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"i can smell your cunt." __________ Alexis was alone in her room when suddenly she disappeared and arrived in an unknown location. Turns out her destination was hell and this time, the tables have been turned. She had been summoned by a demon, an incubus, who needs her help.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

The demon had tugged his whip-like tail around the drudge’s throat as she took his shaft in and out of her mouth. Her face was red beneath shallow murky green skin and every time he slammed his cock back in, feeling her warm tongue follow the length, his tail tightened around her neck.

She choked and gagged, digging her talon nails into his skin, as if in some silent beg to let her breathe. He would not, the desire to have her die by suffocation overriding all merciful actions.

That, and he was beyond livid.

The tail around her throat tightened and he feels her erratic pulse, with the sharpened tip, he rests it beneath her chin and tilts her hooded gaze up. Flashes of demonic red as dark pupils dilate each time he stuffs his cock to the hilt in her throat, lips pouting around the base of it.

The demon retreats as she tries to swallow it again before she catches a full breath. She wanted this. It was in her nature to desire the incubus as did everyone who sauntered past the sex prowling creature.

Her mission had ultimately failed upon the taste of him, he feels it in the hum of her whining moans as she sucked. He could smell it, the scent of her venomous horny pussy filling the room as it dripped on the floor.

Her owl drool hung off her face, overflowing out of her mouth and clinging to his shaft when he pulled it out. His cock felt hot between his legs, with her mouth the only thing to soothe it.

He jerked it off inside of her mouth, swirling the head firmly on her tongue, pressing it into her cheek until it protruded and slapping her face. “Is this what you wished for, doll?” The demon hummed as she coughed and moaned in agony for him to put it inside of her.

“Is it?” His voice is a hiss, tail tightening around her throat cutting off the sound leaving her lips.

Intoxication glazes over her eyes, smothering all senses as he feeds her, ravages her, and slowly kills her. She sucks on his cock until the need for air would overtake her, and her throat bucks around it, trying to gasp against the head.

“Someone--” She begins and his tail tightens around her airway, muffling her words as his demon cock shoves itself back in. Her power is not enough to satiate his appetite, but he consumes it nonetheless, head falling back with pleasure as a groan erupts from the center of his empty chest.

The feeling of her throat involuntarily contracting around his cock is otherworldly. A wave of heat rips through him. A fortnight had passed since his last feeding and his body began to cave in itself, starvation depleting the last of his energy reserves.

But she arrived. A drudge, low class demon, sent by another to finish him off.

He made a mental note to thank the indolent sender with a gift of flowers. Or better yet--

The drudge inhales wildly, mouth wide open, dark spit dripping from her razor chin as he withdraws only she suck it back into her throat before she’d gotten a complete gulp of air.

The tail around her throat loosens as his hand replaces it, stopping her from deep-throating him again, his rock hard cock bounced densely in the air. With his hand tight on her airway, he tilted her head to the angle he needed it, and used his other hand to grip firmly onto his member, and smack her face heavily with it. Her puffy lips were reddened and puckered, ajar, as he beat her face with his cock.

“Who sent you, sweetheart.” He leers, slapping her harder. Wet smacks erupt as her eyes briefly flutter shut, unable to form a coherent sentence. Her whole body erupts on fire, seeking solace from the incubus above her.

“Please--” She whispers.

“Who sent you.”


Salem. A surge of poisonous anger sheets across his body and he loses focus for a heartbeat. Salem had penetrated the underworld and found him.

Suddenly he pulled back, his palm colliding with her cheek one last time before he grabbed a fistful of her hair, and yanked her back onto her feet. She already had her back arched instinctively for him as he dragged her into a new position.

She was positioned up against the board, her tits pushed up against the black surface. Her knee barely rested on the small ledge that jutted out from the board to hold the prison keys, but it was enough support that she could lean her thigh back onto her calf with him holding her ass.

Her pussy was suspended for him. A dripping, throbbing venomous mounds of two swollen lips. Supporting her with one arm, he positioned the head of his cock at her entry, rubbing it into the swollen hole that puckered at the thought of being impaled by the demon’s shaft.

