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I'm Dr. Stone! I've just finished my medschool and I've boarded a plane to the Minnesota to pursue a degree in neurology. That's where I find you, an absolutely gorgeous and the sexiest woman I've laid eyes on.Oh, I know for a fact we're in for a ride we won't soon forget... Sweetheart, you're my In Flight Entertainment!!

Erotica / Romance
Doctor Stone
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“This is the final boarding call for passenger Dr Stone booked on flight 372A to Minnesota. Please proceed to gate 3 immediately. The final checks are being completed and the captain will order for the doors of the aircraft to close in approximately five minutes time. I repeat. This is the final boarding call for Dr Stone. Thank you!”

And that’s exactly how you find a 23 year old, 5′ 9" Indian guy with olive skin and an athletic build, chiseled jaw, brown eyes, sideswept undercut hairstyle, sharp eyes and thick dark sharp eyebrows running around the airport looking for gate 3... In my defence it’s really hard to not fall asleep when you’ve stuffed your stomach with burger, fries and chicken wings topped with chocolate milk.

I run exactly a few minutes before the doors are closed. It was a close call nonetheless. I smile my 1000 watt smile which always helps me get out of trouble at the air hostess who’s glaring at me. She wears down her glare, smiles back and guides me to my seat.

I’ve got the window seat... Sweet! But my eyes are glued to you, the goddess who’s sitting in the seat next to mine. No exaggeration but you’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever laid my eyes on. You’re probably 5′ 5", brunette with mesmerising emerald green eyes and a wonderful rack. You have the perfect set of firm boobs, not too small and non existent and not too large and gigantic, cherry red lips, cute little nose with an hourglass type of body to die for. You’re wearing a pink sweatshirt and black leggings. Your hair in glorious waves falling over your breasts.

Right before I completely take you in, all blood runs south. Just like that my cock starts to harden and I yet have to squish in to get to my seat. Oh man, I better get to my seat before it turns into a full on hard on, so I rush to my seat. Little did I know that you’re wearing AirPods and you did not notice me getting over to my seat. As I’m squishing past the aisle side passenger you get up at the same time and we’re pressed chest to chest.

Your lips just centimetres away and from mine, your boobs crushed against me, both your hands on either side of my chest and our eyes locked. I’m staring into your emerald eyes, drowning into them never wanting to come out. You’re staring into my brown eyes and I could see a slight lust in those gorgeous eyes. We stay staring at each other for what feels like an eternity until the asshole sitting in the aisle seat clears his throat. Fucking prick!

Only then we both notice that the your sweatshirt has risen up a bit and my now rock hard erection is pressed hard against your smooth milky skin of your flat, sexy stomach. I feel my face heat up in embarrassment and see a slight blush creeping up your face as you lick your lush full lips. You snap out of your reverie and:

“Sorry I needed to get to the washroom. I- I- I didn’t see you walking pa-past, my bad!”

Even before I could answer you run away to the washroom. That’s just fucking great. The best first impression made to the sexiest woman I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Although it’s a good thing you ran away or else I’m very certain I would’ve come in my pants like a fucking teenager but don’t get me wrong I’ve got wonderful stamina but you’re just so sexy!

I sigh heavily and remove my brown leather jacket and sit down on my seat in just my black jeans and the white t shirt which clings to my muscled arms. Apparently my cock still hasn’t got the message of retreat so it remains rock hard. I adjust my thick 7 inch cock straining in my jeans and attempt to sit comfortably but it’s very easy to see that rock hard appendage. That traitorous bastard has a brain of his own.

I take out my AirPods and shove them into my ear and start picking songs to hear. Right when I’ve finished creating my playlist you squish past the asshole in the aisle seat to sit in yours. Sensing this movement I turn my head and catch your eyes looking at my erection. Well that’s interesting...

I slip my leather jacket over my jeans blocking your view and your eyes slide up to catch my eyes staring right into yours and I smirk. Your face now rocks a full on blush. Your cheeks are a delicious shade of pink. I can only image how mouth watering-ly red your sexy bubble butt would be if, no sorry, when I bend you over the sink and spank your sexy ass. Cocky bastard I am aren’t I?

