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Public teasing and fun at the park with a remote toy.

Erotica / Romance
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The park

It’s the first hot day of the year as wake up, kiss each other good morning and start our day. During breakfast you have the great idea of going to the park nearby and bathing in the sun. I completely agree and after we are finished with our food I tell you to jump in the bathroom and get ready.

While you are taking your shower I walk back into our bedroom smirking to myself thinking “this is gonna be fun”. I go to our special drawer and pull out our favourite toy for some public teasing. I chuck it on the bed and also grab the set of underwear that makes wearing the toy inside as comfortable as possible. I sit back on the bed, browse my phone and wait for you to finish up. When I hear the shower head turn off you come back into the bedroom with only a towel wrapped around you. You smile at me until you notice what’s placed next to me on the bed. “Really? On the first warm day out?” You plead. “Yes. Now get ready. Wear whatever you want over it.” I sternly reply. “okay, boss” you sarcastically snap back at me and smirk. I get up and head over to you. I start kissing you slowly but passionately. Slightly biting your lower lip. When you go to put your arms around my neck, the towel wrapped around you falls down. I smirk into the kiss and start grabbing your tits and pinch your nipples. I hear a groan coming from you I pull away and this time your groan gets even louder as you try to follow me with your lips. “This is only the start babe. But I am sure you knew what you were doing.” looking down at my lower body your gaze follows mine, staring straight at my bulge. You get that shit eating grin again and I have to bite back the urge to slam you on the bed and fuck your brains out. A cold shower later I feel refreshed and calmed down enough to see what outfit you picked out for our little adventure. You are wearing that pretty sundress I love on you. I smile warmly and I walk up to you and give you a short kiss before putting on my own clothes. I am choosing to go with a white tee and some jeans. After I am fully dressed I ask you for the remote. You play dumb and act like you don’t have it when it’s very obvious you are hiding your hands behind your back. I head over to you and kiss you again, only as a distraction however. As you lean into me passionately, I grab behind your back and wrestle the emote from your small hands. Immediately I press the button for the low setting and your hips buck and you moan into me almost collapsing in my arms. I can’t hide a chuckle and say “Wow, someone’s eager”. You playfully slap my chest and tell me to shut up while giggling a little yourself. We finally make our way to the park after grabbing a blanket and some water to drink while there.

Once we find a nice free and surprisingly empty spot on the grass with both shade and a lot of sun we decide to make it our own. The park isn’t incredibly busy but you can tell it’s the first nice day of the year. However it does look like most people are only here for a walk and no sunbathing since the latter is mostly being done on the beach or public pools. Happy with our choice we make the big grassy area our own and decide to just enjoy the warmth for a little bit. Eventually you grab your book to read and I pull out my phone. After a little bit of browsing I decide you had enough time to calm down and sneakily grab into the pockets of my jeans to grab the remote. You are way too deep into the plot of your story to even notice me or anyone at this point so once you feel those pulsations you jump and even slightly shriek. Luckily not loud enough for anyone to hear you. You stop your read momentarily to give me a look that I couldn’t really place. It was a mix of glaring, passion, and even a bit of pleading. You are lying on your tummy and ever since the vibrations started you have slightly rocked your hips into the blanket. I smirk at you and bite my lip when I turn up the speed a little. You make the sexiest O-face and let out a small moan that has my length immediately growing before you collapse on your side. I lean over to you and kiss your ear before whispering in it “isn’t this the best?” and then biting your earlobe lightly. You moan out a "mhm” and nod your head. I switch the button on the remote back to off and after you ride out the feeling a little longer you lean over and kiss my ear and whisper “asshole” while also grabbing at my erection in my jeans. I swat your hand away but do return the kiss you started planting on my lips and say “it’s a bit open for groping don’t you think?” and only then do you remember we’re in this park on the grass with people walking down the paths less than 20 meters away. You can’t stop yourself from a devilish grin though and say “over there it’s bit more hidden behind the bushes, let’s head there.” and before I could even try and think of a protest (It’s really difficult to think when your blood is pumping somewhere else) you jump to your feet and start walking. I hastily grab the blanket and our bags to follow you since, like the little princess you are, you only grabbed your book with you.

When you reach the desired destination you turn around and can’t help but chuckle at me carrying all our stuff in this hot weather. Eventually we place everything down and go to lie back down on the blanket, only now I got quite sweaty and since we are now hidden from most eyes I decide to take my shirt off. You look at me and whistle at my stripping jokingly but once it is off and you see my top half you can’t help but bite your lip a little. Of course this doesn’t go unnoticed by me and I try to put my hands back in my pocket for the remote but before I managed to fish it out you quickly open my pants and undo my zipper before slowly rubbing along the length of the tent in my boxers. I immediately groan and lean back on my elbows. You grin and climb up to me, your hand never leaving my bulge, and whisper “Not too open now huh?“. I can’t help but smirk while still moaning lightly and grinding into you. After a little bit of revenge and teasing from you, you decide that I am not allowed to have more fun either if you don’t, so you stop. After I let out my own frustrated groan, you snap back at me from earlier “wow, someone’s eager, huh”. While you chuckle at your own comeback, I grab into my pocket and turn the vibrations back on, only this time I leave it on the pulse mode. 1 second of vibration followed by a 2 second break. You groan and in between breaks you manage to say “fuck--” “you--” “not--” “that--” “one--“. and eventually you just collapse onto your back and buck your hips everytime you feel it stimulating your core. I lean down to you and kiss your neck up and down and kiss your ear. My hands roam over your breasts and along your inner thighs. I feel up to the outline of your panties and soaked doesn’t even begin to describe the level of wetness between your folds. I rub along the edges of your vulva earning more and louder moans to the point where I start kissing you to shut you up. We make out hungrily when eventually I turn the vibrations up the maximum. You buck your hips and go limb around me. All you feel is pleasure, you can feel it coming, it’s building rapidly and just as you are about to erupt.. I turn it off. It takes you a few seconds to come down from your high until you realize what I just did. You look at me angry, pleading. I snarkily reply to your eyes “we can’t do it HEEEERE”. So your eyes shift to a glare and you even pout lightly trying to look as upset as possible. I can’t help but chuckle at that. Even in the sexiest moments you are adorable. Eventually I say “you know what you have to do to earn it”. You think about it for a few seconds but eventually you go. “FINE! Please! Please make me cum. I need to cum now.” I smirk again and without saying another word I put the vibrations back on high. You immediately collapse and almost scream, so before anyone can notice what is happening, I go back to making out with you. My free hand roaming your chest playing with and pinching your nipples. Your hands roam my upper body and pull me over you. I am lying on top of you, your legs wrapped around me dry humping my tent. I groan too now, this is getting to me too. We keep making out, your hands clutching my back, scratching it from all the pleasure until.. You finally erupt. You ride out your orgasm still kissing me. Eventually I lie back down onto my side next to you and after you rode it all out you breathily say: “thank you.” I peck your lips and lie back down on my back to soak in a bit more of the good weather when eventually you roll over back to me, start slightly rubbing my sides and say “now it’s your turn”. Just the sound of those words have me throbbing again and I was never more ready to get my own.

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