybe I would have done this so much sooner.

I had grown up in a nunnery, and thankfully the last two years of my life there had been more freedoms to leave the convent since high school school was farther into town. Unlike middle-school, and of course everything before then I had never even left the grounds. Which as of last year since I stayed out of trouble my freshman year meant I was free to take the bus, get a job, have freedoms to come and go compared to the younger orphans. It was also that age where no one wanted to adopt you- I had given up after years of rejection. I never knew exactly what I had done wrong but I guess any of the people trying to pick out a child just didn't like me.

My new freedom was something I took advantage of often- and while we had curfews tonight was one of those rare occasions I was going to break it. Sister Agnes probably already knew I would be dipping out, she knew I always came back so she didn't scold me as much as some of the others. I knew it was because she was looking out for everyone, she had a good heart. To many orphans try to bum it on the streets and then a lot of bad things happen to them. Agnes loves anyone that steps foot into her care even if she didn't always show it.

"You're so wet already." He panted as he released my hair and ran his nails down the side of my body.

I shivered as gooseflesh appeared allover my body from the sensation. "I-is that good?" I asked panting as I squirmed beneath him. He was rubbing me slowly, pressing into me in a way that made me slowly burn inside, an ache forming that I didn't understand inside my gut and between my thighs. My panties were likely ruined for the evening.

"Oh it's marvelous sweetling." He purred around my nipple moments before his teeth bit down softly. His hand released my bra and his other hand shifted pushing a finger into my body. I felt myself stretching in a way that wasn't unpleasant. If anything it made me want more- and when he began to shift it in and out I cried out throwing back my head and clenching the sheets.

"Yes that's it. Feel it." He whispered as another finger slipped in, his thumb still rubbing slowly building me up higher and higher, my toes curling as I attempted to grip the bed. Desperately trying to thrust against his hand harder by bracing myself to no avail- but he was pressing into me in a certain way and with just enough pressure that I wasn't entirely frustrated. It was instead building a sensation inside me I didn't quite understand.

"Please." I begged though I didn't know what I was asking for.

"Yes." He whispered moving up to capture my lips once more, his fingers twisting my nipple as he moved his thumb a bit more directly onto my clitoris in a faster motion.

I cried out into his mouth as I felt my body move and ripple over and over. I jerked my lips away to breath, gasping for air as I continued to shudder his teeth descending to bite down onto my shoulder slightly sharp before he released me to pull my panties off. My legs where loose as I felt my blood pound, my pulse in my finger tips and in my face as my whole body vibrated with pleasure. I hadn't even been able to make much more than a strangled whimper as I had cum; and he had watched it all with a satisfied chuckle.

My first orgasm. It had been amazing- and he had watched every moment of it with pleasure. "Are you ready sweetling?" He purred.


My eyes went wide as I felt the hard pulsing tip against my entrance, my soaking wet folds making it slide with ease as the soft head pushed inside me. A sudden ripple of what I could only describe as searing desire went up my spine and my body reacted of it's own accord- my hands embracing him under his arms to grab onto his shoulders. He gazed down at me, his eyes a pure blue, his hair a similar orange to my own. "You're so beautiful." He murmured moving very slowly, pressing farther and farther.

I smiled shyly rocking my hips up slightly to meet his eagerly before I bit my lip looking up at him trying not to wince- cheeks flaming. He paused- my gaze asking silently for him to continue with a small whimper building in my throat.

He smiled as his hips rocked a little grinding the tip of him just barely into me, in and out in and out as his fingers framed my face. My lips parted into the shape of an o as my eyes drooped and grew hazy with need. The fat hard head of his cock dipping into me over and over again making wet noises fill the room, my nails digging into him as I attempted to move my hips and push him in deeper.

"Please!" I begged again desperate for something I didn't comprehend.

"Yes dearest." He whispered pressing his forehead against mine before plunging in home. I cried out my back arching up and my head thrown back slightly, one of his hands coming back to support my ass up to keep us in place. This time it felt perfect.

I felt him pulsing even as my body relaxed against the bed, my hips wanting to move with need grinding as he held me firmly to him pulsing deeply into me. I felt so full and so hot. This desire to move fueled but I was pinned beneath him. "M-more." I pleaded whimpering trying to move my hips but his hand holding me in place as he pulsed within me.

"Always. Kiss me." He growled moving his lips to meet mine. As his lips met mine his hips began to pump in a slow grind in and out, barely moving out of me as his pelvis moved against my already sensitive clitoris.

My toes cured as I wrapped my legs around him instinctively, my hands moving to the back of his neck, my nails digging in slightly at the bottom of his scalp. Oh god. I was going to. How?

My head spun as my body began to grasp onto his tightly on the edge making him growl happily into my mouth. I whimpered in response, his tongue snaking out to silence me as he continued holding me on the edge, controlling my movements with his hand no matter how hard I tried to move back. Then, finally- he moved just a bit faster, and the dam broke.

I cried out like I never had before this time, my body now coming around his hard thick member. The feeling almost uncomfortable from his side and yet also bringing me to a new height I didn't think existed.

This time he let go of the kiss to lift my legs onto his shoulders now pounding into me over and over as I continued to cum nearly screaming between breaths as his member began to swell deep into me. It was almost painful as he pushed into me over and over growing slightly harder, my body convulsing around him over and over.

He gasped his arms descending on either side of my shoulders as he plunged into me firmly making my hips lift in reflex. I felt a warm splash of liquid enter me from within making my jaw drop slightly. His teeth tugging on my ear sending shivers down my spine.

It felt... I was beyond words as stars washed over my vision for a few moments.


He groaned again kissing the top of my head as he pulled back and thrust again, and again, and again each time more of his cum pumping into me. My body took it eagerly as I came around him shuddering a few more times as another small wave of ecstasy over came me.

I was in bliss.

But I hadn't exactly thought the consequences through.

Oh well. That was tomorrow's problem.

Was the last worry I had as he pulled out of me and gathered me close to his chest. I laid my head on his arm facing into him- breathing in his scent as I drifted off to sleep. The last vague memory I had was of him pulling up some covers.

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