Looking that I might have my chance with you, an absolute sex goddess, I put the AirPods back into my pocket. You settle down into your seat and I stare out of the window. Your sweet jasmine perfume hits my nose and all I can think of is to run my tongue over every inch of your holy skin and taste all of your sweet and salty goodness! Argh my poor cock is so hard it hurts. The captain announces that the total flight duration is 18 hours and I know I’m going to enjoy every single second of it.

The flight takes off and you start looking at the in flight magazine. Well seems like you aren’t making any moves to engage so I look your way and I say:

“Hey I’m Dr. Stone! It’s going to be a very long flight and I would be a fool not to make acquaintance with a pretty, young lady beside me”. With a wink.

“Oh hello Dr. Stone! I’m Laura. Laura Deller. Pretty lady huh? Guess it wouldn’t hurt to befriend a handsome young man either now would it?“. You reply with a wink.

Your voice is so silky and soft with that British accent you’re the literal personification of a sex goddess. I’m thinking about how you’ll moan when I’d make you come on my fingers, my tongue and my thick cock or how amazing your gag sounds would be when I slide my cock down your hot wet throat. All this makes my dick twitch.

“What brings such a lovely lady to India Miss Deller?” I ask.

“Oh please Dr. Stone enough with the flattering and call me Laura. To answer your question I came to India to attend the wedding of a very close friend of mine. So what takes you to Minnesota? Business or pleasure doctor?“.

Oh the pleasures I wish to explore with you. That soft and small hands pumping my cock while I kiss your full lips and taste your super sweet saliva, shoving two fingers knuckle deep into your wet, juicy cunt and my other hand kneading your tits and twisting your nipple giving you a cocktail of pleasure and pain. Oh sweetheart!

“I just finished my Med School in India. I’m going to Minnesota to pursue my post graduate degree in neurology” I say.

“That’s very interesting. I’m a journalist by the way”.

“Ah came to steal government secrets eh Laura you naughty girl”. I see your face blush and you wet your lips with your small pink tongue.

“Nah Doctor I write about fashion and health. Although I’ve got a reputation for being a naughty girl”. You say with a wink.

Just like that we become friends and we talk about normal things with a few sexual innuendos here and there. I learn that you’re a shy, funny and kind girl who wants to control everything in your life. But I can see into your soul and feel your inner submissive call out to me and beg me to dominate you. Which I sure as fuck will!

Time passes fairly quickly and dinner is served at 8:00 pm You order some Scotch and soda. After the meal we watch a movie on your iPad sharing AirPods. After the movie you suggest a crossword puzzle challenge in the in-flight magazine.

As I don’t walk away from a challenge and because I can never say no to a goddess like you, we begin. It was a fairly tricky one and in the process of solving the puzzle we lean on the same hand rest and we’re very close to each other but we barely notice the proximity. We’re so close my cheeks would brush against yours if I moved an inch.

I finish the puzzle in 10 mins and turn to face you to claim my victory. What I didn’t know was that we both finished the puzzle at the same time and right when I was turning you turned quickly too and I find my lips pressed against your super soft, sexy, lush red lips. My pupils widen, my cock lengthens and my heart rate elevates. My god those soft lips wet with your sweet saliva! My cock twitches in my jeans and reality kicks in. Colour drains from my face as I pull back from that chaste kiss, hold my hands up in surrender and begin to apologise. I start blabbering, all my confidence about fucking you senseless has gone down the drain. Right now I didn’t want to lose your wonderful friendship:

“Laura I-I’m so s-s-sorry. I-I-I didn’t mean to do that. I finished the puzzle and-and I turned, you turned we-“.

As I was stuttering for words your eyes focus on my very prominent erection. You look back into my eyes and wet your lips with that small pink tongue of yours. Just before I could finish my apology you grab my T-shirt in your fists, pull me close and press your soft lips against mine and kiss me hard.

I put my hands on your shoulders and push you away slightly and ask:

“Are you sure you want this Laura? Cause if you start then I swear I won’t pull back”.

I palm my jean clad cock and press it hard. You don’t answer me. You lift the handrest separating us out of the way and kneel on your seat. Without breaking eye contact you palm your breasts and squeeze those delicious tits. Your tit bulges and I can see your pebbled nipples poking out of your sweatshirt. Then you trail your hands down, passing slowly over your stomach till you reach the waistband of your leggings. My eyes follow your hand with rapt attention. My breath hiking up as your fingers trail closer and closer to the paradise I wish to explore. You draw small circles over your stomach over the sweatshirt for a few second with your index and middle finger bunched together while the other fingers are curled into your fist. My brain’s circuits are fried. I’m not able to form a coherent thought let alone speak. My eyes are fixed on your hand and all I want to do is pull you close and kiss the day lights out of you.

