{Unexpected Love}

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⚠️WARNING THIS BOOK WILL BE GRAPHIC AND FILLED WITH SEX, LOVE, AND WAR⚠️ I thought once I met my mate things around me would simple fall into place, boy was I wrong I got the whole falling part correct but little did I know it meant everything literally falling and crashing and burning along the way. "I also believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." What life has shown me in my short time of living is that theirs so many different types of people in this world. You will run into people who will make you feel so much love but then you might meet someone who might break you. I guess I'm going to have to find out what people I come across and along the way let's see who I become. No matter what life throws at us, we always have the power to choose how we will react. Follow along on Lela Tay Maroon journey and see where she ends up.

Erotica / Fantasy
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{The Start}

"Trust The Timing Of Your Life"

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A/N: I wasn't going to add this but I feel like I should some people might get booty tickled. But I promise you this story will be worth every minute of it, just stick with me and enjoy the ride. And if you don't like it just simple don't read it but it will be your loss. 😉🤷🏻‍♀️

<Lela Tay>

Age 10

"Lela get your ass out of bed now!!" The covers were ripped off. "I'm not coming in here again Lewis and Crystal already left on some special assignment and as always that leaves me n charge." My brother yelled from the hallway. I rolled off of bed it was 5:00am. Raymond and I have to walk 15 miles through the forest to get to school. Just on a short FYI my brother class our parents by their first names.

Today is mine and Raymond's 10th Birthday yet again our parents give no shits. I walk into my restroom and see a small red bag I was very confused what it was, I pulled the black tissues paper out and find a square black box. I pull the black box out and I find the most beautiful multi color quartz rhodium black chain necklace. I pulled the card out but it didn't say who it was from, all it said was it was meant to do and what it was made of.

(The Card)

~ Multi-Colored Healing Stones evoke balance, creativity and independence. They encourage us to be bold, curious and more playful. The color combination of each multi-colored stone can better be explored by studying the individual colors and thinking about how the two (or more) colors relate to one another ~ Made of Bicolor Morganite, Fire Agate, Mabe Pearl, Mookite, Snowflake Obsidian, Rainbow Quartz, Scapolite and Spectrolite ~

I was to excited I didn't even really think who would have gotten me the necklace. After my shower I got dressed in a yellow t-shirt and plain light blue jeans and my white vans. I brushed my hair and teeth and put my necklace on I loved it the chain was the perfect length. Making my way down stairs Raymond bumped into me "happy birthday T I hope you like the necklace." I stood frozen why was he being nice to me all of a sudden? "T-Th-Thank you but how did you get it?" I asked a bit nervous Raymond isn't always nice to me but he is very over protective. "Don't worry about it just don't ever take it off as long as you have it on it will always keep you safe." I just nodded and made my way down the stairs after him. "Oh and happy birthday to you too." I whispered but he heard me he just smiled at me which was weird it gave me a weird feeling but I liked it.

He's making me nervous with him being nice to me I mean it's not like he's abusing me or anything. Raymond can be an asshat at times he can and he can be mean to me at school, but if any one else dare looks my way he beats them up I just don't get his behavior at times. "Hurry up we are going to be late and you know how Moms and Dad get if we're late. Last time it only took us a week to heal I don't want to find out how bad this time around will be." Raymond shouted from the front door I waited for my pop tart, "Okay" I squeaked back. Once mine and Raymond's strawberry pop tarts were done I grabbed two napkins and rapped them Individually. Running to the door I handed him his and he gave me a sweet smile, "Ok hurry up let's go we have to run more than half way this time." He mumbled as he pushed me out the door, not rough either which was extra weird.

After about 45 minutes we arrived at school he went to his a class and I went to mine. As always Raymond was the main attraction I didn't care I like to stay hidden. But he cane and sat with me instead of his friends and handed me a sandwich, "Here and also we didn't drink our scent Neutralizing pill so drink that before you eat." I wanted to ask him what changed but I didn't want to ruin it after age 6 he started to be mean and rude all the time. I missed this so I just smiled and nodded I drank the pill along with the Apple juice he handed me. After a long day at school we walked 8 blocks to a market where we worked. Yes two 10 year olds work at a grocery store we have no choice are parents are always gone on special missions and we are left to fend for our selfs. It was 7:00pm when we got off this time the store manager dropped us off at home due to the fact we had bought groceries. No one knows our situation except for Mr & Mrs. Oakley we live in a town of mostly humans except for their pack.

