My Officer

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Chapter 3: Brianna

"Goodmorning May" I say answering my phone.

"Well goodmorning sugar! What are your plans for today? You haven't had a day off in so long." She asks clearly concerned for me.

May, though old enough to be my grandmother, is more like a mom to me.

When I walked in the cafe that night when I was 13 May fed me and gave me a job. I lied to her that night and told her I was 17, but I know now she knew better.

It turned out her and her husband Fred had owned that cafe for over 40 years. He had passed away the year before I showed up. May was fighting to keep it open. With only one cook and 2 waitresses it put May having to be there all the time.

When she bought the building it came with a two story mini apartment complex on top that held six small one bedroom apartments. Three on the second floor and three on the top floor.

I stayed with May in her apartment directly above the cafe for the first two weeks I was there.

However,Once I got paid I asked her if I could rent one of the available apartments. She reluctantly agreed.

She asked me repeatedly about my family and where I came from but I remained vague for the first several months afraid that May would make me leave. Finally one night May came to my apartment and told me that she knew I wasn't 17 and that it was about time I started being honest with her.

Through sobs and tear filled eyes I told May that I was in fact 13. I told her my full name and explained to her why I had run away from home. I sat scared to death waiting for her response expecting her to call the cops but she didn't.

With tear filled eyes May wrapped her arms around me and said "Well sugar I think we can work this out. Your name is now Brianna Middleton and you are Freds great niece. You've come to live with me because your parents died and I'm a lonely old widow. How does that sound?"

I cried in May's arms the rest for what seemed like hours and promised her I wouldn't let her down! "I know baby girl. Now you get some rest. We've got a cafe to run." she says kissing me on the top of my head leaving to go home.

May let me stay in my apartment but had a landline put in so I could call her if I needed her.

The other two apartments on my floor were empty but May had 2 older couples that occupied the other two second floor apartments.

I know she had offers from people to rent the other two but she never let anyone move up here with me. I called her Ma May.

Walking back out to my balcony to retrieve my coffee I reply "Well Ma May, I think I'm just going to....ummm can I call you back?" Shocked I cannot believe what I'm seeing. "Of course sugar." she says. I immediately hang up feet frozen where I stand.

There he is. The guy with the green eyes. Now I can hear the moans and screams and realize he is pounding into the girl I saw him with last night.

His eyes lock with mine and I can't breathe. Shit he sees me. I want to run but my body wont move. My god he is gorgeous.

He has his black hair tied in the same man bun he had last night. His mysterious green eyes burning a hole in my body. The most beautifully defined jaw I've ever seen only slightly covered by a well groomed goatee. His full lips a light pink. Holy shit his body is perfect. He has tattoos covering his large right arm going up and across part of his chiseled chest. Only a small amount of chest hair lay above his well defined six pack of abs trailing down to a carved out V.

He grabs her by her hair never taking his eyes off of me. I'm so glad hes over there and can't hear me panting. I instinctively squeeze my things together as I feel the heat pulling to my core soaking my white panties.

He reaches around and rubs her bud of nerves causing her to scream out even more. Her large breast are bouncing all around as he slams into her unforgivingly. He bites brown on her neck and the heat is more than I can take as I grab my chest to try and slow my breathing.

I'm almost certain my heart is going to explode out of my chest when suddenly he pulls out of her. He pulls her to her knees in front of him and rams his cock down her awaiting throat. I watch as he fucks her face with such raw authority I can feel the wetness escaping my panties.

He pulls back shooting his load on her face and winks at me.

Wait he fucking winked at me. I'm quickly jolted back when I realize he just did all of that knowing it would get to me. That asshole.

What an arrogant ass hat! I'm so furious! If he was anywhere near me I would slap that stupid look right off his beautiful face! I turn on my heels, storm in my apartment slamming my balcony door so hard I was sure I had broken the glass.

"Ggggrrrrrrrrr" I scream out once I'm inside.

"He thinks he's so damn special. He wants to play. Well game on" I pace around saying to myself.

I need a plan. I go get my clothes for the day and realize I now need a shower thanks to Mr. Asshat!

Once I've showered I call May back and talk with her explaining that I'm going to clean my apartment and probably enjoy a movie later if she wants to come up and eat with me.

"Sugar, I love you, I really do, but you are 21. You have no business entertaining an old lady like me. Why dont you go out. Meet people. Hell you may even find a man to spend some time with." May replies.

Shes always worried about me. She thinks I work too much and don't allow myself enough time to be young. I have no desire to do those things.

"Where would I go and who would I go with Ma May? I have no friends but you or family but you. Hey wait" I say as the idea hits me.

"Ma May do you want to go out with me?" I ask excitedly.

"Child have you lost your mind? I'm almost 70 years old. No I will not go out with you," May laughs out.

"No Ma May I mean it. Let's go on a dinner date. Just me and you. Pppllllleeeaaassseee" I whine out. She never tells me no when I pout and whine.

"Ok fine sugar" she is laughing now "You talked me into it."

"Oooohhh Ma May I'm so excited. Ok I'll come down around 7 if that's alright with you" I squeal out.

"Sure thing sugar I'll be ready. I love you and I'll see you at 7" she chuckles at my excitement.

"Yes ma'am I'll see you then. And Ma May.....I love you too" I squeak out.

I can imagine her hanging up shaking her head asking Fred what they are going to do with me.

I smile and I turn my music on to prepare to clean my apartment. I had so much laundry and trash it was ridiculous.

Thank goodness I have a washer and dryer in my apartment and dont have to go down to the laundromat. I finally finish everything at around 1 in the afternoon and decide I need a nap before dinner.

After sleeping for about an hour I'm woken to the sound of loud music.

"What the hell" I grumble out going to my balcony to see what's going on. As I walk out I immediately realize it's coming from his apartment. I see him standing in what appears to be his living room with around 10 other people.

"HEY" I yell but he can't hear me.

"HEY ASSHAT" I yell even louder right as the music stops. Everyone in the apartment turns to look my way.

He spins around in a pair of basketball shorts sitting right on his hips with a tight v neck white shirt. Shit can he get any more gorgeous. He walks out onto the balcony with the other asshat that was with him last night smiling like I said something funny.

"Hey doll" he says with a damn grin on his face

"Did you just call me an asshat?" He asks cocking his head to the side taking a sip of his beer while his friend stands there laughing.

"Yes I did Asshat. Mind turning down the damn music I'm trying to take a nap before my date tonight" damn I have no idea why I said that.

"Really doll, a date? I doubt that. No man would put up with that smart mouth without punishing you." He replies dryly.

"You know what you arrogant, pompous, asshat......TURN THE DAMN MUSIC DOWN!" I yell as I find myself for the second time today storming off and slamming my balcony door.

"Ugggghhhh..." I groan out furious with him.

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