They Call Me Breathless

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Chapter 3: The Sleepless Night

The next day I arrived later in the evening just before the club opened to make sure things were all set for tonight.

For some reason I tossed and turned all last night thinking about pale green eyes watching me from the darkest corners of the room. I’m not one to usually have nightmares, or dreams of any kind really, so it set me on edge.

I wanted to make sure to do a mic check just to prevent any...unforeseen things happening tonight.

Bending to follow the cables than ran from my mic stand to the back power supply, an amused voice startled me.

“Someone’s here early,” the cool voice stated behind me. Standing, I put on my best smile and turned to meet the inquisitive gaze of Nicholas.

He was looking scrumptious as always in a light tan suit, button up white shirt and brown dress shoes. He had short blonde hair, always styled perfectly with a part just above his right ear.

“Hello, Nicholas.” I greeted him, a small smile spreading over his usually impassive features.

“I just felt a little…off and wanted to make sure everything was set for the show later.” I continued.

He gave me an encouraging smile, “You know Bea, if there’s ever anything wrong, or going on with you, I hope you trust me enough to tell me.” He lowered his voice stepping closer to the stage.

I walked to meet him, sitting on the edge, my legs dangling over the front of the raised platform. “I’m good, really. Just some bad dreams, nothing to worry about.” I gave him a sincere smile.

He leaned on the stage next to me, I could smell his expensive cologne from the closeness. It was just as delicious as his smile, the one he only ever broke out for me.

“If you need to take some time off, you’ve more than earned it.” He murmured softly, his eyes showing notes of concern.

He was right, I was a workaholic, but it’s easy when you love what you do.

“Thanks, but I prefer to keep my mind occupied. I’ll definitely let you know if I need a break though.” I smiled up at him, inhaling his scent further. It was like a mix of polished sandalwood and crisp spring air.

Relaxing, I shifted to lean back on my hands. For the briefest moment I noticed his eyes flicker down to my body, my chest now unintentionally pushed forward. His dark green eyes, seemed to get darker, before he quickly cleared his throat and straightened up, taking a step back.

“Well we can’t have our star getting sick, so please do take care of yourself.” He said, his voice now laced with a cold professionalism. His warm smile disappearing in that split second.

Walking away, he turned a final time to give me a nod. The distance seemed to bring back his relaxed self as he gave me a small smile, “I look forward to seeing you tonight.”

“See you later then.” I called back, watching him ascend the stairs to his VIP suite. He disappeared without another word.

People were afraid of him, you could tell, the way they would stiffen when he entered a room. The way their jaws would clench, voices would stammer, and they would wipe their sweaty palms on their clothes when he spoke. I’ve never felt that way around him, maybe that’s why he talked to me the most.

Honestly, I really liked Nicholas, but it was little things like this that stopped me from ever pushing things further. Some moments he was warm and friendly, others he was cold and impassive. It seemed every time he got physically close to me, he stopped himself, shutting down all emotion. He would lose that charming smile that I loved so much. Sighing, I pushed myself up and continued to check the power cables.

Finishing all my checks I sat on the edge of the stage sipping peach seltzer water, letting my mind wander. I loved these moments when the club was perfectly quiet. It was like a whole other place than what it was when I was performing at night.

The club had an unique set up, rumor is that it used to be an old architectural college before it was converted into what it is now.

The building was a large rectangle, with a rooftop that held some of the best views in the city. The staff rooms and stage were set on one of the short ends of the rectangle, opposite the main entrance and centered in front of a long dance floor that dominated the center of the large expanse. The center of the hall was illuminated by a large plate glass ceiling and peaked in a center line that ran the length longwise of the glass panels. To either side of the dance floor were alcoves containing a U-shaped couch and small center table. These could be separated with floor length black velvet curtains, to give the guests…privacy, if needed. A massive bar took up the center of the opposite wall and was flanked by two large staircases that led up to the VIP balcony and the upper rooms.

The second floor held a series of private suites along both sides and offices along the short edge that sat over the stage. Across the stage, behind the VIP balcony, was Nicholas’ private quarters. Not that many people knew he lived on premises, but I figured it out after being here all the time for sound checks and band practice sessions. He was always here, always watching me.

One of the cooler things about this place was a massive retractable metal roof that could cover the plate glass to shield out light during the hottest parts of the day. I had been mesmerized the first few times I saw it work, I’m not that into architecture, but this contraption was impressive to say the least.

Heading to the band prep room, I changed into my outfit for tonight. Tonight was rock night so we were going to perform selections from Pearl Jam, Goo Goo Dolls, System of a Down, Awolnation and my personal favorites, Jimmy Eat World and Offspring.

I went for an Amy Lee look with black, lace up combat boots, black thigh high stockings, a crimson layered mini skirt and a black backless halter top that tied around my neck and waste. Bradding my hair into a high ponytail, I was just finishing up as the rest of my band mates arrived.

About halfway through our set, I felt a familiar chill down my spine. Glancing around, I spotted the culprit. Mr. Tall, Dark, and Deadly with the pale green eyes was sitting alone in one of the side reserved private booths.

Watching me intently, he leaned back, taking a drag from a cigarette. The gleam of his eyes shown through the darkness like the single flicker of the red flame emitting a fine trail of smoke. Indulging his carnal expression, I winked in his direction as I belted out the final chorus to Jimmy Eat World, Sweetness.

Spinning across the stage, I lost myself to the music. The songs faded into each other, one after another, as I did what I did best.

Covered in a fine mist, I gazed across the room looking for the eyes I knew were there, somewhere. Spotting the lights reflect off the fine glass of his martini, Nicholas smiled as his eyes met mine. Putting my all into the performance, the crowd responded in turn. A fairly heavy and sizeable mosh pit formed in front of the stage, bodies being thrown around like ragdolls.

Staring at the frenzy I could feel the energy coming off the violent, dizzying movement in waves. Our set tapered down to reduce the energy of the crowd before we finished playing. The last thing I needed was to get caught in a mosh trying to escape to the band room. Niko had other ideas as we finished our last song, he hopped off the stage and joined right in. Dillon joined him in a heartbeat, rock was their element and they wanted to throw a few elbows around with the rest of the guys before the energy dipped too much.

Leaving them to their own devices, I bowed and gracefully made a quick exit stage left. Heading straight to the bathroom, I needed to freshen up before heading back out there.

I didn’t mind it usually, but tonight I was already tired and less than looking forward to it. My mind wandered back to those light green eyes that still seemed to lurk in the dark corners of my mind.

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