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Fire Alpha Wolf(bl)

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Chapter 2


Aaaaa I am so angry I want to scream he never listens to me I should have explained to him and not tied him.

I sighed. Yep, I can't tell him everything at once and we are going according to our plan Tris is here it's just Tris don't do something to ruin our plan I will tell him when he really will be ready to consume the truth.

I don't have time to think about this right now yesterday we spent the whole night planning everything and now I don't want to give more time to this.

"Good morning bro" my twin sister Kely wished me.

"Good morning, little key" I teased her.

She frowned "don't call me little I was born 10 sec before you, little angry bird" she slapped back.

"You are little and it's not my fault that old lady forget whom she delivered 1st and I am sure it was me who came 1st in this world as I am more intelligent" I teased back.

She laughed"you are intelligent haha please don't make jocks in the morning" and slightly punched me on my chest.

I grab her hand twisted it and grabbed her hair I know her weakness very well.

"Leave it, bro please..ok ok you are right you were born first now leave my precious hair" she begged.

I gave her a smirk and leave her.

"You are mean to let's go meeting is about to start," she said little pissed.

"Oh noooo nooo, you are not going anywhere I told you not to involve in this shit" I reached for her hand.

"I am not attending any meeting it's just your angry aura is flowing everywhere and no one wants to get ripped by you in this early morning" she let out her tongue.

"Who told you I do that am I that scary," I asked with a big question mark on my head.

She rolled her eyes"no you are not scary at all you are death no one wants early death".

"Don't joke around please "I said and tried to fake laugh ha ha but when I see her face I stopped "okk you win " and let my hands up in surrender.

"Let's go you are late, Nani will kill me" she pouted.

We stepped towards the meeting room and closed the door behind me while giving a bye to my little witch oh she will kill me for sure.

After a couple of hours of conversation which I can't explain right now but it was a really serious matter I think it is.

I went back to meet tris aah I know how to calm him down with just a bunch of chickens waaw chicken can save someone's life I am talking about my life.

Shely was standing in front of the room with a food tray I told her to wait there through 'pack link walkey talkey' I can talk through my mind when I 1st turned into a wolf in this room.

I said thanks to Shely who is a beautiful woman in her 30s but still pretty.

She used to wear a red net gown which makes her sexier she is my grandmother's secretary and loved to cook for me so whenever she gets time she makes sure to fill my stomach even if it left a night from my work.

Today I specially called her to make chicken for Tris I want him to taste her hand's food and be calm for some movements.

I took the tray from her hands and thank her for doing this favor for me.

She smiled at me "he is special to you, isn't he? You never asked me to cook for you but you asked today..hmmm something something?" She pokes me on my shoulder.

I blush and Don't wanna show my red face to her I didn't reply but she knows the answer.

She open the door for me and I entered with a smile and hot red cheeks.

He was sitting in the bed with an angry face. still net was covering the bed.

"Still angry, you haven't eaten anything from yesterday." I put the tray on the bed and slid the net towards the headboard.

"I told you not to show your face I hate you I don't want to eat get out"

"Okk as you wish if you don't want to eat chicken lollipop chicken roast then who am I to force you" take a sit on the sofa in front of the table and a couple of steps away from the bed.

"Oo who are you to force me then why am I tied here with a chain" he slapped back.

I was about to answer but I was interrupted by the pack link.

I ran towards the door without saying anything.

"Leo, what happened?" I heard the loud voice of Tris and I know he is worried.

I ran downstairs and changed into my wolf form which is black in color and 7 fits.

I was running with a bunch of wolfs beside me they are 5 fit around. I talked with my beta Jermy through the pack link. He came just beside me 6-fit brown color with light black stripes.

We reached the middle of the forest 6 carians were surrounding a little boy Shin. he was in his human form and nude so I can tell he was in wolf form when he ran here.

I talked with him through the link 'hey baby boy, we are here okk don't be afraid we will save you' I tried to be generous in my holy angry mood.

Jermy growled at them ready to act on my order.

Carians wolf are the rotten type they smell like an old infected wound and they have rough hairs sharp teeth and full of slive drooling from the whole mouth they are 5 fits.

"Shin, look at me don't move buddy ok, and close your eyes for a few sec and take a breath long of long breaths okk," I told him through the link.

He saw me and then he closes his eyes taking log breaths as I told him.
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