As soon as we got home Raymond and I put away the groceries, and I made us dinner I made spaghetti and meat balls. After cleaning up and getting ready for bed Raymond walked into my room and sat on the edge of the bed. I was completely in shock because he doesn't come into my room unless it's to wake me up. He came in and he had a very sad expression on his face, "Mom and Dad will he gone for a couple of weeks." Was all he said and I replied with and "Ok". I wanted to ask if there was anything else wrong but he beat me to it. "Lela I'm so sorry for being a mean jerk to you. All we have is each other and that made me think that I should be protecting you instead of hurt you I hope you can forgive me I promise I'll be better to you." He muttered. Again today was a day full of shock I sat they're just looking at him I never thought I would hear those words come out of my 10-year-old brothers mouth. But I did what I knew was right, "It's ok What's done is done it's true all we have is each other mom and dad are never around and when they are their horrible people. But thank you so much for apologizing to me I thought you hated me but I guess I was wrong." I confessed he looked at me with a startled expression. "I'm really sorry if I made you feel that way I promise from here on out I will always protect you and always be by your side." He remarked, I don't know what happen to my jerk brother but I like this new and improve brother.

<Raymond Leo>

Age: 10

I set my alarm for 4:45am I wanted to sneak into Lela's room and set up the gift I got her. About 3 weeks ago I over heard her crying her eyes out I could feel her pain for some weird reason I felt like going in their and comforting her. She felt so hurt and so lonely and earlier that day I had pushed her off the couch and she hurt her self. I started to pay attention to her and I don't know why I was so mean to her. She's such a good person she may not be a people person but animals love her which is weird. My father is a weredemon and my mom is a werevamp, so it surprises me that any animals would come near her.

So I worked extra hard to save up for this necklace, luckily the witch at the shop loves Lela and I so she gave me a good deal. As always our parents forgot about our birthday, shit they forgot about us in general we have been fending for ourselves for the past 3 years. And even before then they never really paid attention to us unless we get a beating, other than that their always gone doing what ever the heck they do. That's why I vowed that I would change for Lela and be the brother she needs me to be. I know she was confused on my switch up I was just being rude yesterday. But today is a new day and I will prove myself that's why I packed us lunch the night before and I plan on having lunch with her instead of my friends. I made her favorite sandwich and packed her an apple juice even made sure to have our scent pills to which we didn't take yesterday. That's one thing our parents care about is making sure we drink our damn pills to hide our scent from any other supernatural being.

After we got to school she went to her class and I went to mine, and at lunch I walked to her sitting under a tree and had lunch with her. After our day at school we went to work at our supermarket job luckily the owners are werewolf's and one day they seen us begging for money in the parking lot. They picked up our scent I thought we were going to kill us but no they asked us what we were going through we ended up telling them and they offered us a job. At the age seven we started working Lela would work in flower and bakery section and sometimes she would work with me, I would work in the back warehouse that's why for a 10 year old I'm pretty bulky. After our shift Mr. and Mrs. Oakley drove us home we couldn't walk almost 20 miles with all these bags. They offered us if we would like to live with them at their pack but our parents would kill us if they knew anyone knew about us. Which is weird they don't care if we eat so why would they care if anyone knew about us or if we even are still living. Even when they get back after months of being gone they come back and do the same shit to us. We are only a burden to them and a personal punching bag I tried to have them beat me instead of her but that only makes them beat her harder. They said it's their way of helping us grow up to be strong.

My sister and I have had to grow up very fast we had to learn how to survive on our own. That's why when we got home I went to talk to her to promised her I'll be a better brother she was actually very happy, she thought I hated her but truth is I love her I really do. She's the one that's always been even though I never tell her she's all I have in this world and I'm all she has. So from this day on I will be the best that I can be it's time to grow up and protect her.

<Lela Tay>

Age: 16

It's Monday morning and it's my turn to wake up early for the week and make breakfast, last week was Raymond's turn. It's the last week of sophomore year so I don't really mind we will be free for three months. Well almost free for the next three months we will be doing some stupid training the parentals are making us do. For a 16 year old my body was pretty much developed I'm a bit on thicker side so they said it will be good for me I really hate them. After my shower I threw on some black ripped skinny jeans and a white T-shirt with my blue jean jacket.

