My Sex Life in Paris

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We met Patrick in the Club La Cheminée in Paris 5th near metro Saint Marcel. At the Club La Cheminée they also regularly organized afternoon programs in addition to their special “thematic sex nights.”

These thematic nights featured sex adventures each time in different thematic flavours. We came across Patrick in one of the afternoon programs. Later on he joined us at our home.

We had thought of staying the whole night together. Because by now I had begun to like the “TRIO theme” - the threesome.That goes like this: I moved in the middle of the two men, and both men had sex with me one by one but playing with my boobs, squeezing and sucking them at the same time.

Patrick had come in his small black car. Normally he was going to stay the night. But his cat was in the car. And he was worried for his cat’s food that he was not carrying with him. So he was little stressed. Looking at me he was also very much excited sexually. He did not have the condoms. So he asked me worriedly,

“I am sure you have no medical problem - no maladie?”

This became his other worry. I assured him that I had no such problem. We had sex. He bent me forward over the bed and fucked me in the doggy-style position. He again asked me the same question, “Sure you have no medical problem - no maladie?” I again assured him that he should not worry, I had no such problem,

“No maladie!” I said. Then he took me on the bed in lying-down position and fucked me again - this time from the front.

Both rounds were sexy. And I enjoyed my moments with him. He could not stay the night. His worry for the cat food for his cat made him leave soon. I joked with Rufi, “Imagine, if tomorrow somehow he gets the fever, he would get confused and certainly come back to quarrel with me over his MALADIE…”

Patrick’s question “NO MALADIE?” had been a joke between us for a long time.

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