My Sex Life in Paris

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We entered the dim-lighted club. Here every woman was dressed up in sexy outfit, exposing through short skirts, minis, sleeveless tops - except me. I was wearing a white trouser with a full-covering brown shirt. But the shirt was tight. And my boobs are so big that they always look prominent. I could sense that most of the men in the club were looking at my boobs. This gave me a strange feeling.

I was fully aware that the shape and the size of my boobs attracted everyone’s attention. I realized that for this ambience, my dress was a little conservative. It was just a coincidence otherwise I was used to wearing almost all kinds of clothing. Looking at my dress, I joked with Rufi , “We look like the villagers here.” This was just the beginning, and as our first experience in this atmosphere.

We had no precise plans to participate - or not to participate with other couples. We were just the silent observers. The other couples had started kissing and caressing each other. Just beside us, there was a couple. The man had a soft face. The woman looked very elegant. In front of us, another couple sat - a Latin American woman probably Mexican or Brazilian with a French man. This Latin American was really very sexy. The couple beside us was also staring at her.

Rufi first touched my hips wrapped in the white trouser. Then his eyes started looking for some big-ass woman.

My hips are good-enough in size but they are not really too big. Rufi often said: “I’d like to hold your boobs, and have sex at the same time with some big-ass woman.”

Rufi invited the Brazilian woman for a dance. It was a slow dance.So Rufi was holding the woman tightly and moving his hands all over her ass. He had already raised the skirt of this dark brown looking woman. The woman showed no resistance or hesitation.

The couple sitting beside us looked at me. The man asked me something but I could not understand exactly, so I remained silent.

Rufi was still dancing with the Brazilian woman - his hands caressing the woman’s ass. After the dance, the Brazilian joined her partner.

I saw the couple next to us - the elegant woman and her companion approached the Brazilian woman and her partner. They started having a conversation - sipping their drinks. Slowly they were getting more frank and open… The man with the elegant woman had sat beside the Brazilian woman.

The tall dark brown sexy was now sitting between the two men - on one side her own partner, and on the other side the partner of the elegant woman. Her right hand was in the hands of one man, and the left hand was in the hands of the other man. Both men were playing with her hands softly. Then one of the men started kissing her - deep kissing. And the other man began grabbing and squeezing her boobs…

To me it was not only new but a shocking live-scene - and it was becoming more and more wild… The elegant woman was sitting on the floor just facing the Brazilian woman. She took out the dick of her partner from his trouser and put it in the hands of Brazilian woman. At the same time she started playing with the dick of the other man - the Brazilian’s partner.

Now I could see all this myself and understand the meaning of “club des echangistes” in Paris. Though I still did not know how far it would go?...

The elegant woman sitting on the floor, playing with the dick of the other partner was no more in any elegant mood. She had almost come out of her stylish dress. She was also moving her lips all over the legs and thighs of the Brazilian woman… Perhaps she was moving her tongue inside her vagina…

This made the Brazilian moan with pleasure and excitement. Now they all four were engaged in the act…

The elegant woman’s partner kissing the Brazilian woman and also squeezing and sucking her boobs, the Brazilian woman playing with his dick - and also squeezing the boobs of the other woman. The other woman was playing with the dick of Brazilian’s partner, and at the same time also busy in exciting the Brazilian woman with the movements of her mouth... Occasionally, they changed the style of sharing their pleasures…

I saw all around. Almost all the couples were engaged more or less in the same manners, sharing pleasure with other couples in front of each other - though any climax or the point of ultimate intercourse could not be seen yet.

There were also a very few couples who were not participating with the other couples. They were just having some good time with themselves - and watching the other couples. I went to the washroom, and while coming back to the main lounge, in the corridor, someone said hello to me politely, then grabbed my boobs and started squeezing them.

I had no idea as how to react in this atmosphere? He was slowly whispering to me, “Your boobs are the most beautiful and exciting thing tonight in this club. Let me play with them with my mouth - just for a few minutes, nothing more.” He was rubbing my boobs first softly, and then squeezing them hard.

