My Officer

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Chapter 2: Lorenzo

The day before:

"Hey Brad, are you going to stand there or move your ass and help me with this shit" I yell out to my best friend and partner from down the hall.

"Well shit man who moves on a Friday night when they should be out getting laid?" Brad whined as he came into the room.

"Look man, we've only got a little bit left. If we finish this shit tonight we'll party tomorrow night. I'll invite Kelli and some of the guys from the precinct and you can invite Stacy, or Stephanie, or Sandra....whatever her damn name is." I chuckle out.

"Man that was last week and her name is Sacha. This weekend its Heather." Brad says with a devilish smirk.

I just roll my eyes. Brad has been my best friend since we were 10. We went through school together and the police academy too. When we graduated and applied for jobs with HPD we were both hired and for the last 6 years we've been partners.

I found a nice appartment inside the city so my commute to work wouldn't be as tough. The owners gave me a great deal because I'm a cop. Something about extra security and making the other tenants feel safe.

"Damn man this is a shit hole" Brad laughs out as we pulled up.

"Shut up, its nicer on the inside " I retort back.

Two hours later everything is inside the appartment and mostly set up because I don't have much to begin with. Though I came from money I refuse to take handouts from my parents. Even my schooling was done on a scholarship.

"Hey man want a beer" Brad yells from the kitchen as I'm coming down the hall.

Looking at my watch I realize it's only 7 p.m. "Nah, let's go hit a club."

An hour later we find ourselves in a club a few blocks away. We make our way to the bar and order drinks. Immediately we are approached by two beautiful ladies. The blonde leans over, breasts damn near coming out of her tiny red dress, and whispers something into Brad's ear making him grin over at me.

"I'll catch you later" Brad tells me as he follows the little red dress heading to the dance floor.

I turn to her friend now left standing there biting her lip seductively. I lean in to her.

"Don't bite your lip like that darlin or I'll fuck you right here" I whisper in her ear as I brush my tongue on her neck.

It clear what she wants. Someone to take care of her. Well shes got another thing coming. The only chick I've slept with twice is Kelli and that's because she knows the rules.

She grabs my hand as I follow her little black dress noticing her ass is on point. Yeah I'll have my cock buried in that later I thought to myself as we hit the dance floor. She spins around rubbing her breasts up and down my chest and stomach. I grab her and turn her by the waist slamming her ass into my already hardening cock.

I look over to Brad who has his hand all over her friends ass. We dance for a couple more hours and decide it's time to take these ladies back to my place. We decide to grab a bite on the way at the cafe located under the set of apartments across the street from mine.

Walking in the door she's the first thing I notice.

Standing there in her cafe style uniform, skirt hitting mid thigh so her toned legs are on display. The rest of her uniform hugging her tight little body. Her black hair falling at her waste meeting her perfectly round ass.

When she turns I notice her eyes. Damn it, I've never seen eyes like that, brown with flakes of green and gold and not a drop of makeup on her face.

Her lips were full and pink as she smiles in our direction giving her already olive skin a softer glow. Shit! I said to myself.

Don't get me wrong these chicks here were smoking hot but her, well she was something else all together. She is smiling as she tells us we can take a seat anywhere. Her voice is angelic.

She scans us until her eyes meet mine. Her face changes into almost fear and her eyes are locked on mine as we make our way to a booth in the corner of the cafe. She quickly regains her composure and heads our way after a few minutes. What the hell was that I think to myself.

"Can I start you out with something to drink," she asks in a tone more uncertain than she had before. We place our drink orders and I notice she now won't look at me. BRIANNA is what her name tag says. Hmm I think to myself.

"Hey baby" the chick from the bar whispers in my ear. No, I dont know her name and I dont give a damn.

"I hope you're ready for tonight", she coos. I look over to her as she begins to rub my thigh. I grab her hand and place it on my cock and she begins to stroke. Just then Brianna comes back. Brad and his date are all over each other.

"C-can I take y-your order now", she asks clearly uncomfortable with what she now has a clear view of. I look up at her and notice her eyes are focused on the tent in my pants that what's her name is rubbing.

"Eyes darlin." I tell her as she quickly looks at me her face now red. She is shifting from one foot to the other telling me she is clearly turned on by what she has seen. She coughs to try and regain herself as Brad and the other chick order their food.

"I'll have a grilled chicken salad with fat free ranch dressing" my date orders with her hand never leaving my crotch.

I see Brianna roll her eyes and cant help but grin. I order a steak rare with a baked potato. Her hand is shaking as she writes.

"You get all that doll?" I asks as she finishes writing. Her jaw sets and her eyes blacken when she snaps her head my way with a look that clearly says she is pissed.

"Yes doll, I've got it." She spits back at me and turns on her heels to storm off. Damn her ass is phenomenal I say to myself but she needs a spanking for that attitude. Brad begins to laugh and give me a wink.

We finish our meal quickly and I make my way over to Brianna, placing my hand on the small of her back. I feel her body tense under my large hand.

Leaning in to her ear I whisper. "Like what you saw darlin'?" She turns jaw dropped and looks at me. Her face a beautiful crimson. I never give her a chance to respond.

"Tell me sugar, are you wet?" She's frozen mouth still open. I can see her chest rise and fall quickly as I step closer and press myself against her enough for her to feel my erection on her stomach. She let's out a whimper almost unheard.

"Close those pretty lips doll or I might get the wrong idea" I tease. With that I turn and walk out the door leaving her standing there.

The next morning I'm woke up at around 5 a.m. to what's her name with my cock in her mouth. I hadn't planned on her staying the night.

I'll fuck her and make her leave. As her head moves up and down all I can think about is Brianna.

I flip her over on all fours so I don't have to look at her, grab a condom off the nightstand and plow into her. I'm not easy. I have a goal to get her out of here as fast as possible.

She is screaming and moaning so loud I tell her to burry her face in a pillow because last night I decided to keep the doors open to my balcony.

That's when I saw her. Standing there on the balcony directly across the street from mine, was none other than Brianna. She is frozen in place on the phone watching me pound relentlessly into this girl. Our eyes lock.

She is standing there in white cotton panties and a white see through tank top giving me a perfect view of her nipples.

"Fuck" I yell out as I see her squeeze her thighs together to relieve the ache between her legs. Ok doll, I think to myself, let me show you what you could have.

I grab what's her name by her hair and pull her up so Brianna can hear her screams. With my other hand I reach around rubbing her clit fiercely. Now the whole damn neighborhood can hear this bitch scream.

I flip her head to one side and bite her neck never taking my eyes from Brianna. I can feel myself getting close so I pull out of this chick rip the condom off. I pull her off the bed to her knees on the floor and shove my cock in her mouth.

I grab her hair with both hands and fuck her mouth making sure Brianna has a full view of me. I see her cross her legs and grab her chest to try and slow her breathing. That was all it took. I pulled this chicks mouth off of me and shot my hot load all over her face.

I smiled at Brianna giving her a wink making her snap back into reality. She storms off back in her apartment slamming her balcony door.

"Testarda, Principessa", I laugh out as I turn around and tell what's her name to get the fuck out and don't come back.

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