My Sex Life in Paris

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Antonio invited us to come to the sex party organized by Doctor Diane at her home. It was a large 5 room luxury apartment on the 5th floor. It was her Residence in Paris 9th. Doctor Diane was a dentist. Her clinic was near the Eiffel Tower in Paris 16th. Her husband Doctor Pierre was a general doctor.

Antonio came with Jamila whom he met last time at Jacques’ party. The party quickly turned hot. Every room had the action going on.

In one room, a dark-looking Mauritian man was engaged in his hot action with Diane. He was having the intercourse lying at the top of her. At the same time he was doing a non-stop mouth to mouth kissing.

He was kissing her so passionately that his mouth was not leaving Diane’s lips. It was really an almost non-stop long kissing during the intercourse.

This was probably giving Diane some different sensations that was also apparent from her reactions...

Mauritian man’s girlfriend was in another corner. Rufi was playing sexy with her. A little while later I went to another room. I saw Antonio and Rufi. They both were having sex with Jamila. Antonio fucked her first, then Rufi also came ahead and fucked her. Later on, I had some good conversation with Jamila.

It was a very good discussion. She told me about her family, job, education, future plans. Antonio told us that he would come to our home sometime during the next week.

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