Pinn’s Lust (Short erotic stories set in The Transition of Pinn Universe)

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“Look at me, honey” and I do. I watch her unclip the silver belt from around her tiny waist and drop it. She then slides the sleeves of her blue robe off her shoulders and lets it caress her body as it falls to the floor. ***** Pinn females have disappeared and earth women have been kidnapped to replace them. This makes for complicated relationships but both they and the Pinns still desire companionship. These short stories will explore the love lives of some of the minor characters in the Transition of Pinn Series. **** You do not need to read these stories to understand the Transition of Pinn series. You also do not need to read the Transition of Pinn series to enjoy these short stories (but I think it would help). *Spoiler warning- if you are not caught up to the chapter suggested at the start of each story in the series this book contains potential spoilers* *warning- these stories may involve violence, dubious consent, and other such things that I would never support in real life. But Pinn is a messed up place and so are some of the relationships that take place there. Do not read if you are uncomfortable with this sort of thing*

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Heather Jacobs
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Kin’s Secret (Chapter 1)

*Suggested reading after The Structural Silence Chapter 13*


The harbor front of the Bay District is packed. Men unloading ships, fishermen selling their smelly wares, rough-looking laborers mulling about looking for work.

It’s packed, it’s smelly, and it’s generally dirty. Not the place for a Senator, but somehow I feel more at home here then tidy streets of the West Bay District where I live.

As a child, I would sneak over here during the day and watch the sailors, dreaming of adventures across the Unwilted Sea. Today, well, now I come to the Bay District for other matters…

I turn down a dark narrow street, passing by two dingy-looking pubs and a curious foreign-looking restaurant, before stopping in front of my destination. The Buxom Brothel is a small building of only two stories tucked behind much larger buildings. On the outside, it’s faded and worn with its once blue paint chipped in places to reveal the smooth stone underneath.

I open the creaky door and cross the threshold into the main room of the brothel. Unlike its exterior, this room is opulent with dark brown walls, plush deep red carpets, and paintings in thick black frames. Ornate black furniture dots the room with women in various stages of undress sprawled out upon them. An imposing set of stairs on the left leads to the upstairs rooms. A small black bar is in the far corner with a man behind it looking bored with his life choices despite the beautiful women who surround him.

“I got a new one from the auction last week, a pretty blond if you want to take her for a spin” the Madam calls to me from the side. She is a handsome woman of around 50 years dressed in a corset that is too tight for her plump frame causing the flesh to spill out from her clothing.

I try not to visibly shutter. I don’t like the new girls, the ones still not accepting of this life. If I wanted that I would go to the temple any day. No, I come here for the older girls, the ones who know how to pretend they want me and not just the money I give them when I leave.

“I think I will just stick with Jessica”

The Madam shrugs “Your loss”

I scan the room looking for my girl. The girls here are former priestesses who failed to save enough for their retirement or women from the auction who for one reason or another fell on hard times. I prefer the former priestesses, they know what to do but they aren’t as uppity as those still serving in the temples.

“Senator!” I hear a squeal and feel arms move about my neck. I react just in time to catch the small woman who has decided to jump on me, flinging her legs around my waist.

Jessica is my girl. A sweet little brunet who only comes up to my chest when standing, she is feisty and fun and everything any Pinn would want in a woman.

I move my arms around her as she begins to kiss my faces.

”I missed you!” she squeals again.

I smile at her uncontrollably, my problems and worries melting away as I hold the little pixy in my arms.

“I’ll…” I begin but the Madam just waves me off.

I make my way over to the stairs and begin my ascent, tightening my hold Jessica, making sure I am don’t accidentally trip and drop her.

Meanwhile, she palms my arms, “have you been working out?”

“I’ve been carrying a little fairy around” I reply teasing her.

I make it up the stairs and down to the second door on the left. I kick it open and take a few steps into the room before throwing my pixy onto the low bed and slamming the door shut.

Jessica is wearing little other than a short blue shift rimmed with white lace which is riding up to show her tiny blue matching panties.

She lifts herself up and repositions her small legs under her so she is kneeling. I know what she wants- what she always wants- and I approach the bed while unbuttoning my pants

“Come here big boy,” she says in her childlike voice. Goddess, that woman, she may be in her late 30s but her personality gives you the impression of someone younger and less experienced.

As I reach the bed I pop the last button on my pants letting them fall around my knees and I reach down grabbing my already hard length, presenting it to her.

She reaches up with her dainty hand and wraps her fingers around me. I let go, allowing her the freedom to do with me as she pleases.

She licks her pink lips as she runs her fingers up and down my length. I do my best not to groan as she leans forward and licks the head of my cock.

She takes me in her mouth and begins to suck and bob up and down. Her wet hot mouth forming a ring of pleasure around me. She takes me deep and I can feel my heavy balls slapping her chin.

I look down at her and the sight is antagonizing sexy. She peers up at me from under her long eyelashes. I reach down and stroke her soft hair and guide her even deeper on my cock. Fuck, she’s beautiful.

I thrust in and out of her mouth for a few moments before I decide I’ve had enough. I need to be in her and I need to be in her now.

I pull back from her, letting my cock pop out of her sweet mouth.

She pouts up at me and I lean down to kiss those plump lips. She leans into me, closing her eyes and humming her enjoyment.

I use it as a distraction to reach around her, grab her butt, and toss her on her back onto the bed as she squeals.

I kneel on the bed and begin to crawl up the bed between her spayed legs. She reaches for me, running her hands down my face as I begin to grind myself against her silky panties.

She moans a soft encouragement and I reach down between us, grab the crotch of her panties and rip them off her. I toss the scrap of wet fabric on the floor. I grab my cock and position it right at her wet entrance.

And I shove it in her- hard.

She moans, tossing her head back and arching her back. Her tiny nails dig into my back, but I’m distracted by the feel of her. Her warmth, her wetness, and the pure pleasure of being inside her.

I should be gentile, but I’m not. I lean back and begin thrusting in and out of her. Her small breasts bounce with every slap of my hips against hers.

She is a moaning mess, her legs wrapped around me. I grab one of her ankles and place it on my shoulder opening her up further to me.

Slap, slap, slap.

I feel her tighten around me as she screams. Fuck she’s tight.

I feel my balls tighten against my body and plunge into her once, twice, before spilling into her.

Panting I slide her leg off of my shoulder and set it gently on the bed before pulling my softening penis out of her wet sheath.

I turn and sit on the side of the bed, letting my feet rest on the floor.

“Is everything alright, cookie?”

Cookie, her name for me. It’s utterly ridiculous and yet I would let her call me that any day, every day.

She comes up behind me leaning her breasts against my back and she begins to rub my shoulders.

“Yeah, I asked a friend from Fushaga to help find me a partner today,” I mumble softly to her.

She pushes back on my left shoulder so I turn to her.

“And isn’t it a good thing, cookie?” She asks as she runs her fingers through my hair.

I think for a moment before responding, “I’m worried. I might not get along with her. I might not like her as much as I like you”

She smiles a sad smile at me.

“You can always come and visit me if you don’t like her”

I turn and grab her, bring her to my lap and kissing her softly. “I will always visit you. No partner will ever deprive me of you”

She kisses me back, cupping my face. We leave the truth unsaid, we don’t know what the future holds but we do know we can never really be together.

So we spend the rest of the day in each other’s arms, consoling each other, reassuring each other of our affection.

As we cuddle in the bed, I lean down and kiss the sleeping Jessica on the forehead and whisper, “I will never leave you”

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