I threw my hair up in a messy bun after I blow dried it I put my basic makeup. I walked out of my room and made my way down stairs to the kitchen. Since it's our birthday I made us our favorite omelettes and fresh squeezed OJ. I quickly scarfed up my breakfast and drank my juice in a matter of minutes. Since I have my first two periods free in the morning my boss asked if I could come in for a couple of hours to cover a shift I obviously couldn't reject it we always could use the money. As I was making my way out the front door Raymond grabbed me and spun me around and said happy birthday "T". I giggled and gave him a hug and I felt this sort of electric shock it made me jump back it didn't hurt it felt very nice actually. I told him to stop dragging his feet but he swore he didn't and blamed it on me.

It was about 10am when I finally got off of work but while in the deli section I made mine and Raymond's favorite lunch grilled chicken and provolone with avocado subs. I also grabbed our favorite chips and drinks and a little something sweet. I neatly separated our lunches into brown paper bags, he like tomato in his sandwich and I don't I like banana peppers in mine. And so we don't get our food mixed up I separate them. I put the bags and my backpack under my seat to my motorcycle and drove to school The whole way that way I keep getting this aching feeling all over my body. I tried to ignore the pain but it just kept getting worse once I arrived at school I walk straight to third period Raymond and I have this class together. Walking in I didn't see him hmm, I was going to text him when a substitute teacher walked in. Let me say I have never in my years seen such a gorgeous creature besides Raymond ew gross wtf. He has jet black hair styled to the side nice stubble on his chin and he has his ears pierced, you can also see he has tattoos up his right arm his eyes are a beautiful cloudy grey color and his smile is absolutely dreamy.

I put my phone away once he greeted the class I heard his voice it was deep and almost raspy I could smell the arousal in the air immediately. Ew gross I swear these teenagers are Horner than us werewolf's, and I mean we even go through a haze period where all we do is have sex twice a year for two weeks. I'm not sure when it's supposed to hit us but the store owners are like our mom and dad so they taught us everything we needed to know about our kind.

They even know our parents our hybrids and that they work for the committee. Sitting in the way back he started to scan the class after he was done he spoke, "Ok class my name is Mr. Rene yes my last name is Rene and no I will not tell you my first name. I am 22 I've be been teaching for the last year and I've recently moved here from Chicago. And I will not tell you if I'm in a relationship so don't ask. Now since you know a little bit about me I'm gonna go around one by one and you're gonna tell me a little bit about you. Before we start some of you guys are probably wondering where is Mrs. Tango well she unfortunately was in an accident she is ok but will not be here for the rest of the week. So let's continue we will start from the front and work are way to the back of the class." He said as he looked over the class once more stopping briefly on me.

After the student next to me finished it was my turn I stood up and all Eye's were on me. "Hey I'm Lela I'm 16 and I'm captain of the baseball team and lacrosse team." I rushed my words really fast and sat down I didn't like how he was staring at me intensely. As my butt hit the seat the door slammed open and walked in my brother and he smelled of another girl. I don't know why but I kinda got me mad I knew that scent to it was one of my ex friends named Tammy well actually she was one of my best friends but she's a real snake.

I didn't even bother looking at him he knows how I feel about her and I can't believe he would do that to me, Mr. Rene teases him a bit as he walked in. He took his usual seat next to me but I still didn't pay attention to him, "So Lela you said you were Captain of the baseball team and Lacrosse? Don't you mean softball since baseball is more for a mans sport and I mean Lacrosse shouldn't even be called a sport." He stated, I didn't know if I should be offended or offended. "Hmm no I meant what I said they kicked me off the softball team because majority of the girls were bi- actually never mind ignore what I was gonna say I learned if you have nothing nice to say don't say nothing at all. Oh and for the lacrosse insult I let you slid just this once since your talking out of your ass." I bellowed, he actually looked like he was enjoying what was happening. I could also feel my brothers eyes burning into my skin.

"Well excuse me Lela I didn't mean to offend you in any way it's just my personal opinion. Lacrosse you probably don't even break a sweat, and I mean I've heard the reputation of the teams here not so good." He remarked with a smirk. "Well come to one of my practices and we will see what that mouth has to say after I'm done with you. And second yeah the teams reputation wasn't the best but that was before I came into the picture so don't speak on something you no nothing about." I grunted I was slightly amused because he looked taken back by my slight outburst. "Very well I might take you up on that offer some time."

