My Sex Life in Paris

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Post scriptum:

I have been very active in the 1st phase full of “erotica” with a full swing. Later on, this all turned into a phase that gave me some different meaning of life.

Now I am standing in a “passage of transformation,” confronting the power of truth. What happened and how I reached into this passage of transformation? That’s another phase:

Rufi was engaged in making little artistic films and socially-conscious documentaries, while Sohail Amin’s business of renovation work was financially more rewarding. He appeared to me a more successful man than Rufi just indulgent in his dreams.

In order to force Rufi to give me the divorce, I used a BIG LIE. I filed for divorce in the court in Pakistan and declared that “Rufi had PROPOSED to me to participate in group sex, sex parties and exchanging partners in swingers’ clubs. Being from a traditional family background, I refused his proposal and left him.” At that time, I did not disclose the truth in the court about my active participation in all those wild sexual activities for more than ten years. To my surprise, Rufi did not say anything in the court about these sex-oriented accusations. He remained silent and did not even appear in the court.

He did not try to damage my position in the court by telling the other side of our sex story. I started living with Sohail Amin in Pakistan. But it was a big mistake of my life.

Now I m not with Sohail Amin, though he still has a control over me. Actually, now I am under the control of three men.

Being in a WEB under the control of three men Sohail Amin, Mian Sohail and Major Parvez, I believe that the ONLY way to come out of the IMPASSE is to take the support of the TRUTH. If the events of my sex life in Paris are exposed, and everything becomes open, then these men who are confined in their conservative thinking and restricted family systems will prefer to be far apart from me. They can not face and live with the truth of my life.

The lesson I learned in this passage of transformation is about the “power of truth”. Once I took the help of LIES to get rid of the man who loved me more anything in life. Today I need the TRUTH again to shine and come out of my dark impasse. For some time in my life I believed that everything was worthless except money and material assets. Now I believe in the “power of truth” that can pull the forces of nature to help you and beat the might of any dark elements in the world.

Rufi used to say, “Money or weapons are not power. They’re the creation of man. And a creation cannot be more powerful than the creator. Man with the power of thought, with the true desire, ultimately, will be more powerful.”

NO, I m not saying that if I can come out of this mess, I will go back to Rufi - or not go back to him.I don’t know. I am in a dark tunnel. But at the other end I can see some light.

# # #


was created from the rib of man

not from his head

to top him neither from his feet

to be walked upon.

She was made from his side

to be his equal: from beneath his arm

to be protected and to be loved.

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