“I will ask you certain questions,” his voice billows hot air in her ear, “answer correctly and I will feed you, yes?”

“Yes.” She moans in response to him, trying to sit back to impale herself. He grabs a fisftul of her hair and yanks her head back sharply.

The demons hums ‘tsk tsk’ noises of disapproval, “You don’t focus on that, doll, understood?”

The drudge bites down on her lips and nods for him. When he releases her, her perky nipples touch the surface again, rubbing up it. The drudge releases a soft breath, he feels her pussy leak around his cock.

“Did Salem send anyone else?” he demands and she shakes her head. “Say it.”


He pushes through the tightness of her hole, stretching it open, and slowly begins filling her with his cock. “What’s the bounty?” he whispers against her ear.

She gasps as he enters her fully, and pausing for a moment as she sits still with his cock head at her cervix. Her hips subtly try to buck but he yanks back at her hair, snapping her face heavenwards; “No. Only girls who answer get their pussies fucked.”

He paused now, as if to taunt her, and swiped her hair to the side to expose her neck for him. “What’s the bounty?” he mused.

While waiting for her answer, his lips meet her neck and kiss the cold, clammy skin softly. Below, he feels her pulse beating through the walls of her pussy, squeezing down rhythmically. His canines lengthen, double edged tips piercing the layer of skin and drawing blood.

Her energy consumes him, feels the harrowing appetite that haunted and twisted his empty guts for days on end. He was going to fuck her senseless, then eat her whole.

“Fifty thousands kilos of gold.” She whimpers but stays still.

The demon begins thrusting, removing himself only to remind her what her pussy felt like empty, before he fills it again. His pace quickens and she sighs desperately, head tipping back and falling over onto his shoulder, casting a hooded gaze his way. “lucifer,” she curses softly, “you’re so b-”

“How did he arrive at the underworld.” The demon coos, as he rams into her harder, but steady, slowing his movements without lessening the force. His pelvis slams forward every time, the head of his cock pushing in as deeply as it could.

Her right tit moves with her, grinding her puckered nipple into the board. “S-summon-”

“How.” He whispers, hoisting his cock in and out of her.

The drudge takes her chances and begins matching his movements, pushing back slightly to feel his cock push through her. He says nothing and instead slows his movements even more, so that his shaft tubs gently against her cervix and g-spot.

The drudge lets out a sudden, long moan, increasing in intensity as he continues. He absorbs her energy, every sound, every hum, every vibration that courses through her sinks into him and the warmth spreads like an inferno.

“He had someone summon him into the underworld,” she whimpered and amidst the feeding, the demon begins to slow; “Someone summoned him into hell?”

“Yes,” her moans fill the room, juices gushing out of her, covering his balls. He rams back into her, balls slapping wetly into her clit and she shudders. “Oh I’m close-” Her aura rises around them, his nostrils flare as he inhales greedy lungfuls already growing in size, muscles bulging and thickening. “I’m gonna--”

“Cum?” He mused with a low chuckle, “Please do.”

Suddenly, her pussy begins thumping around him, locking his cock inside of her. The drudge squeals out as she cums, begging him as he grabs her throat, pressing her head back onto his shoulder. Her eyes roll back, hips grinding wildly on the demon. “Yes! Yes!”

Lost in the fantasy of her high, she does not see the flash of silver in his free hand. Nor does she feel his body which suddenly tenses behind her. All she hears is a soft whistle as the dagger’s blade meet her flesh, soft and pudgy. Just beneath her rib cage.

Her skin was tearing to shreds as the knife rotated, the sound of her muscles and nerves being gouged growing louder. Then, without warning, he jerked it all the way into her back, until the shiny metal had disappeared inside her and the black handle was pushing against her broken skin.

Her cry was a brilliant sound, guttural chokes mixed with an agonized roar. She sank to her knees, continuing to scream, convulsing and trembling like a rabid animal and thick blood flowing freely from the gaping hole in her front.

The cascade of the drudge’s life source gushed out in all directions, obsidian liquid squirting up all over him. The demon licks off the sweet tang of blood from the blade and steps over her still body to finish himself off.

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