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Jasper and Milo get freaky. Just another sex story

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Jasper and Milo

Milo put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me onto a wall. He stared me in the eye and asked, “You sure you can handle me? I can get pretty rough.” Jasper andswered, “Oh yea, then show me what you can do.” Inttruiged, Milo picked her up and placed her on the bed.

He took off his belt and took out his pocket knife from his back pocket. Milo ran the blade of his gold knife down Jaspers bare chest as he sucked on her breasts. Accidentally cutting her right on her waist, Milo licked up the blood running down her body. Jasper knew he was a freak so she decided to play with him and see what he would do.

When Milo put the knife down by his side Jasper grabbed his neck and pulled him on top of her. She wrapped his tounge around his and teased him by grabbing his dick above his pants. She but his lip and and squeezed it. Triggered, Milo took Jasper by her wrists and flipped her over. He ran his hand down her back and placed it on the back of her neck making her arch her back.

Milo took his belt and tied it right on her wrists so she was captive and he had all the control. “Jasper, your about to find out what dominance is all about.” He told her. “Just shut up and do it already.” She said. Milo let out a light chuckle and pulled his dick out. He put his ring and middle finger inside her pussy and listened to her moan. She felt so wet it made him wander in thoughts and say aloud, “you have no idea what I’m about to do to you.”

Milo took his dick and rubbed it across her pussy without putting it in yet. After he got it nice and lubed, he put it inside her and Jasper cried out his name. Milo took the end of the belt and held it firmly as he slowly went in and out. He watched closely as his dick stretched her out. His eyes rolled back so far all you could see was white.

A rush of adrenaline shot through Jaspers body as Milo went deeper. “I’m gonna rearrange your guts.” Said Milo. “Your going awfully slow for someone tryna rearrange my guts.” Jasper taunted. Milo then tightened his grip on the belt, sped up, and listened to her scream.

“That’s what I though. Who’s daddy’s little slut?” Milo said.

“I am. I’m daddy’s little cum slut.” Jasper cried. Milo got into a different kink and decided to untie her. He turned her over and kissed all down her body leaving bruising claiming her as his. When she wasn’t paying attention and thought she was free, Milo reaches over to his drawer and pulled out two pairs of handcuffs. Without hesitation he cuffed Jasper to his bed post and watched her struggle frushtrated. “Ha! You really thought I was just gonna let u go?”

Jasper stared at him with a dead facial expression secretly wanting him to fuck her up. Milo shook his head with a light smile and rubbed his fingers over her pussy as he put his dick back inside. He didn’t start off slow this time. He went fast right away. Jasper clenched the cuffs as his dick shot though her pussy. Milo covered her mouth with his hand. “I know. But keep quiet.” He demanded. Continuing, he wrapped his hands around her neck and chocked her, but no so hard she couldn’t breathe.

Watching her struggle was pleasurable for him and made his feel superior. After countless rounds , they grew tired and came to a stop. Milo came right above Jaspers pussy and watched it drip down the side of her leg. He licked it up and when he saw her face he said, “And don’t you ever forget, who’s the boss of you.”

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