My Sex Life in Paris

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At Jacques’ parties there were always more men than women. 5 to 8 women and around 15 men as an average… Every woman who came there could get several men.

It happened one night that I reached the highest score of my sexual adventures. Doctor Diane and her husband Doctor Pierre were present in that party.

Serge, the man from French Fire Brigade was also there with all the fire stored inside him.

I was in the lying-down position on the mattress on the floor. They all took me in that lying-down position from the front.

First of all, Serge fucked me with his usual heavy strokes. Then a short man whom I sometimes called “sex specialist” came forward and fucked me. His speciality was his stamina that was always longer than many men.

Just after him, a wrestler-type man jumped in. I felt he was fucking me in a wrestling-style. He was hard, heavy, and wild… Then two more men continued this sex-in-action

And by now, Serge was ready again. So he fucked me a 2nd time.

And during most of these moments, Doctor Pierre had been playing with my boobs… When Serge had stopped, Pierre pulled me aside over the floor and put his dick inside me. I intensely enjoyed my sexy moments with Pierre.

And when he slowed down his strokes for a moment, I said, “don’t stop, continue ...” Altogether 7 men... That night, I had sex with 7 different men. I had my multiple orgasms.

I had already had sex with several persons in the clubs - but mostly 3 to 4 men. And that usually happened with intervals between the shots… But sex with 7 men, continuously in a row was a unique sex adventure of my sex life in Paris.

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