The Preachers Daughter

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•Luna P.O.V•

The saying goes “never bite the hand that feeds you” right? I’m seriously losing what little bit of mind I had left. Wednesday Bible Study was not Bible study at all. It was “direct Luna in her life and tell her what to do and get everyone to back her into a corner to force her to live the life you want her to live”.

My parents mean well, our church members mean well, but dammit! I could drop an atom bomb on them and tell them I’m a phone sex operator and that with my words and voice alone men stroke their dicks and cum their pants. That would teach them, right?

I couldn’t do that to Laura and Steven. Mom and Dad. Instead I will do my time until I have things figured out. 22 years young with my whole life ahead of me. Don’t let it get to you, Luna.

I know I don’t want to stay in New Jersey. Maybe head back to New York where I lived prior to Angelo fucking his life that displaced me. Maybe head south- I like peaches, Georgia sounds nice. Italy sounds like a good idea too. I could potentially find Angelo’s family and meet cousins, aunts or uncles.

Friday evening rolls around and at exactly 9:30PM, I log in to my phone and immediately I have an incoming call. Tonight I will make some cash to get me hell out of this town.

I giggle and answer my headset “Hello handsome!”

“Ciao bella”

I audibly gasp at the voice that causes my core to immediately clinch comes into my ears like sultry music. I cross my legs tightly to gather my wits and produce some sort of friction since I can tell my panties are soaked.

“Johnny. I’ve missed our conversations. I-I- thought I ruined what we have when I couldn’t give you my number. I froze and am afraid I fibbed to you. Please accept my apology.”

A few seconds of silence creeps over my headset and I hear Johnny hum like he’s in deep thought. Trying to break the silence I’m afraid is becoming awkward I suddenly feel brave.

“Johnny, when I heard your voice, I had to cross my legs tightly.”

A hearty chuckle and growl of approval comes from Johnny which causes me to clinch my thighs tighter.

“Si bellissimo. Dimmi di più.”

Confused since I do not speak Italian, I giggle. Trying to become coherent since I have officially melted into a puddle, Johnny speaks up.

“Ah, Desiree. You are courageous this evening. I too have missed your voice and company. I am afraid this conversation though will be short. Although I do think now I can forgive your excuse for not wanting to talk during the day.”

Giving a sigh of sadness and guilt, “thank you Johnny. I’m sorry you can’t talk longer tonight and I want to thank you for your forgiveness. When can I expect to hear from you again?”

“Presto mio cara. Ti vedrò presto” Johnny calmly says followed by a slight sigh and the line is ended.

Left speechless, I quickly log out and lay down. My mind is reeling, my panties are soaked. I’m a hot mess.

Reaching down into my panties, I let out a shocked gasp. I am dripping. How can a mans voice cause this? Dipping a finger into my core, mesmerized by the pulsing warmth, I slowly stroke my clit with my thumb and slowly reach my other hand up under my shirt. Pinching my taught nipple then circling it, I hear Johnny’s sultry voice in my head. Closing my eyes, I imagine what he looks like. Raven black hair, perfectly styled. Dark, deep, soul searching eyes. Eyelashes that touch his high cheekbones when deep in thought. Full, perfectly sculpted lips. Broad shoulders, strong defined arms, long perfect fingers..

Annnnd just like that I flicked my bean well enough I came all over my finger. Oh Johnny.

•Johnny P.O.V•

My alarm blares taking me out of my trance to call Desiree. I figured I would fuck with her and speak my native tongue. It worked like a charm. My beautiful angel is getting brave.

Certainly she couldn’t have been lying about her need to apply pressure to her delicate and perfect pussy. I intended to have a longer conversation with her, but I couldn’t.

Her shy giggle caused me to instantly spring to life. Gripping my cock that was growing painfully under my Armani boxer briefs, I slowly start stroking my length up and down. Picturing those beautiful eyes and small delicate hands feeling every vein on my pulsing rod, I start to move quicker. Using my own pre-cum as lubrication, I replay her gasp in my head over and over again until I blast my seed over my own lower abdomen.

I told her that I will talk to her soon, but she will be in for a surprise how that conversation happens.

Whew! My first written erotic scene! Hope it didn’t disappoint!


Ciao bella - - Hello beautiful

Si bellissimo. Dimmi di più - - Yes beautiful. Tell me more

Presto mio cara. Ti vedrò presto - - Soon my dear. I’ll see you soon

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