The Preachers Daughter

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[Authors Note]

An authors note right from the get go. How cute. 😒

Hey everyone, I am Tori! I’m a boy mom so life catches up with me really quickly at times between soccer games, practice, keeping them alive while my husband is at work.

This is my first book I am writing. I am beyond nervous hitting the submit button, however I am using it as a growing experience for myself.

I would highly appreciate ANY constructive criticism towards my grammar and what not. I will be honest though, I verbalize things differently than most. I have a friend proofing before I hit submit however so hopefully typos are caught before I look like someone who can’t spell!

Thank you all for taking a chance on my story! I don’t know my updating schedule as of yet, but I am hopeful for the few who may read this, won’t have to wait too long!


Tori 🥰

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