He tried to open the buttons of my shirt and move his hands inside… But I said NO PLEASE, and he stopped. (One thing in all these clubs is that no one forces anyone for anything. Everything is conducted only with the full mutual consent. Do it, don’t do it, just watch from the distance OR participate with the full swing... It’s all up to you!) So he stopped grabbing and squeezing my boobs. Then he requested, in such a humble manner that I laughed, “Can I just have some kissing? At least I could see this again in my dreams. Please don’t say no. I have been very excited just by looking at your sexy boobs. So at least, just some kissing of your lips…” I agreed that he could do the kissing.

He put my lips into his mouth - and went into deep-kissing. He pressed my hand for a moment on his dick. It was really hard like a stone. The kissing lasted longer than expected. And it was more intense than I thought I would have permitted him. I came back to the main lounge. I did not tell Rufi anything about this quick encounter in the corridor.

Looking at all these sexy things going on between couples, Rufi was getting very excited. Some couples were going towards the basement lounge… Rufi took me towards the basement lounge. The basement lounge was divided into many small portions.

In the upper lounge, the couples were sharing sexual pleasure but without the final sexual act. Here in the basement lounge, each small portion had two or three couples who were having the full sex - the intercourse.

We saw a portion where just one couple was seen. We entered that portion. The other couple was in full sex-position. The woman was lying down on the large couch - her legs raised up in the air. The man was about to enter her from the front angle.

Rufi asked me to come into the horse-like position (doggy-style) - his favourite sex position. He just liked that position. He never put his dick into my ass. I took off my white trouser and bent forward with my hands on the couch. Now I had come into the horse-like position. (Rufi preferred to use the expression “horse-like position” instead of the general term “doggy-style position” .) I was also very excited, especially after the corridor adventure. Rufi’s dick had already gone hard. He pushed his dick inside me. He was fucking me from his favourite position. The other couple was also fully engaged in the act.

I never imagined that one day I could be a part of the scene like this… One couple was having sex just beside us. And we were having sex right there, though between ourselves, yet it was something wild. I could have stopped Rufi from having sex in front of the others, but I did not do so.

All this was a new discovery to me. I was in the horse-like position. And while Rufi was still fucking me, he grabbed my boobs from the backside, opened my shirt’s buttons and took out my boobs. Now my both boobs were naked, squeezed in Rufi’s hands… that I saw the man from the corridor standing at the corner of the room. With all the thrust in his eyes, he was staring at my naked boobs fully squeezed by Rufi.

I just turned my face backward and started kissing Rufi - looking at that man in the corner as to remind him the moments of our kissing-encounter in the corridor. He got the hint and smiled. Rufi continued moving his dick back and forth inside me.

He was also looking at the other couple beside us.

We had reached the climax. We slowly returned to the main lounge upstairs. Many couples were going to the basement lounge, and coming back

After a while, we took another round to the basement lounge. The small portion we entered this time had two more couples.

I came into the horse-like position (doggy-style). Rufi started fucking me again. We were having our 2nd round of sex.

The two other couples were also having sex just beside us. One of the women was in the doggy-style position just like me. The man was giving her jerky movements from the backside.

The other woman was on the top of her partner - as the man was lying down, and woman was climbing over him - moving up and down like a woman riding over the horse.

I saw that while Rufi was holding my hips, shaking back and forth, and squeezing my naked boobs, the both other men were constantly looking at me instead of their own women, but they did not make any suggestions to us for sex.

At the Club 2 plus 2, this time we did not have any sexual exchange with any other couple. But later we became very active not only in exclusive clubs but also in the private sex parties. We exchanged partners and participated in all kinds of sexual wilderness, though I was also a little choosy in deciding with whom to share the sex.

We never explored this activity among our friends and in social circles. This facet of our life was completely unknown to the people known to us personally. This was our “special world” away from the “everyday world”.

And with Rufi, I also frankly shared the stories of my sexual experiences with other men. For instance, I told him that:

With Antonio at our home or with Thierry in the Club Triangle, I was ejaculated twice. Or at the party at Jacques’ home, with that Black Cuban man - his dick was too hard… I’d like to have sex with Carlo just alone…

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