My Sex Life in Paris

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Eric had got my telephone number through someone in a sex party. He called me many times. He was very eager to see me. He had heard about me in these circles. Every time he called me, his conversation with me was full of passion. And he always emphasized his wild interest in meeting me.

One evening he came. I was a little reluctant to get into a sexual encounter with him though I liked him. But he had already been so much engaged with my image that when I entered our living room, he could not resist at all. And he took me in his grip right away like some longtime lover. He was really wild and he played with me very roughly. But I enjoyed his roughly-played actions. He threw me on the couch.

He quickly pulled out my boobs from my shirt and rubbed his dick on my naked boobs. His hands were holding my breasts - and pressing his dick in between my heavy breasts. My big breasts were particularly exciting for him.

He seemed to be a true lover of big boobs because he sucked my boobs and played so wildly that no one ever before had played with me like that. His rough and tough movements aroused me a lot.

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