My Sex Life in Paris

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We came to know Philippe through Ivan (Longchirra.) He always made a lot of jokes about Ivan. Then once we came across him at Club La Cheminée. We came back together to our apartment. We also spent some time in a café on the way at Porte de Clichy. We entered our apartment a little before midnight.

We put some music on and some Indian movie at the same time, and got into the bed. I got into a very beautiful dark Red gown that I had specially transformed from a sexy dress. It was very special. On the one hand, it was fully-covering.

Wearing this, I could easily walk to a nearby shop. On the other hand, just with a light movement of two fingers, it could turn me full naked.

I joined both men in the middle. I came into the lying-down position on bed. Then I turned towards one of them. Philippe wrapped me in his arms from the front side. My ass was towards Rufi on the other side. He was caressing my ass.

Philippe fucked me FIRST, also doing full mouth to mouth kissing. And Rufi was squeezing my boobs from behind. When Philippe had stopped fucking me, Rufi fucked me staying in his position behind me. He was moving his dick back-and-forth inside my pussy - but from the backside position. When Rufi was giving me the strokes from behind, Philippe had my big boobs in his mouth, sucking them and also biting my nipples - from the front.

Both men were enjoying ME together from the each side. And I was having my pleasure with two men at the same time. When Rufi stopped, Philippe, after a break, began again and fucked me the 2nd time. This time I climbed over his dick, while he was lying down on the bed. We gave heavy strokes to each other alternatively.

Afterwards Rufi also fucked me a 2nd time. This time he took me from the front. He put my legs over his shoulders. This made my legs further apart. And then he penetrated his dick inside me and gave me the full strokes… They both also sucked my boobs together - each one taking one of my boobs in his mouth. That night I had gone through sex four times with 2 different men.

“TRIO” - the threesome had turned out to be too sexy.

Before this, I already had the experience of “trio” with Thierry & Rufi - and also many times in the clubs. But this was the entire night together in the middle of 2 men. Sexy but calm.

I slept in the middle - each of my boobs in their hands, and my hands holding their dicks... In the morning when I went to the living room, Philippe followed me and again fucked me

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