He winked and that same smirk appeared. what the fuck did he just wink at me? Nah he didn't maybe he had something in his eye! Now that I think of it I probably should of worded what I said better. (When I'm done with you) like really that sounds so sexual I wanted to slap myself.

He looked at Raymond who was still staring at me and he cleared his throat and proceeded to talk. "I'm guessing your Raymond please stand up and say a little something about your self. And well your up please do tell why your late and why you have red lipstick smudges on the side of your face and neck." The teacher marveled, and Raymond stood finally breaking his stair on me.

"Hey I'm Raymond I'm 16 and the football captain and also captain of the track and field team." He responded, Mr. Rene did a hand gesture for Raymond to continue. Ray looked down at me I could feel his nervousness and guilt radiating off of him in waves. "I u-um ran into a friend in the hallway it must have been from her." Was all he said before he sat down, "Hmm" was all Mr. Rene said before continuing. Five minutes before the bell rang excused myself lucky Mr. Rene didn't question me and I Raymond just kept trying to get my attention.

I rushed all the way to the locker room and once I got their I over heard the same bitch taking about how she fucked Raymond. I don't k own why but it made my blood fucking boil, but I ignored it walking in she looked at me and smirked. And continued talking "And girl let me tell you he's so big and it felt so damn goo-, I cut her off. With my laughter "I really don't know why your trying to Bragg about fucking it's really pathetic and embarrassing. How about you brag when you can actually pass a class or get rid of that stench between your legs. You were easy and fast so don't brag it makes you sound used and cheap." I hissed slamming my locker walking out to the field where the baseball team was waiting. I could literally hear all the girls laughing at her as I walked out and the funny thing is all the girls agreed.

I cut practice short the guys were relieved I was really working them it was helping me work off some anger. But for them it was pure torture I guess we stress release different. After getting home I noticed the scent in the house this SOB had her in our house. Then that same aching feeling was back this time it was so bad I crumbled to the floor hitting my head so hard I seen black dots. I felt ripping and cracking over and over agin it was so intense I blacked out and woke up several times when I woke up the last time my head was spinning I felt dizzy and my vision was barely coming back to me. Once I came to my senses I looked in the hallway mirror in front of me and what sounded like a fail attempt to scream.

My fur was black and fluffy my eye were blue but the blue was moving like blue smoke and any tail was not like anything I seen before, the even crazier part is I have a blue moon on the middle of my forehead then I heard her voice, "Hello Lela I know this may be a pretty crazy thing to be going through at such a random time. But our mate is near like really near that's what forced me out, well technically I've been trying to get out." The soft voice said. "To say I was shocked was an understatement but I mean I knew this was scoring but I didn't expect my mate to be so close to me. What's your name? And what do you mean you've been trying to get out?

"Well my name is Cleo and well for a good example I was on autopilot. I've been here since you were born you know that little tiny voice you hear in your head when your going to do something Stupid? Well that's me I'm your more reasonable side." She answered. "What do you mean theirs more of you up their? I asked confused." She chuckled but answered. So I apparently will have her and more likely two others due to the fact my parents are both hybrids both having wolf blood but having two different other blood lines. I shifted back to my human form it wasn't as bad as my first shift still painful, she still talked about how are mate is near and how we should find him or her.

It was 6:13pm when I got another wave of pain throughout my body what the fuck it hurts so much my heart felt like it was going to explode i couldn't breath I felt warm liquid running from my eyes and ears the smell of blood was in the air. Fuck I roared making the walls shake I blacked out waking up reading the clock it was 3:40am now I could hear Cleo clearly asking if I was ok I told her I was the fine. My head was still pounding and My body still had a slight ache but other than that I was fine. And that's when I heard it again another voice but this one sounds more Mischievous and sinister. "Well hello their love how about we go hunting for the skank that was fucking our mate last night. And paint the walls red with her blood." She hissed. I was confused about her comment she made referring to our mate. "What do you mean our mate?" I asked her, "Oh honey that unforgettable pain we felt in our heart yesterday that's what broke the barrier for me to come out. Our mate was with another last night!" She bellowed she was definitely fuming. "First I don't know who are mate is, second what's your name?"