Each circle moving closer and closer to your waistband. By the passing seconds you push your fingers a little into your waistband and pull it out quickly. Seeing your fingers go into your waist band I whimper. You let out a chuckle and decide to stop teasing and tantalising me for now. Then you push those two fingers into the waistband of your tight leggings and push past your panties. I blink hard, my breath and heart rate dangerously high. Then you pull those two fingers out and I see that the fingers are dripping wet, covered by your slick and glistening under the overhead cabin lights of the plane. Then you lean in and whisper in my ear with a very seductively low voice:

“Why don’t you tell me Dr. Stone? Do I want this? Do I want you?”

I let out a breathy groan shaking and my mouth starts watering. You bring those fingers to my cheek and draw a line with your wet fingers from my ear to the edge of my mouth leaving a wet and sticky trail over my cheek. I catch a whiff of the deliciously sweet and musky aroma of your arousal. I push my tongue out in order to lick your fingers clean and taste your nectar. You lean in and wrap your lips around my tongue and suck hard. I whimper and let out a moan while you suck my tongue in and press your soft, wet lips to mine. Then you sneak your hand over my jean and palm my bulge and give it a soft squeeze. I groan in pleasure which is muffled in your mouth.

And I snap. All my restraint and self control goes down the drain. I loop one hand around your waist and pull you onto my lap without breaking our kiss. The asshole in the aisle seat has dozed off ages ago and pretty much the entire plane is sleeping or watching something on their screens. My hand looped around your narrow sexy waist, our bodies crushed and our tongues fighting for dominance in your mouth. I win and my tongue explores your sweet and warm mouth.

My other hand goes past the waist band of your leggings and into your lacy panties. I fist them and pull hard angling a little down. I break the kiss and look down. I’ve pulled enough to see the short, sexy smattering of brown hair covering your cunt but not enough to see the delicious cunt itself. The air mixes with your wetness and that sweet, musky aroma hits me with full force and I’ve never smelled anything more mouth watering than your wet and juicy cunt leaking out it’s love juice. My eyes roam around that cute smattering of hair and I can see that the ones closer to your paradise are drenched with your nectar. I want to suck the pussy juice out of them because every drop of your arousal is precious and mustn’t be wasted.

“Oh sweetheart, you smell so good! I’m pretty sure they’d make a cologne out of your cunt juice. I bet you taste just as delicious as you smell. I’m going to devour your cunt, kitten. I’m going to suck, finger and fuck multiple orgasms out of that delicious cunt till you can’t see straight. I bet your tight pink little pussy is just dripping wet isn’t it? You want your cunt to get stretched don’t you kitten? Ask for my cock baby”. I growl in your ear.

“Oh Stone! Yes! please baby I want all that. I want your tongue, your fingers, your cock everything baby. I want you to stretch this cunt baby”.

The hand looped around your waist now sneaks into your leggings and I squeeze the soft globes of your perfect ass. Oh my god it’s so soft. I can’t wait to spank it and hear you moan. I realise you’re wearing lacy thongs. You push your hand under my T-shirt. Your cold skin comes in contact with my searing hot skin. You rake your nails against my skin and travel up my body, up my abs, up my chest and out of the V neckline of the T-shirt. You thumb my Adam’s apple, reach over to my ear and whisper:

“Washroom in exactly 5 mins if you want to fuck the day lights out of me Doctor”. With a wink.

You pull away from my grasp removing both my hands. You give a chaste peck on my cheek and a hard press over my painfully hard dick. You cup my balls through the jeans, give them a squeeze. I moan in pleasure, my eyes half lidded. I know for a fact if you keep touching me I’ll come in my jeans. You withdraw your hand and you walk to the washroom. My brains wrecked, all I can think about is your pussy. I look at my watch and it’s only been 30 seconds. Being an impatient horny bastard with a painfully rock hard cock, I can’t wait more than two minutes. So I get off my seat and rush to the washroom in just 1 minute and 30 seconds. If you want to complain you can do so with my cock lodged in that sexy little mouth, deep down your throat. Oh just thinking about it. Calm down Stone, you don’t want to come in your pants.

