My Sex Life in Paris

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The styles of dresses women including myself wear at these occasions have easy access for sex… Even without taking off all the clothes, any part of the woman’s body could be exposed - naked. Pull out the boobs from the top… Raise the skirt or long dress - and the legs and hips are fully exposed… Then just take off the little panty - and the dicks could move inside…

Usually I did not take off all my clothes but always exposed enough - more than enough. My huge boobs…When they emerged, naked, out of my dress, they attracted everyone.

It was in “Chris & Manu” when a woman in black dress with big breasts like mine came close to me. She pulled out her breasts and rubbed on my naked breasts.

I am not a lesbian but this was a rare moment when I had some kind of sexual contact with another woman. She continued for a few minutes… And then moved forward. Perhaps this was her favourite sexual fantasy. After a little while she came back and started again rubbing her boobs on my boobs. This time her boyfriend was also with her. He also grabbed this opportunity. He took me in his grip from my back and caressed all over my hips and thighs. Rufi also joined the play…

Now we two women were in the middle of these two men - both men holding us from the ass. Rufi’s hands were playing with this woman. Her boyfriend had raised my dress. And he was now rubbing his naked dick on my naked ass.

Then from this backside position, he bent me forward and pushed his dick inside me. No, it was not an ass-fucking. The backside position was just used for the penetration. Rufi had also penetrated his dick inside the other woman.

The entire scene was very much arousing for everyone around us. One woman rubbing her naked boobs on my naked sexy boobs… Two men were fucking us from the other sides.

It was also a common practice when some couple or group was having sex, the other men around them played sexy with the woman engaged in the act - squeezing her boobs, caressing her, putting their dicks in her hands and so on…

And when woman is stopped with one person - some other man might join the course… All four of us were having our sexy encounter… This woman had a big ass - Rufi’s favorite. He was fucking her in a wild manner. The woman’s boyfriend with his dick inside me was giving me jerky movements… At the same time I felt many other hands slipping on my exposed ass and legs.

Someone had also put his dick in my hand - and I was playing with it… I saw many women who were sucking men’s dicks in order to make them hard-enough for the sex. Most of the women never hesitated to suck men’s dicks. But I never took anyone’s dick in my mouth. Rufi had also told me not to do this.

“Your mouth and lips are for kissing. Don’t put any dicks in your mouth,” he had said. But I did not mind playing with the dicks in my hands.

Actually I liked very much holding men’s dicks in my hands and playing… And if some man sucked my vagina with his tongue, I just loved it though I never asked for that.

We came across an interesting couple Mariel & Christian. Mariel was very quick for sucking men’s dicks.

In Club Chris & Manu she was sucking the dicks of several persons - one by one… like she was distributing the mouth and dick pleasure. When Rufi approached her with his dick for her mouth - she said, “Right now, I’m busy,” looking at the group of men around her. “She is acting like a Sex Executive.” That was my instant comment. We did not have any exchange with Mariel & Christian that night. But we invited them to our home.

They came once to our apartment. She gave Rufi a warm mouth and dick pleasure. Rufi fucked Mariel on the bed bending her in the horse-like position (doggy-style). Christian fucked me on the floor-holding me in the doggy-style position.

Mariel came once again to our home with some other man. Rufi fucked her. But I did not let Mariel’s new friend fuck me.

He did not appeal me. I was also a little choosy for deciding with whom to share the sex. First, Rufi had sex with Mariel. Then he went to the washroom.

While Rufi was in the washroom, this man, after playing with my boobs just a little bit, started fucking Mariel. I was surprised to see that he was fucking Mariel in her ass.

It was the first time when I saw an ass-fucking with my own eyes. I went out of the room quickly and called Rufi to see this scene. We returned to the room - and watched this live scene of ass-fucking.

I was surprised to see how smoothly his dick was moving back and forth in Mariel’s ass. Rufi also asked him how could he penetrate easily into my ass, if he wanted to?, because usually it’s difficult to penetrate the ass.

He gave him a few suggestions like first he should fuck me in the pussy, make my pussy and his dick wet, and then penetrate my ass slowly and softly. Anyway, we never tried the ass-fucking.

We did not invite many people to our home for sex. It happened only a few times. During all those years, we had invited only 8 people to our home.

They included: Mariel/Christian, Thierry, Philippe, Eric, Antonio, one couple, one very tall man (whose names I can’t remember), and Patrick - a funny man who had left his cat in the car, and was worried for his cat’s food…

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