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So It Begins

Amon's POV

I turned to Meredith to see what she was going to say about us finding Tyreel, she reached out to me then hit the floor.

"Meredith! Oh fuck, are you okay baby!?" She was out cold.

"Help me put her on the bed." I hope she's not hurt.

"Meredith? Hey baby, are you still with us? Honey?"

"Amon? What happened?" She blinked up at me and looked around confused.

"Honey you fainted, how are you feeling? Any pain?" It was my mother who spoke next.

"I think I'm okay, no, no pain." We helped her sit up and called for the special doctor that we have here. After Meredith got here we made sure to get one to tend to human injuries.

After the doctor gave us confirmation that the baby was unharmed, my father and I set out for his office so to speak, to further discuss what we were going to do about getting ahold of Tyreel.

"What is our plan Father?" I followed right behind him keeping pace swiftly as he moved around corners until we walked through a pair of doors into his Quarters.

"Amon, we need to talk to Michael and his army, you are going to go up and speak with them." Father kept his pace without breaking stride.

"Are you sure that isn't something you would want to do? This is not usually something I can do."

He stopped and turned to me, he placed a hand on my shoulder and sighed.

"Son, you have a child on the way, a woman you are soon to be wed, some day you will take my place as King. It is time that you started fulfilling duties in my place. Starting with speaking with the Angels." He looked at me then continued.

"Once you speak with them, you come back down and we begin training."

"Training?" I knew what he was going to say, my future bride will not be pleased.

"Son, we are about to go to war, it's time to prepare and train. Get your affairs in order son, I will do the same." War.. I can't believe we are going to war with our own kind. Demons are not exactly family oriented, but we don't try to destroy one another.

"I must go speak to Meredith, then I will go see Michael. Are we really going into war Father?" Dread filled me as I began to memorize what my future child will look like, memorize all of Meredith's features, her laugh. I may never see it again, and she has no idea what she's about to hear.

"I'm afraid so son, it's a shame, Demons have come a long way to be respected, to prove we are not monsters, then this asshole comes and ruins everything I've worked my ass off for." My Father looked genuinely sad about his entire empire falling before him. I was sad for him too, watching something you worked your whole life for just destroyed within minutes. Something that I, if I survived, would have to try and repair in his name.

I left to find Meredith, she was going to be so upset, I hated the thought of having to leave her. I want to stay and help her raise our children, I want to marry her, and make sweet glorious love to her every chance I get. I want to see her become one of us, my Mother did thousands of years ago. She kept a small piece of her humanity, but she wanted to go all the way for my Father, become a Demon like himself, and I hope that Meredith would want to do the same. That way, we can live together forever, and she would never die, naturally that is.

I reached our room and walked into the room to meet a slap across the face.

"War Amon!? Fucking war!? Did any of that thick headedness of yours think for once about me? Or even the baby!? You could die, the baby won't have a Father, does that sound nice to you!?" She was furious, I don't blame her, but how did she know? I merely just found out myself.

"Meredith, I'm sorry, it's something I have to do. What kind of King will I prove to be to Hell if I can't help fight this battle? I would be a coward, I have to do this." I reached for her hands but she pulled away.

"I can't believe you agreed to do this without even talking to me first!" She began to pace our room.

"I have an idea that might make you feel better, but I know that's impossible once you've gotten mad." I shrugged non-chalantly peaking her interest.

"What kind of idea?" Her mood quickly went from pissed off to curious, now she was prodding to know.

"I have to speak to Michael and his Angels, did you want to come with me?"

"Angels? Isn't that a death wish? Being Demons and all?" Her hip was to the side with a hand propped on it, and her eyebrows were slightly furrowed.

"We've come to an agreement that we would make peace until Tyreel was found. It seems the Angels have been keeping an eye on him, they want him as dead as we do. You'll be safe, you're an innocent so they have nothing to bother you with." I could see that she was pondering what it would be like to meet Angels, what they would look like. She was a fair bit nervous, given how her encounters with Demons have gone in the past.

"Sure I'll go! Anything I should know prior to meeting them?" She was excited now, I could feel her excitement, it radiated through me and I felt joyous for her.

"They are very proud, easily offended, so no jokes. We are there strictly for professionalism, and please, do not go wandering off. You could get lost up there."

"Got it, okay well let's go!" Meredith shot me a huge grin and reached an arm out for me to loop my own through, we flashed to Heaven and the look on my beautiful woman's face made my day.

We landed on a large concrete pad with a magnificent water fountain placed in the center of it. The buildings around us were tall, made of stone and gold trim swirls that went along the edges of them, including the windows which were made of stained glass.

"It's beautiful." I turned to my wife who was in total awe. Her dark chestnut eyes widened at the surreal sight before her.

"Oh Amon, it's wonderful, thank you for taking me with you!" She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me all over my face.