I tap on the washroom’s door.

“Laura it’s me”.

You open the door quickly.

As soon as the door swings open I push you in towards the wall and lock the door.

“Impatient much Stone?” You smirk.

I don’t respond. My body overtaken by lust and the animalistic need to devour you. I crush my body against yours, pinning both your arms above your head with my hand and kissing you hard. You kiss me back with the same vigour. This time I let you win and your tongue enters my mouth exploring. My free hand immediately shoots up to knead your perfectly soft, yet firm tits. I squeeze them hard. The pad of my thumb rubbing against the pebbled nipple, the friction between your nipple and the cloth material of your sweatshirt draws out a moan which is muffled in my mouth.

I break out of the hungry kiss and leave a trail of kisses along your jaw. My hand has now moved on to the other breast, kneading and thumbing your nipple. You rub your things together seeking some sort of friction to your poor deprived cunt. I put my leg between yours preventing you from rubbing your thighs together. You groan in frustration, but then you get a better idea. You rub your clothed pussy against my thigh, dry humping my thigh. I pinch and twist your nipple, your body now squirming under me, caught in a haze of pain and pleasure. Your eyes shut tight and your head laid on the wall. You let out a breathy moan. I nip your earlobe, suck on it and whisper:

“Shhh kitten, we don’t want the entire plane to know how beautiful you sound when I make you come now do we? Tell me what you need kitten”.

“You Stone. Anything. Please!“.

I let go of your wrists and order you to keep your hands fixed above your head. You oblige. With one hand kneading your tits, I cup your needy cunt with my other, pushing your legs apart. I squeeze your cunt. It is now that I realise how drenched you are. As soon as I squeeze your clothed pussy, your slick pussy juice gushes out seeping through two layers of clothing and wets my hand. My palm is now wet with your arousal. Feeling my hand gotten so wet I growl in your ear. You open your eyes and they’re locked to mine. I feel like I could drown in your emerald eyes but no! Right now the only things that needed drowning are my fingers, tongue and my cock in your dripping wet pussy. I bring my palm up to my face and lick my palm clean. As soon as your cunt juice hits my tongue I taste the super sweet and musky flavour. It’s the best tasting thing I’ve ever had the luxury to taste. My eyes roll up in pleasure breaking the eye contact. I open my eyes with a newfound more passionate hunger. I need to eat your pussy out like it’s the last meal of my life. I just need to.

I bring both hands to your waist and flip you around, pressing your face against the wall. I then pull your leggings down all the way to your ankles. Then I have a look at the soft globes of your milky bubble butt. I spank your right asscheek hard, you squeal in surprise. I look at your ass which momentarily turns pink and fades back to milky white. I squeeze your ass with my hands and I rip your lacy thong by pulling hard. You squeal again and you look over your shoulder meeting my eyes. I bring the thong to my nose and inhale deeply. I inhale like it’s my dying breath, like it’s oxygen. Hell! I might not even need oxygen anymore. Your delicious cunt juice mixes with your sweat so well and it smells so good!

You let out a breathy moan looking at me inhale my drug. I stuff your thong into my pocket already planning to buy a industry grade locker to keep it safe in. Fuck money, this is more important. Then I crush my body against yours, pressing you hard against the wall. I grind my jean clad rock hard erection against your bare wet pussy. The friction causes you to moan and squirm under me. Your pussy gushes out a fresh wave of arousal staining my jeans. Neither of us care, you grind back with equal if not with more ferociousness. I reach around to capture your lips in a hungry and demanding kiss. Our moans muffled in the kiss.

I slide both my hands under your sweatshirt, my palms sliding over every inch of your milky and soft skin of your stomach. I dip my index finger into your cute little bellybutton and I thrust my finger in and out softly occasionally making small tight circles. You squirm harder, pushing your ass against my crotch even harder, your moans are getting louder and your eyes closed very tight. We break out kiss for exactly 10 seconds to catch our breaths. You being an impatient little minx, lean into another demanding kiss and me being a horny bastard, more than oblige.

Then I push my hands further up your body, each hand cupping each breast. I roll your nipple between the index and my thumb finger. You groan in pleasure.

“Please Stone! Please make me come!“.

“What my kitten wants, my kitten gets”.

