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A quick short little one shot I wrote when I was horny and bored. Obviously from the title it's a werewolf story. Alpha finding his mate. First part is in Angel's POV and second part will be in the Alpha's POV. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did ;)

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Fuck he's so hot. I'm sitting at the bar watching him watch me. He's sitting in a booth across the room neither of us looking away from each other. At first it was a game but his stare has only gotten more intense the longer I look into his eyes. Many people have crossed in front of us breaking our eye contact but we still never wavered and waiting until they moved.

I feel a familiar tingling sensation downstairs as he licks his lips and smirks. The people in the booth around him haven't caught on to our little game but that's to be expected when the 3 other guys have multiple girls around them all sharing tongues and mouths and hands with each other. At first my guy had a woman on his lap grinding as they made out until we made eye contact. He continued for a little longer then pushed her to the side.

He finally moves again now and I'm instantly wet. He's stroking himself as he watches me. Fuck. I lick my lips and quirm on my stool. My right hand starts moving up and down on my bare thigh. His eyes snap to the movement and I know this is when our little game has changed to something more. I spread my legs a tiny bit and be sure to touch sensually as I can. My nipples have become erect and in need of attention. My pussy getting wetter the more I play. I discreetly rub my hand over my left breast and slowly throw my head back and silently moan. Luckily we're in a crowed club and nobody is likely to notice my movements.

When my head comes back down he's no longer in his seat, he's making his way over to me with an intense look of determination on his face. I bite my lip in anticipation and grind on my stool a little. I'm so horny for this guy. Fuck, I'm such a slut. I quickly scan around me to make sure nobody but him is watching and then go ahead and pinch my nipple and twist it. My mouth opens in pleasure.

Before I can do anything else he's upon me. He doesn't say anything just grabs both my hands and holds them behind my back to restrain me. He then shoves my knees apart and inserts his body into the space he's made. I whimper when his teeth gently graze my neck. He licks and sucks the spot he grazed and moaned. I didn't hear it so much as feel it.

He suddenly juts his hips forward sending his dick into my covered lower lips. I gasp and fist my hands which are still being held. He lowers his lips to my jaw and starts landing feather soft kisses all along my face, neck and shoulder before he comes up and slams them onto my own. He doesn't wait, he just shoves his tongue into my mouth and we're suddenly making out hungrily at the bar. We start grinding our hips into each other. My skin is on fire, my heart is pounding which in turn makes my pussy pulse with need. I'm so wet I'm worried I'll be leaving something behind once I stand up to leave.

His free hand which was gripping my waist slowly slides up to my throat and squeezes. I moan and grind harder against him. A feel a deep grumble from his chest and I'm instantly more turned on. I lean up against him and lick his ear lobe.

"Take me home and fuck me" I demand then bite his lobe. He tightens his hold on my throat and hands and his body stills. He pulls back and stare into my eyes. The unmistakable lust I see is fucking hot but along with that there is a question in his eyes. I didn't expect this. I smile and nod. He smiles back and he suddenly helps me stand and gather my things before taking my hand and bee lining it to the place I entered from earlier.

Once we're outside he hands a valet ticket over to the attendant and turns to me replacing his hand on my throat. I whimper as he tightens his hold and press myself against him. My skin is tingling and on fire. My body is burning for him.

"Is there somebody you need to call before we leave?" He all but growls in restraint I realise once he presses his solid dick up against my side.

"N-no, I came alone" I admit. He growls and tightens his hold again. Fuck this is so hot I moan and start rubbing his abdomen. I feel an undeniable hard body beneath my hands.

"Naughty girl" he murmers and pushes me into the wall. "You should know better than to go somewhere like this alone. You never know what might happen" he warns. I grin back at him and lick his lips and he had gotten closer as he spoke.

"Yes, something like meeting a big bad wolf who would take me home and ravish me" I tease and move my hands down to his hard member. He groans and pushes into my hand.

"Be careful, little girl. You might be asking for more than you can handle" he growls.

"I need to know if you're my mate. I've never felt like this with anyone before" I admit quietly. His eyes soften and as he was about to plant a kiss on me again the attendent from earlier pulls up with an expensive looking car. Mr Alpha wolf steps away from me reluctantly and pulls me towards the car before helping me get in. He turns to tip the man then quickly joins me himself.