"Welcome Amon, will the King be joining us?" An extremely tall striking man strode up to Meredith and I. He was everything you could imagine an Angel to be, and not just any Angel, but Michael.

Short curly blonde hair with facial features that appeared to be chiseled out of marble. Toned muscles, but not bulky. He was trim and fit. He wore an all white suit, with a cream tie and white dress shoes with gold trim along the sole. The buttons and cufflinks on his jacket were pure gold, and two massive white feathery wings tucked neatly against his back.

"Who is this beautiful mortal you have accompanying you Amon?" Rage instantly filled me, MINE!

"My name is Meredith, are you Michael?" She did a curtsy and bowed her head and waited for him to approve.

"Yes, and this-" Michael said with an arm gesturing to our environment- "is Heaven, welcome to our home and sanctuary. Where the innocent are protected, and the evil, banished."

"It's beautiful, thank you for having me here." My future wife is so wonderful, and kind. I knew it, and so did Michael, it was why he was so welcoming to her.

"We should discuss what we are going to do about Tyreel." I was beyond anxious to avoid anymore conversing between the two. Angels are tempting creatures to humans, it's not difficult to have a human fall inlove with one. Especially an archangel like Michael.

"Yes, come, we will go to my Quarters and discuss our actions further." Michael turned and began to walk toward a large building, with us following closely behind.

Looking around I noticed that every Angel in sight was looking right at me, not only because they know me as the future King of Hell, but because of the human holding my hand, talking my ear off without a care in the world. She was genuinely happy, and inlove with me. I could feel it pouring off of her when I felt for her. It gave me peace knowing that even a cold monster like me, could find love. It confused the Angels around us, even disgusted with us, and it only filled me with joy.

"This way friends." Michael said as he rounded a corner down a long white cobblestone corridor to a massive set of white double doors.

We stepped into a large room with a long table with over a dozen chairs placed delicately along the side with one chair at each end.

"Please sit, we have much to discuss." Michael gestured to a set of chair and took our seat at the absurdly long table.

"Thank you Michael for taking the time to meet with us, it seems we are desperate for help."

"Think nothing of it Amon, all of Heaven agrees with you and the King, he must be stopped. We have had our eyes on him for some time now, it's sad to see a Demon revert back to its old habits." I hate his passive aggressive attitude, but he was right, Tyreel needs to be stopped, we worked hard to become a respected species, and he's about to destroy it all.

"Where did you find him?" I hoped he wasn't too close to my love. For her sake and his.

"Cairo, he's been hiding there for several weeks, so it won't leave us much time before he finds a new hide out." Fucking Cairo?! What is he doing there?

"Is the portal still there?" If it was, he has easy access to the underworld, a darker, harsher version of our Hell.

"I'm afraid so, we must act fast. I will get my soldiers ready, as will you. Then, we go to battle." He was so matter of fact, Angels do not beat around the bush.

"How long can something like this last?" Meredith finally spoke, I didn't want to answer, because truthfully, I don't know. It may be weeks, or months, wars in the past have lasted decades.

"We do not know Meredith, the longest battle we have had, lasted several decades. I will get my soldiers ready." Michael began to stand, and Meredith and I followed.

"We will get our soldiers ready as well. This is going to be one Hell of a battle. Michael, is there a chance one of your Angels could look after Meredith? With everything going on, I know Tyreel will be on the lookout for her, knowing I will be in battle."

"Amon, I don't need a babysitter, I'll be with your Mother and my Nonna. I'll be safe." Meredith placed a hand on my shoulder, I wanted to believe her, but given what happened before, I just can't risk her or my future child getting hurt.

"I will have a few of my men down in Hell with your future bride, she will be kept safe. As for your child-" Michael placed a hand on Meredith's belly, I filled with rage instantly.

"Relax Amon, I was simply feeling for movement. Mortals who are with child is not something we see often. He will be a strong man Meredith, raise him to be true, raise him to be a great ruler like his Father." Meredith had tears as she gaped at me.

"We're having a boy Amon! A little boy! Oh I've always dreamed of having a baby boy!" She jumped on Michael giving him a hug, then instantly pulling back once she saw my face.

"I'm sorry baby, I know you don't like others touching me." She smiled and looped her arm through my own.

"Michael, we will keep in touch, thank you for your hospitality, and kindness you've shown to Meredith. I, or my Father will be here soon with what we plan to do." I nodded my head once to him, and he returned the gesture.

"We will be in touch soon, and Meredith, stay safe, you've entered a world full of danger to you and your son. Be careful down there."

"Thank you Michael." She smiled, and we flashed back to Hell.

Fuck, a son, Meredith has no idea how much danger we are actually facing. Those demons will want him, to mold and form him into something more terrifying than myself and my Father combined. I have to keep them safe, but I don't know if I can even protect them from what is about to happen.

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