My Sex Life in Paris

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Club Triangle was near Opera, just close to metro Palais Royal and the Louvre Museum. We had sexual exchanges with a lot of people. It was a wild sexual life. Open, frank and no taboos… But usually no further relationships were developed among these people. They had sex together - in the clubs, in private sex parties… And that’s it. It remained there and only there. Any further relationship was a little exception. But the exceptions also happened.

I came across Thierry here in Triangle Club. He was very active in these circles. We developed a further relationship with Thierry. He came to our Apartment a few times. This was Thierry who introduced us in the circle of private sex parties.

In Triangle Club when I saw him first time, he was with a woman who was quite older than he. Perhaps he took her with him just for getting the entry into the club.

I was sitting in the inside lounge. The club owner Alain now knew us personally. Alain came and sat close to me. On my other side Carlo, an Italian man was with his girlfriend. Carlo was kissing his girlfriend and I was playing with his dick in my hands. Alain pulled out my breasts. He took my boobs one-by-one in his mouth and sucked them. Then he focused on just one of them - sucking and biting my nipples. Now I was playing with Alain and Carlos’s dicks in my hands.

And Alain and Carlo both were playing with my boobs - squeezing, sucking, biting... I always enjoyed a lot when my both boobs were sucked by two men at the same time. Alain and Carlo looked fascinated by my big and sexy boobs.

Whenever they squeezed or sucked my boobs a little harder, I enjoyed more. And in response, I gave their dicks a warmer caress. They were getting harder and harder. I thought that now both of them would fuck me. And this idea alone aroused me more... Then Alain had to go the bar for something regarding his club management.

Carlo & his girlfriend stepped towards the backside lounge for hot action. He asked me to join. But I saw Thierry who was inviting me for the dance. I moved with him to the dance floor.

Carlo, his girlfriend and Rufi stepped in the other lounge where more action was going on. Rufi’s hands were moving on the boobs and hips of Carlo’s girlfriend. Carlo’s girlfriend was a sexy woman. And Rufi was in a full mood to bang her. But he could not have sex with her because she was having her monthly menstruations. That night in Triangle Club Carlo also wanted to have sex with me. But I was taken aside by Thierry. I was very much attracted to Carlo. It was about Carlo that I had said to Rufi, “I’d like to have sex with him just alone - with no one else around.”

Carlo owned an Italian restaurant in Saint-Germaine-en-Laye - a Parisian suburb. Later on, we visited his restaurant twice.

So now I was on the dance floor tightly wrapped in Thierry's arms. His hands were under my dress over my naked ass. He was constantly kissing me. I still remember that at that moment it was his kissing that got me intensely aroused. Then he took me towards an inside lounge. Inside lounge had 3 large-size beds together. He made me take a lying-down position over the bed - my front facing him…

Having sex in the front-position was always my favourite. And I also liked when a man was lying-down and I took the climbing position over him like a woman riding the horse. These two sex positions gave me the intense pleasure.

Thierry opened my both legs apart, and lightly raised them in the air. He bent forward over me, pulled out my heavy breasts and sucked them one by one. He was also biting my nipples that moved me towards the peak of an intense pleasure. Then he put his dick inside me. He fucked me in a different style.

He moved back and forth first with a fast speed - then came to a slow speed. I was lying down on the bed. And he was making a combination of fast and slow movements… He put his both hands under my hips and raised me a little above the bed, and continued the combination of his fast and slow movements…

This made me completely lost in the ultimate joy. I was really enjoying these moments. My legs were already little raised up. Now they had moved around his shoulders. He gave me some jerky movements. I was at my climax. And... I had reached my orgasm - twice!

Carlo, his girlfriend and Rufi were in another corner. I joined them. Carlo was quick to hold me in his grip. He slipped his hands under my dress over my ass. Rufi’s hands were playing with Carlo’s girlfriend. I thought now Carlo would fuck me. But Thierry showed up and pulled me aside. Then he fucked me again. This time he was very wild. He gave me very heavy strokes - non-stop and so vigorously that I almost cried out,

This sexual encounter with Thierry was one of the most intense experiences of my sex life. I still remember it along with some other personal encounters that I had gone through. Thierry visited our home many times. And every time he came to our home I gave him a warm welcome, and then we fucked sharing an ultimate joy.

After our return from the trip to New York and Hollywood, he called us and came to see us. He looked at all the photographs that we took in America.

We had a passionate and wild sex again at our home. Then a few weeks later he invited us first time to a “private sex party."

And this was our way to JACQUES’ HOME, a tycoon of sex-party organizers in Paris.

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