My Sex Life in Paris

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Almost on every 2nd or 3rd week-end, we went to some different “club des echangistes.” We frequented 2 plus 2, Triangle, La Cheminée, Chris & Manu. Later on we also began attending the private sex parties…

The best club was Chris & Manu on off Rue de Rivoli in Paris 4th. It was in this Club where first time I had the experience of having sex with other people. By now I had become bold-enough into mixing openly with the other couples, deep mouth-to-mouth kissing, getting my boobs squeezed, playing sexy with other men and sharing the pleasure - but so far I did not have the intercourse with any other person. I still had my hesitation. The Club Chris & Manu was exceptional in many ways. The crowd was upscale and very civilized. The decor was excellent. The front lounge had the dance floor with the best music. The inside space was for the “sex-in-action”.

There were four different sections set in four different styles with very comfortable furniture that inspired the imagination and gave comfort for the diversity in sex- positions… At the reception, we handed over our bags. “Guests’ names please?” the reception girl asked. “Maria and Rufi,” we gave her our nicknames. She noted down and gave us the entry cards.

Downstairs in the section with dance floor, some were dancing with the beats. On the seats around the dance floor, many couples were having some initial conversation with the other couples - getting acquainted a bit before moving into any hot action. Sometimes they were touching each other in a casual manner - as to feel the other’s reaction. I was in a short and tight black dress. I knew I was looking very sexy.

We spent some time around the dance floor. A man was staring at me with an intense interest. Then we stepped into the inside space and mixed with the wild ambience…

In the last section, the largest one - there was a very large couch/or many couches joined together, spread throughout the room from one corner to the other. They also looked like large-size beds. On these specially-made couches/beds, several couples were having sex with each other. During one intercourse, sometimes they mutually exchanged their partners.

The entire scene was instantly arousing.

Many other couples were standing - wall on their backside, facing these couples having sex on the couches in front. Looking at these couples in front of them, everyone was getting excited. The couples near the wall also started kissing, grabbing and squeezing each other. First, their hands were fondling only on their own partners.

But gradually they started extending to the other person’s partner standing next to them. The sex games of exchanging-partners were going hot, moving towards its different phases…

The room was jam-packed with sexy couples. I felt the hands of the man standing next to me. I looked at him. He was the same person whom I had seen at the dance floor where he was staring at me with intense interest. He was wearing a dark blue suit. I always referred to him as the man in the blue suit.

Now he was slipping his hands under my dress on my hips, and squeezing my boobs. He pressed me towards the wall. With one hand he caressed my hips, and with the other hand he pulled my big breasts out of my dress. Then he took one of my boobs into his mouth and started sucking.

Over his shoulders, I could see the couples lying on the couches in front having full sex. This also aroused me. But I did not think of having the intercourse, though I liked him. He turned me lightly, and now the wall was on my right-hand side. From the front side he was sucking both of my boobs.

On my backside there were other couples standing around… Someone from the backside of my hips moved his hand further and put his two fingers into my front - in my pussy.

He started moving his fingers fast - in and out…This really made me crazy. He made me half lie down on the beds/couch in front - then put his all four fingers inside me and moved in and out so fast that I almost reached towards my orgasm. He was a good-looking middle-age man. He brought his mouth in between my thighs - and started playing… A man’s tongue was playing inside my vagina. It gave me an intense pleasure. I never had that experience before. I thought it was not an intercourse, so I did not stop him. But then he held me tight and just penetrated his dick inside me. I had been actually so wildly aroused that I could not really stop him. His dick was inside me, moving to-and-fro with a speed. He was also giving me a few jerks sometimes. By now I had reached to my full orgasm.

Whatever happened was just unexpected. Actually, I and Rufi never had any intentions against my full participation in sexual acts. Neither of us had any objection if I or Rufi had sex with other people. It was just that I was not completely ready for this yet. The first time for anything is difficult. But now I had jumped into the wild boat with full swing, so what could stop this journey?

I saw the man in the blue suit again. He had been to the other portions and probably had the sex with someone else. But he told me that he did not have the occasion so far. He was passionately interested in me. He had seen me fucked by that good-looking middle-age man. And he had been waiting for me…

He took me into the full grip of his arms and started a full mouth-to-mouth kissing. Now I had no more hesitation. And I also liked him. I found him attractive. “So why can’t I have the full sex with him?” I thought. I responded to him with all my warmth. His hands wildly caressed almost every part of my body - legs, hips, thighs… He took my boobs in his mouth one by one and sucked them passionately. Facing me from the front, he again pressed me towards the wall - fully squeezing my big boobs. He pushed down his trouser and his dick was out, ready to move inside me.

I took his dick in my hands - and I still remember I said, “Hey, it’s very big…” I was in a standing-position with the wall on my backside. He slightly bent my front, lowered his legs a little, and came close in between my thighs. And then he pressed his dick upward inside me. “Ah... It’s very big...” I said again.

Now I could feel his big hard dick fully inside me. He began shaking his dick to-and-fro. He was fucking me vigorously… At the same time he was rubbing my boobs, sucking them. I started giving him mouth-to-mouth kissing. He held my hips with both of his hands, and from the front-side gave me the jerky movements... I was at the peak of a very intense pleasure. I had my orgasm twice. Both of us reached the climax. Even after that I was not in a mood to be released from his grip. I was still kissing him passionately.

I asked him to suck my boobs once again and bite my nipples a little bit. He did so… I always liked my nipples to be bitten. It gave me a tremendous pleasure.

“Listen, I will make one more round inside you,” he whispered to me.

“Yes, I will wait for you,” I responded. He moved towards the dance floor.

After he left, I was fucked by a very handsome man in another portion just next to the dance floor. I met him when I was strolling through the different portions of the club.

My man in the blue suit came back to me for our 2nd shot. This time he held me in the same standing-position holding my back towards the wall as before. When he pulled out my large boobs out of my dress - they emerged naked. And then I rubbed my naked boobs on his naked chest so passionately that made him a wild man. We fucked again with the full thrust. He sucked my boobs - biting my nipples more than last time.

That night I had sex four times with 3 different men - my first full-blown wild sex event.

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