The Preachers Daughter

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[Authors Note]

Hello lovelies.

This isn’t the type of update I had been hoping to do but here I am doing it.

I was diagnosed with stage 2A breast cancer and have been undergoing chemotherapy and it takes a lot out on me physically and emotionally.

Check your boobies! It could save your life! I am 35 years young and was doing my own monthly self-check in the shower and found a lump in my right breast.

Immediately I contacted my OB/GYN and was able to get in 2 weeks later. From there it had been appointment after appointment full of mammograms, sonograms, biopsies, blood draws, genetic testing, surgery to place my port, fittings for my Paxman scalp cooling cap, chemotherapy, and being rather ill from the chemotherapy itself.

When I am feeling better I am spending as much quality time with my two sons and husband as I can.

I carry the BCRA1 gene mutation which means it is hereditary and after I am done with my first cycles of infusions will have a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. After surgery I will have 7-8 more rounds of chemotherapy and then have hopefully my last surgery to remove my ovaries since BCRA1 genetic mutation also can cause uterine and ovarian cancer. Thankfully enough, I had a partial hysterectomy in 2019 so losing the last of my reproductive pieces doesn’t bother me.

I am hoping to start writing again as I get a grasp on everything happening and I hope my readers who have added my story to their list understands my delay!

Thank you so much for adding my story to your library! Please feel free to comment with anything! Leave me some feedback on what you’ve read so far! Maybe it’ll give me the boost I need to write more!

Love Always,
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