My Sex Life in Paris

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Nowadays I am living in Lahore Cant. For the moment, I don’t want to write anything about my present sex life in Pakistan. All I would say that presently I am in a WEB surrounded by three men:

Sohail Amin, Mian Sohail, and Major Parvez (retired.) Major Parvez is the brother in law of Sohail Amin.

I came to know Sohail Amin in Paris. He was living in Paris at that time. This facet of our life was completely unknown to the people known to us personally. This was our “special world” away from the “everyday world”.

Sohail Amin was engaged in the renovation work. He had obtained the French Residence Permit with a bogus name through a falsified British passport in the name of Mehmood Azhar. Then he established some companies with his false identity in order to make frauds in the French VAT system.

A police investigation was conducted against him, so had to leave France. With me, he could legally get the French Residence Permit in his real name. But before this could happen, the police investigation against him was started. I also left with him to go to Pakistan.

I was his everything. I was his “little special world” - the source of his energy! The conventional morality will question, “How it’s possible that one lets his life-mate have sex with other people and still be a great lover?"

It’s a very complex question.

Perhaps when human awareness will reach some new era, we can have more clear answers. One day perhaps one can understand that possessiveness doesn’t necessarily have to be blended with GREAT LOVE!

The road towards a good life itself is life. I like to enjoy life and taste life.

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