My Sex Life in Paris

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SEX STORIES: My Sex Life in Paris… is a real-life story told by a woman who is originally from a traditional and restricted culture. She reveals about her cutting-edge sexual experiences that she had in the course of her relationships…

This story certainly reflects the “erotica” in human nature, and a woman’s self- consciousness about her “sexual essence” - her awakening as the “being” of sexuality. But it also examines the phenomenon of taboos and culture, inhibitions and desire associated with SEX. Sex is the formative element for human existence which is also the MAGNET that attracts expensive jewellery and all the luxury goods of the world.

Imagine a luxury Ferrari car or Lamborghini - the dream machines, a sign of the finer things in life. If somehow these luxury cars came to life, and had the feeling of a “living being,” would they think of themselves “being a pretty woman?” - a luxury that has to be taken care of, flattered, affordable only by those who could pay the high costs?

As it goes, “most of the luxury goods in the world are there because of women.” PERHAPS all the colors of the universe are due to the woman!


Sometimes some people’s actions have been set as a “medium” by the mother nature, so that through “their actions,” the other people can begin to think and realize that the eternal conflicts of money, power and sex should carry a different meaning in the new millennium.


In the sex scandals of Bill Clinton or Dominique Strauss Kahn (DSK), these people have been the “nature’s medium” to reveal nature’s higher teachings, in order to move people to have the “courage” to realize at least “in their silence” that the relations between man and woman including the “multiple relations” are just natural, if one prefers it that way. Using sex as a weapon against adversaries is the product of less-advanced life-forms.

Human beings are made up of sex, and we should not treat our basic formative element as taboo or weapon.

My Sex Life in Paris

Today I am living in Lahore Cant, Pakistan - but the lifestyle I had in Paris for more than ten years has been such a unique experience that probably no other Pakistani or Indian woman could ever imagine...

I and Rufi lived a very liberal life in Paris - well actually a liberal sex life. We participated in private sex parties and exclusive clubs where partners were openly exchanged. Both of us are well-recognized in all these places. If our photographs are shown there, everyone would recognize us immediately.

We introduced ourselves in these circles with our nicknames - Maria & Rufi… I have no intention to get into any debate on the morality of this subject - but just to reveal the story. I was married to Rufi in Hyderabad, Pakistan. Then we had the civil marriage in Paris Mayor’s Office in the 5th District. For the first four years, we did not have this experience.

In the fifth year, we went first time in one of these exclusive clubs. It was the Club 2 plus 2 at the angle of Rue Mouffetard in Paris 5th where we began our discovery. This was a club for couples only - for exchanging partners, where sex was the name of the game.

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