Price To Pay

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You never know love has a price until you have to pay the price for it with your life. Do you go back to your partner or pay the price all in the name of love? Zama is a young lady who gets sold by her husband as a business transaction in order for his career to take off leaving her with nothing. Zama has to live with the man she's been sold off to and in order for her to stay with him she has to do things she never imagined herself doing but later finds herself falling for this very same man.

Erotica / Fantasy
Sandisiwe Gxaba
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“There’s no one like you around

Oh Baby-

I really like

what you done to me.

I can't really explain it,

I am so into you…

I real-”

The music suddenly goes off as I’m singing and dancing along to my favourite song with my hands in the air swaying left and right to the beat imagining myself singing backup at a Tamia concert and my eyes peel open to see who so rudely disturbed my peace and I find my annoying roommate standing by the sound system. I don’t hide my annoyance as my eyes bore into him

“Why did you do that?”

I grit with my visible and audible annoyance, he smiles

“I’ve been calling out to you for the past 5 minutes”

He says walking over to me and I roll my eyes waiting for him to continue with his point

“Mr Mbangi invited us to dinner”

He says and my eyebrows draw close to each other, not intentionally but they do


I ask him and he shrugs

“Business I guess. It couldn’t hurt to find out”

He says pulling me closer to him by my waist

“I don’t know if I want to go, his wife is a snob and she’s really annoying”

I say removing his hands from my waist but he presses harder not allowing me out of his hands

“I understand that but please do this for me. Your husband, your life partner”

His eyebrows wiggle playfully with his annoying grin

“I will make it up to you”

He says kissing my lips but I don’t respond

“I promise”

He says tracing kisses down my jawline and all the way to my weak spot, that being my neck and I roll my head back to give him better access


A moan escapes my lips unintentionally and I feel him smile proudly while his hands gently squeeze my ass cheeks

“So we going?”

He asks sucking on my neck such that I find myself agreeing to him


The word rolls out of my mouth in pieces and he laughs then kisses the same spot he was sucking on

“I love you ok?”

He reminds me

“I love you too”

I say pulling him to the couch as I move back, I throw my body on the couch and he follows suite and rests his weight on his hands and towers over me kissing me slowly all the way down to my tummy, he’s about to go down when we are disturbed by a ringing phone

“Ignore it”

I tell him breathing heavy

“It could be work”

He says removing my hands around his neck, I let out a sigh and he chuckles walking to answer the phone. I sit up and part my legs while he walks on the phone with who I am assuming to be his colleague, I lick my fingers while he watches me in anticipation of what is about to happen, I grab my boob with my right hand and then lower my left hand to my underwear and insert it inside while he stares at me. He clears his throat

“I’m still here, which report are you referring to?”

He asks, I rub the pea size nub under my black lace underwear. He takes a deep breath and exhales while focused on me but answering his colleague

“Yes I understand”

He says and just then my phone rings, he shakes his head and I shake mine too and stand up and go take my phone off the table and answer it walking out


I am Zama Mathinja, I am 23 years old and have been married to my husband for 2 years now. I met him while I was working a story on his boss, he was in a meeting with him when I walked into those offices and he made me feel welcome, things led to another and we ended up exchanging numbers and meeting up for coffee thereafter. Kumnkani Zulu works for an arrogant, narcissistic rich bastard whomst I hate to the core! My husband and I have been in love ever since and things between us are fun and crazy, either than the petty arguments every now and then I guess I could say we are the perfect match or we were until he turned against me and made me realise that I am always going to be on my own in this world. What do you do when love turns into betrayal? Do you forgive and move on or stay and get revenge? Personally I pick the latter. You know what they say, “Hell hath no fury on a woman scorned!”.

The price you pay for love!

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