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"Leo why the fuck am i here, i will not love you, never ever" i am chained by this man a big strong man. I will leave this place for sure even if i have die i will never accept this man's praposal he never understand love and i have no value of him now. A person who killed a whole village even the womens and children.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Chapter one


"oh god my head hurts "

Where am i...i woke up on a bed kinda old style everything is red and who the fuck put net all cover to bed nowdays golden net. And why the i am chained on my both arms? still my head hurt like hell i tried to remember things from last night i was in the bar making myself drunk to death but never happened after Leo left i forgot hiw to drunk myself..wait what i saw him last night

"Aaaa my head hurts like hell" this in not because of drink. *Flash back*when i was drinking suddenly some people came in with rush all with gun and black suite. I was not interested in fighting so i planned to leave but one man pointed his gun on me.That was rude i asked gently you have got wrong person i m about to leave so let me go but he was kinda sure and now other two man also pointed gun towards me."Fuck i hate fighting what do you think it looks like when a doctor beats you like hell" i made myself clear but my front man shhoted me on leg i cried and kneel injured leg in pain.i gathered my shit to fight with him then someone hitted my head with hard wooden bat i got on my knees hands on my head and i can feel the bleeding and then Leo appeared from nowhere kneeling in front of me he was asking if i m okk or not but i was loosing blood in fast rate making me dazzy his voice blurring out and i lost my beloved consciousness.

Now i m in bed red valvet cushion red duvet and pure black valvet bedsheet and golden net covers the whole bed. I don't wanna look my legs because the bullet was so deep and according to rate of bleeding i Don't think my legs can be saved my heart were racing and tears coming out i am all alone here and i was thinking of Leo how he appeared in my thoughts when i was in club and in deep pain, my thoughts gone on sudden opening of door Leo came to me running scared he was sweating. I can see clearly through net. He opened the net and sitted on my left facing towards me.

"Why are you crying"he asked while wiping my tear with his thumb and cupping my face with hand.

Here we go again i am seeing him why the fuck its been 2yrs and i m seeing him everytime i fucked up life.

"You look different but handsome, i dont know where am i and why am i here i cant feel my legs you know i got shot you were there and my head is hurting too" again my tears flowing my eyes this time faster.

"Listen to me your leg is fine see" he uncovered my legs.

I was shocked what he is here? He really is here. I forget about my legs and slaped him in the face a load sound echoed in room. two man and a women were standing in the door shocked ready to enter but they pause.

I looked at him little bit sorry on face

" Sorry i an so sorry, i was thinking you are not here but you are actually.." i paused when i saw him smiling at me and now the door was closed no one was present in the room just me and leo.

I can feel hotness over my cheeks and ear and know that its red too.

"Its okk, you were thinking about me this whole year? "He asked.

"No not at all, why would i..fuck you" i got angry like how he staring at me with those smile.

He is gay and i hate it always because i think he only is gay for me aah thats cool but not for me. I don't want to be gay i dont hate gay people i just hate him because i think he always try to dreg me to be gay doing things for me.

See how he is staring at me he really want me to love him and hate this i always have been..

"Stop staring or i will kick yo..ohh my legs"sudden remembering of my injured leg.

"Its all right see by your self " he touched my both legs trying to tell me feel his hands.

I gave him a happy smile "waaw"in few sec i was in shock "where the hell is bandage and gun shot injury"

"What are you talking about you never hmget shot nor your head got hit" he said with that smiling face he always smiles at me but for other he is a angry animal like angry dog i laughed at my thoughts..oh man back to reality.

"So yes i knew i was shot and wait I didn't said anything about my head got hit how do you know if i was just thinking or dreaming" i slaped my thought.

"You said it you just don't remember, you hungry I told shely to make chicken@+&$-$

Chicken+-$+-:#+*- chicken+;#-";!..." Leo thrown every chicken dish on me knowing i am chicken lover and i will not ask any more questions.

"Yes yes i am hungry always hungry for chicken Don't Even ask next time" yepppii now i can eat..shit my hands were chained.

"What is this why am i chained" i asked we go his expression like i asked him about his dead boyfriend.

"Look tris i m not going to unchain you,you have to live here with me untill i tell you you can" he said with serious face.

I know him he never abandoned his word and only i know how much he serious about me.

"I will escape from here you will never have me, get out now"i shouted on him. "Do not show me your face, i know last night was not a dream, tell me those were your man you told them to kidnapp me?" I asked with all of my anger.

"No they are not my man, but i am thankful that because of them i found you and now I will not let you go" he thrown me his anger.

"Get out... Get out of my site" i shouted

"Listen tris i can explai.."

"Get out leonis Peckwood..get out get out" I was not intended to hear anything from him so i repeated myself untill he leave the room.

I am afraid but for what 'that he imprison me made me feel like inferior or he will not let me go and do something which I don't want.....

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