"My name is Lena and I'm your demon baby girl the dark but fun part of you. And yes before you ask I've been here since you were born just like the dog said we were on autopilot as she terribly explained. And yes our mate we've met him or her already that's why we felt what we felt. " She smirked, "Who the hell you calling a dog you knot head ass b***h." Cleo sneered, "Oh please mutt calm down before you go all do-. STOP! If you guys don't get along I'll find a way to keep your asses on autopilot forever. You guys are a part of me and stuck with me so get the f**k over your selfs you guys are giving me a head ache. But before they could answer me back I heard someone down stairs and it wasn't Raymond. Within 5 seconds I was out my door and down the stairs I had the two intruders by their throats. They were clawing at my arms and trying to talk but it was no use my grip was like a snake it only got tighter.

And the only light was the orange radiating from my eyes oh shit my demon has orange eyes. Who ever they were they had red eyes like any normal demon would. I felt their Wolfs pulse slowly stopping under my grip and that's when their scent hit me it was different but I recognized it and dropped their almost limp body's on the floor they went down like a sack of potatoes.

They started coughing while they composed themselves I turned on the light. My parents were looking at me like I grew two heads. "WHAT?" I snapped startling them enough to step back against the door. "T-Ta-Tay when did you get your demon." My father stuttered looking towards my mother, "Why does it matter to you? What are you guys doing back?" I snapped again.

"D-Don't dI-disrespect your father like that girl or else." My mother sneered. "Or else what? You gonna beat me again until I'm black and blue and can't breath and bloods flowing from my mouth. Or maybe kick me in my ribs until every single one of them is broken and sticking me from the inside? Or Maybe beat me until I forget who I am because last time that was fun. Shall I go on because you know I f**ken can!" I growled. They just looked at me my father actually showed a bit of remorse but it was quickly hidden. "Pack your shit before we drop you off at the Academy we have a mission to take care of on the way their. And also where the hell is your brother?

I don't sense his presence in the house anywhere." My father snapped. "I don't know when the hell did I become my brothers keeper! And I still have a week left of school and what about my job at the grocery store? And what about Raymond is he coming with us?" I vomited question after question out. Birth giver over here rolled her eyes but answered anyway, "The last week doesn't matter and that little job of yours you can call them when the sun comes up. And for your brother he will be picked up later today he also will be attending the same academy but most likely you will never run into each other or have any free time. So I hope you said your goodbyes because you won't really be able to speak to him for the next 2 years." Birthgiver explained, "Wait! WHAT THE F**K! What do you mean 2 years? I though it was only a 3 month thing." I blurted out.

Both my parents looked annoyed with me well mostly my mother it's probably because this is the most they've talked to me in my entire life but I really didn't care I need answers. "Well it was but the committee wants you and your brother to attend for the rest of your school career. They figured since we are their top warriors they think our pathetic kids can be like us or even better than us. So like I said pack your shit we have to get to the jet it's waiting for us." My mother yelled as she walked up the stairs to her and my fathers room. What in the actual fuck am I going to do? I know theirs more to this then their letting on, I could see it in their eyes their hiding something from me. But if the committee wants my brother and I we are definitely done for, let's just say I had a Friend who had more than one blood line in him and well the committee took him from the pack and he was never seen again. They even killed his parents to ensure no one would try and to take the him back.

After I showered and changed into a different set of clothes I put a pair of black joggers and I went into Raymond's room and grabbed his favorite hoodie which is also my favorite hoodie. It's black with a single rose on the chest it's simple but I love it. I texted Jackson co captain for the our baseball team and made a bullshit lie that some family emergency came up and I'll be out for the rest of the summer, I'll have to tell them that I won't be back at all at some point. I wanted to put up a bigger fight but Nothing I aid was going to convince them. Once On the jet my mother had walked away and my father came and sat next to me which was weird. And definitely out of character for him but when he started talking he informed of something but it sounded more like a warning to me like he was actually worried about me. I don't know why he was so worried or why he even told me but he told me that there was a chance that I might be a tribrid. I just wanted to laugh in his face me? A tribrid ya fucking right but he looked more than serious and I mean serious. "But doesn't that make Raymond one as well since we're twins?" I asked to which he stiffened at my question and looked anywhere but me.

To Be Continued..”


Hello Loves 💕

I hope you enjoyed my first chapter to {Unexpected Love} ❤️🔒

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