I flip you around once again, now your ass pressed against the wall. I leave a trail of wet open mouthed kisses along your neck, at one point biting and sucking hard leaving my mark on our flawless skin. I replace one of my hands on your breast with my mouth. Licking the underside of your breasts collecting the thin layer of your sweet and salty sweat with my tongue. Once I’ve tasted your breast, I wrap my lips around your pink, pebbled nipple and suck hard. My teeth gently grazing against your nipple. I do the same to your other breast.

You bring your hands to my jaw to pull me into another hard kiss. Then you wrap your legs around my waist. My hands now cup your ass to prevent you from falling. I spread your ass cheeks apart and my middle finger pressed against your pink puckered asshole applying gentle pressure at the orifice. Startled by the contact, you break the kiss and:

“I’ve never... No ones ever..” you whimper.

“Shh kitten, I’ll take care of you my baby girl, I won’t hurt you. I’ll make you feel so good”. I coo in your ear.

You nod your head once and we kiss again. Your hand reach down to unbutton my jean then you unwrap one leg around my waist and push your foot into my jean and into my boxers. The top of your foot my caressing my length, you push deeper and you tickle my balls with your toes. The pleasures too much.

“Oh yes baby just like that... yes baby...“. I moan.

Then I remove my middle finger from your asshole and use my index finger to gather some of your runaway slick on your thighs. I coat my index finger nice and wet then I bring it back to your virgin asshole and push it in. About 2 cms of my finger enters into your very tight asshole. Sensing your discomfort, I press my middle finger on the swollen bud of your clit, making tight circles applying gentle pressure. I know you’d come apart if I rub a little more harder but no, I don’t want you to come yet. Using this pleasure as a distraction, I push my index finger very slowly deeper into your arsehole. Your ass has now got accustomed to the penetration and your sphincter has now relaxed welcoming my finger deeper and swallowing my finger. I push it in until my finger is buried knuckle deep into your asshole. All the while you whisper a series of “Yes stone! Oh my god yes!” And “don’t stop baby fill my ass ohhh yesss! Just like that baby deeper”.

Why stop there? I withdraw my finger which is rubbing against your clit and I push my finger into your tight little pussy. Your cunt is so drenched that my finger slides into it like silk. Then I start pumping. Both fingers a little in and out of your ass and pussy. At first my thrusts are slow and shallow. Then as I slowly start feeling the walls of your cunt fluttering and your asshole clenching and unclenching my finger, I thrust harder and deeper and deeper. You bury your head in the crook of my neck and bite on to my clavicle. As the speed of my thrusts increases, I feel your pussy and your asshole clench my fingers very tightly. I feel a gush of wetness leaking out of that delicious pussy running down my hand. You scream while you come which I thankfully muffle with a kiss and your body convulsing as you ride through your orgasm. I keep pumping and I stop once you start squirming away. I put you down and make sure you’re able to stand. You look up to me and smile in a post orgasmic haze.

“Wow Doctor. Just wow. I don’t think I’ve ever orgasmsed this hard before”. You giggle.

I then fall to my knees, flip you around once more pushing your face against the wall. You squeal as I push your ass cheeks apart and bury my face between them. I lick a stripe along your pussy to your puckered asshole collecting your sweet and delicious mixture of your come, sweat and your ass on my tongue relishing it’s taste. Then I run my tongue over the soft pink folds of your pussy lapping up and drinking all the delicious juices which your pussy so generously provides. I push my tongue against your tight little opening and penetrate your cunt with my tongue. Tongue fucking you. Your hands reach around to bury my face deeper into your ass. Happily obliging I tongue fuck you harder and I curl my tongue inside your cunt to reach your G-spot. But I couldn’t reach it.

I remove my tongue from your pussy and lick the orifice of your pink, puckered arsehole. Tasting a mixture of sweet and slightly bitter mixture. I enjoy it and lick enthusiastically. I slide two fingers into your empty cunt, stretching it wide, curl them and start pumping them such that they hit your G-spot every time. You let out a loud moan but then silence it quickly by biting your tongue hard. I harden my tongue and penetrate your asshole and I slowly tonguefuck you. You push my head harder against your ass. I increase the speed of my fingers thrusting into your needy cunt. Your asshole clenching against my tongue pulling me in deeper.