"I want you to text who you're with and where you're going and for how long you plan to stay to someone you trust. I'll tell you the address. No complaints, baby I just want you to feel completely safe" he warns once I open my mouth to complain. A deep blush fills me as he calls me baby and I look down at my phone and start texting my sister. He tells me the address once I ask and then his name.

"Domonic Hernandez" I gasp and turn to him.

"The CEO of Alpha Tech and Alpha to the biggest and most powerful pack in all of Australia?" I ask nervously. He grunts and stops at a red light.

"Yes, the one and only. Please don't be scared. I'm not as bad as people make me out to be" he pleads. My eyes widen in shock and I stare open mouthed at him. After a minute of him continuing to drive and have a death grip on the steering wheel I smile and put my hand on his thigh.

"Okay, Dom. I believe you" I say quietly. He visibly relaxes and sighs before quickly glancing at me and smiling back.

I keep my hand on his thigh as he drives and start rubbing up and down absent-mindedly whilst staring out at the scenery. I've never been to this part of town before. It's where all the rich people live.

Suddenly he lets out a strained roar and grips my hand in one of his own. I stare in surprise and he gently lifts it and kisses the back of it while still looking at the road.

"If you keep doing that I'm going to pull this car over and fuck you in the back seat" his rough voice is strained and I'm instantly wet again. I clench my thighs together and bite my lip to stop any sound from coming out. Unfortunately he could smell my arousal because next thing I know the car is coming to a screeching halt and I'm being yanked out of my seat and onto his lap. I gasp and pant at the feeling of his impossibly hard dick pushed up againt my drenched panties.

His eyes being pitch black and his teeth clenched hard he without words presents his fingers in front of my mouth and I instantly know what he wants and I'm dripping in excitement. I dive in and take his fingers into my mouth and start sucking and bobbing on them enthusiastically. He moans and takes them out the smashes his lips to mine as his hand makes it's way into my soiled panties. As soon as his fingers touch my clit we both moan and I bit his lip to keep the noise down.

"Oh, baby. You're such a naughty girl" he growls. He rubs me in random patterns which has the pressure building and the liquid flowing. He pushes his first finger into my dripping pussy and we both moan out.

"More" I pant as I ride his hand to get as much as I can. He gives me what I want then shoves two fingers inside me. I ride him harder and get annoyed when the roof keeps getting in the way. He stops and eases a third finger into me and I gasp in need. I clutch onto him and ride as hard as I can.

"Fuck me, daddy. Fuck me with your fingers. Make me cum all over your hand" I pant out in need. He roars and thrusts his fingers into me harder and harsher.

"You dirty little slut. You want daddy to make your pussy quiver, don't you?" He moans. I let out a load moan that he's into my kink as well and smile down at him and give him a firey kiss. He smiles at me once we pull apart. He's still thrusting into me with his hand but soon pulls them out and pushes the door open before pulling us both out. He drags me into the trees and bends me over against one once he's sure we won't be spotted from the road.

He stands behind me and places my hands onto the bark of the tree and tells me to stay put. My ass is in his hands as he lifs my dress to my hips and slips my useless panties off my body. He spread my legs, my juices leaking out in need. He bends down and shoves his tongue into me and then starts flicking my clit with his tongue and fingering me again. I all but scream as my orgasim is nearing. He's pumping in and out and I'm bracing myself against the tree.

"Such a dirty whore for daddy" he says as he stands up then spanks my ass. The vibrations send my pussy into a clenching frenzy looking for something to grab onto. "Do you want me to fuck you in the woods like a whore, baby?" He growls. I moan and nod my head as I push back into him. He spanks my ass again and I moan in pleasure.

"Use your words, slut" he demands. I'm panting and gripping the tree for dear life.

"Yes, daddy. Please fuck me like the whore I am. Make my ass red in punishment for being such a slut. Pound your hard cock into me with no remorse" I beg in need. Fuck I need it right now, I'm so horny. He roars and spanks my ass a few more times getting me closer to the edge, my ass jiggling after each hard contact.

"As you wish my horny little slut" with his words I feel my wolf taking over me. I know his wolf has been in control for some time but I've been holding back as much as I could until now. Fuck it. Let us fuck like beasts in the woods.

Suddenly my body is overcome with a tingling and burning need. My wolf howls internally and I quickly stand up and turn to face my mate. My eyes wide in shock as were his.

I smile huge after a minute and jump up onto him and kiss the shit out of him. He returns the favour and pushes my back up againt the tree.

"I think you should fuck me now, mate" my wolf growls out.

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