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My Officer

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Chapter 1: Brianna


"Uugghhh", Brianna grumbled as she reached over slapping her alarm clock to silence the piercing noise that was invading her much needed slumber. 5:00 a.m. seriously.

The thing about Brianna was that once she was woken up, that was it, there was no going back to sleep. Against her better judgement, she rolls out of bed.

She may as well get ready for the day she thought to herself as she makes her way to the bathroom for her semi-normal morning routine.

Her mind drifts to her shift from last night. Who was that guy she wonders. She had never seen anything so beautiful. She could tell he was an ass but he was also a god. She envied the woman who was wrapped around him.

She spent the night tossing and turning wondering what it felt like to be wrapped in him that way.

"Ha" she laughs out. That'll never happen.

Once she's freshened up she grabs her coffee from the kitchen and makes her way to the balcony off of her bedroom to welcome the day.

Stepping through the sliding glass doors onto her mostly private balcony, Brianna smiles as she takes in the cool Texas breeze she's loved since her childhood.

As usual, she takes the time to talk to and prune all her beautiful potted plants while sipping her coffee and thinking about the events that lead her to today.

"Hello my beautiful babies" she coos out.

"You need some lovin' don't you? I'm sorry I haven't been here."

She couldn't remember the last time she wasn't in a hurry to leave them.

Four months...yeah that's it...four months since she'd had a day off and she couldn't remember how long it had been before that.

Brianna was born in a small Texas town to parents who hated her. Her dad was some low level drug dealer named D that knocked up her prostitute mother Stacy and bam there she was.

Though Brianna had no idea how she survived infancy she remembered all too well her childhood and how she literally fought to survive it.

As far back as she could remember she was flooded with memories of her dad beating the shit out of her mom and selling her to the higher end drug dealers for their dope debt.

She remembers her moms moans as man after man came to the house daily. Her dad would usually have some other whore in the living room fucking her on the couch while Brianna was forced to clean around them all.

Eventually Brianna realized that music was her escape. She would hum to herself to drown out the sex, the beatings, and the arguments that plagued her house daily.

She also found refuge in school. She knew to keep her head down and in her books because anything that drew attention to her from her teachers would result in a beating and having to move.

One day however, that all came to an end. Brianna was 13 years old when she ran away from home.

The day started like any other day. ! She woke up early to clean whatever mess was made from the night before. As she walked out of her room she saw a man standing in the living room talking to her parents. Hiding behind the wall Brianna listened quietly as the man spoke.

He had a deep raspy Italian voice and was incredibly tall, maybe 6'3. His broad shoulders V'd down to a more trim waste line. He had a suit on, that she knew had to have cost thousands of dollars, perfectly tailored to his muscular body. She couldn't see his face but standing close by were two other men wearing suits and very large guns.

Panic set in when she heard his voice.

"I hear you have a pretty little daughter around here somewhere. Tell me how old is she?" the man asks her dad.

"She's 13. Why?" her dad replies.

"Has she been touched?" the man asks ignoring her dads question.

"No" her mom says with jealousy in her voice, "but if you're looking for some fun Don, I'm right here"

"Let me see her." he says with clear irritation in his voice.

"BRIANNA" her dad calls to her from the living room.

As Brianna comes around the corner she trembles as the man approaches her.

He had his salt and pepper hair slicked back with the utmost precision and his bright green eyes pierced through hers as he slowly circled her. His defined jaw set with anger. He must have been at least 50. She is quickly jolted back from her shock as he spoke to her.

"Tell me Principessa, what is your name?" he asks with a slightly more gentle tone than he used when speaking to her parents.

Shoulders back, head high "My name is Brianna" she replies with a firm tone.

He immediately begins to laugh at her response. "Testarda, Principessa!" he continues to laugh looking over to his men.

With that he turns to his men and says "Take her". Her parents begin to argue with him, as Brianna makes her way to her room.

She hurriedly grabs a few changes of clothes and a secret box she had hidden. It had money she'd been collecting over the years. She stuffs everything into her backpack and makes her way to her window just in time to hear her mother say, " We were about to start making money off of that ungrateful little bitch"

Scared, she makes her way out of her bedroom window landing with a thud hearing the man called Don yelling "FIND HER NOW".

All that day Brianna ran. She hitched rides when she could and by that night she found herself dropped off 4 hours away by a truck driver in front of a small cafe in the middle of Houston.

It was winter brutally cold and raining when Brianna stepped into the small cafe to try and escape the cold that pierced her bare legs. She hadn't had time to change into more appropriate clothes before her escape.

She found a booth in the corner trying to go unnoticed. Pulling her money box from her backpack Brianna began to count realizing she only had $57 to her name. What am I going to do she thought as the old lady working at the cafe came to her table.

"What can I get for you sugar?" the lady asks as Brianna looks up and reads her name tag. MAY. What a fitting name Brianna thought as she looked up at the lady who would change her life that night.


Suddenly Brianna is jerked from her daydreaming by her phone. Running to her room sliding across the bed to grab it she answers as she already knows who is calling.

"Goodmorning May!" Brianna smiles.

When Brianna returns to her balcony to retrieve her cup of coffee while she chats with May it's as if she is frozen in place. There he is. The guy from last night at the cafe and oh my god....

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