After a minute or two I feel your walls fluttering again and you’re begging me not to stop saying “Oh my god stone baby please don’t stop I’m going to- Oh lord- I’m going to come baby!“. I’ve got no plans of stopping and I thrust both my fingers and my tongue harder into body. I feel your pussy walls clench hard around my fingers and your ass clenching very tightly against my tongue. The feeling alone is enough to make me come but I some how gather enough strength to prevent myself from coming. I feel a gush of wetness on my chin as you ride through the second orgasm of the day. I withdraw my tongue from your asshole and I lap up all your delicious fresh juices.

Then I stand up, now we’re both covered in sweat. You put your hands around my neck and pull me in for a very deep kiss completely forgetting where my mouth has been all this while. Your kiss is hungrier and harder than any other we’ve shared in our time together. I know for a fact you can taste yourself on my tongue and yet you kiss me eagerly. It’s such a turn on!

You break the kiss and fall to your knees frantically pulling my jeans and my boxers down. I chuckle at your enthusiasm. Then you wrap your tiny fist around my cock and my chuckle transforms into a moan. Your tongue is out licking the underside of my cock right from my balls to the tip of my cock. Then you suddenly push my cock deep into your throat completely ignoring your gag reflex and sucking my cock hard. The warm and velvety texture of your mouth is too much. I quickly pull out of your mouth. You look up to me and I can see hurt and disappointment in your eyes.

“Sweetheart I’d really like to fuck your juicy pussy now, if you keep doing that I won’t last at all and I really really want to fuck your pussy”.

You understand and you smile smugly enjoying the effect you’re having on my body.

“Stone I’m on the pill and I have an IUD. I’m clean. Please fuck me raw. I need to feel your skin please!“.

“I’m clean too Laura I took my test recently”.

“Then what are you waiting for? Fuck me already!“.

I help you up your feet and bend you over the sink counter. I pull your hair hard arching your body to kiss you. Just as your lips meet hungrily I thrust my cock deep into your wet, warm and tight cunt in one single thrust burying myself deep inside you. You let out a loud moan. Your pussy is so tight it’s milking my cock hard. I don’t know how long I’d last but I want to make most out of this.

“Yes stone! God yes your cock is stretching my pussy so good. Yesss! Fuck me please”.

I start thrusting into your pussy very deep and very hard. You thrust back meeting my thrusts with equal vigour. We fuck like animals. Frantic and hard fucking. Each thrust deeper and harder. You moan very loudly a series of “Yes stone right there, right there. Oh my gooodddd please don’t stop baby. Right there!!“. I clamp my hand over your mouth to muffle your screams. I muffle my groans of pleasure by biting your shoulder. I know I’m going to leave multiple hickeys on your body.

I remove the hand which is fisting your hair and I cup your breast and torture your nipple, pressing hard, twisting and pulling them. After torturing both your nipples, I rain a fury of spanks on your ass. Hard spanks until both your ass cheeks are a deep shade of pink. I do all this while relentlessly fucking your greedy cunt. Then I bend down and our eyes lock in the reflection of the mirror in front of us.

“You are such a dirty slut Laura. Taking my cock deep inside your greedy cunt in the washroom of an airplane. Come for me baby, I know you can. Come on my cock one more time. You can do this baby. Touch yourself and come for me whore!“. I growl into your ear.

You rub your clit hard with one hand. I massage your pink ass cheeks with the hand which is not muffling your screams. Then I gather your pussy juice on my thumb lubing it well before I push it deep into your empty asshole. You rub your clit harder running after that orgasm which is building up steadily. I thrust even harder with my thumb and my cock occupying both your fuck holes. This double penetration pushes you off the edge and your pussy walls flutter and clenches my cock very hard milking the come out of my cock. I come deep inside your pussy shooting white ropes of come and filling you up. Your body is shaking violently through your orgasm and you’re screaming.

As we both fall from our orgasmic peaks I fall over you dead weight. I realise I’m crushing you and I try to get up but my legs are jelly. You pull me back over you and we’re bent over the counter in a spooning position, our eyes locked in the mirror.

You reach between your legs and push two fingers into your pussy which is now leaking my come. Then you swirl your fingers inside mixing both your bodily fluids together. Then you scoop it up bringing it out and push one finger into your mouth and tasting them. “Delicious” you moan. You offer the other finger to me and I lick it clean.

“We taste good Miss Deller!“. We chuckle

After a few minutes and making sure we’re able to stand, we start dressing ourselves. You wipe the sweat off your face with a tissue. Your leggings still pooled at your feet, I see my come start to drip down your thigh. Instinctively I reach out and push the come back into your pussy. You look over your shoulder and smile. I offer you the come covered finger with you suck it clean eagerly. Clenching your thighs tight to prevent any come from leaking out.

Then you pull your leggings up, my come still lodged deep inside your pussy. After we’re completely dressed up, you take your first step and you fall. I catch you before you fall.

“You’ve fucked me so good I can’t walk Stone! I know I’m going to feel sore for many days. It was amazing. Thank you! I’ve never done this before”.

“The pleasures all mine Laura. I’ve never fucked someone senseless in a plane either. The best sex of my entire life definitely wasn’t mentioned on my planner. I’m glad we did this”.

We laugh and I open the door to find 3 female air hostess standing outside the door. They’re completely flustered looking at us like deer’s caught in a headlight.

“Sorry sir... Umm we were just ummm just hanging out here. And we certainly didn’t hear anything. I mean there was nothing to hear”. They stutter.

“Glad you enjoyed the show ladies!“. I tell them with a wink. They blush hard and you bury your face into my chest in embarrassment. I laugh and kiss your head. We slowly walk to our seat. You’re completely unable to walk so cling to my neck for dear life while I carry you to our seat.

As soon as we reach our seats, we take a deep breath and drink lots of water. Then you climb onto my lap and curl into a ball burying your face in the crook of my neck. We both fall asleep very quickly with you in my arms.

We wake up the next day an hour before the plane lands. Your face scrunching adorably as you recall the previous day’s events. You look into my eyes and smile. You reach up and capture my lips for a kiss, neither caring about the morning breath.

“Good morning beautiful! Remember me?“. I say

“Good morning handsome! Yes you’re the man who fucked me senseless yesterday”. We chuckle.

“Where do you live in Michigan Laura? I’d love to take you for another round some day”. I ask eagerly.

“Umm.. I don’t live in Michigan. This is a connecting flight. I live in New York. Stone you know yesterday was a one night stand right?“. You look up to me.

My heart sinks and disappointment is clearly written over my face. I wipe it off quickly and say “Ofcourse I know it was a one night stand. What? Fall in love in an airplane? What is this a hallmark movie?“. I laugh. Trying to hide my disappointment. I really thought you’d be the one. You’re so perfect, but we don’t get what we want always now do we?

You nod and laugh. We remain quiet till the plane lands. I feel sad but I plaster a fake smile. It hurts that you’re able to function normally. When the airbridge is open and people start getting out of the plane, I turn to look at you. You jump into my arms and give me a deep kiss.

“I’ll miss you Stone! By the way what’s your first name?“. You ask hugging me tightly.

“Don’t bother Miss Deller!“.

I unwrap myself from the hug, get up from my seat and walk out of the plane without looking back at you. My heart aches that I can’t have you.

But I harden my heart and the pain instantaneously disappears like it was never there.

After all,

I’m Doctor Stone.

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langleys089: Gggggeeaat.......storrry

Adriana: Novela de un estilo muy especial, que te mantiene espectante esperando que va a suceder..me encanta y espero un final feliz..

Nuhaa: What a lovely short story, im glad i came across it.

Tonka: Muy entretenida te mantiene expectante siempre… me gusta hasta ahora ahora

S_jones_2019: I enjoyed reading this, very few errors and the flow was okay.

ela1ocke2amelie3: Sehr spannend gut geschrieben. Bin sehr gespannt wie es weiter gehen wird. Freue mich auf weitere Kapitel

Shirley: Love every character, it's believable, plots good so far & want to finish it is there a 2nd book?

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Tammy L: It was really good. Short and sweet.

Saraiud: Me ha gustado toda la trama de verdad que tienes un don con la escritura lo recomiendo a todas mis amigas kookminas

BIN-äres-ICH: Die Autorin hat einen besonderen Ausdrucksstil; sehr spielerisch und poetisch..Auch wenn man dadurch manche Sätze zweimal lesen muss, da sie komplexer und verschlungener formuliert sind, macht es jedoch den Schreibstil besonders bzw. die beschreibende Figur spezieller..Weiter so!

Mharms: I like the storyline following in the numbered books. This makes an interesting narrative. All adults would enjoy reading.

Mharms: I liked that the story line is in continuous book to book form. It makes a compelling history to follow. Very interesting.

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