My Sex Life in Paris

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Soon after the sex party at Doctor Diane’s home, Antonio came to our home in Asnières area. Our apartment was large and very stylishly decorated. Rufi just loved to live in style. Many prominent people from Pakistan had come and stayed with us in that apartment including Javed Jabbar, his wife Shabnam and daughter Mehreen Jabbar… Javed Jabbar had been the Minister of Information & Broadcasting in the time of Benazir Bhutto, and then President Parvez Musharraf’s Advisor on National Affairs.

Those were our heydays...

It was during the time when Rufi had dubbed a Farsi-language Iranian film into English. This film “TANKERS WAR” was produced by National Iranian Oil Tankers Co. We received fifty eight thousand dollars for this. And we had just bought our Swedish Volvo. The amount of 58.000/- dollars was paid into Barclays Bank, Regent Street Branch in London in the name of our company Forum International that we had registered in the State of Delaware, U.S.A - only for this deal. I Saira Mir was a nominated Director of this company.

My sexual encounter with Antonio was the best among all the other sexual experiences that I had at our apartment. (Though with Thierry too, it had always been very sensual.) When Antonio came in, Rufi had not arrived yet. He was on his way back. He had just called me.

In the beginning Antonio was little hesitant. He was waiting for Rufi to join. But then he could not resist, and casually asked me to show him our apartment. I was showing him different rooms…He slowly wrapped me in his grip.

And then he started the kissing - very passionately… We had already stepped into bedroom. He slipped his hands under my dress, and caressed me gently all over…

We layed down on the bed - side by side. Deep mouth to mouth kissing was going on. I was almost fully exposed even with my dress on - skirt raised above the legs, shirt opened on top (the way I usually exposed myself during sex in the clubs & sex parties.) But Antonio took off ALL my clothes.

Now both of us were full naked lying down on the bed. He rubbed his naked body all over my naked body like two magnets attracting each other. This friction between our naked bodies made me more sensual. In response I rubbed my naked boobs on his naked chest so vigorously that both of us moved towards the peak of an intense pleasure.

His dick was getting the erection, like hard rock. He rubbed his hard dick on my naked ass and over my pussy. And then with one stroke he pushed his dick inside me.

Antonio was on the top of me - fucking me from the front position. I pulled his head down to my big boobs looking for a mouth-to-boobs pleasure. He started sucking my boobs and biting my nipples. After every few moments, he lightly took his dick out of my pussy just a little bit, and then pushed in back with a heavy stroke.

This was something new to me that gave me some different sensations. Later on, I told Rufi about the kind of strokes that Antonio gave me during our intercourse taking out his dick just a little bit, and then pushing in back with a heavy stroke.

“This rhythm of the movements by Antonio had given me my orgasm twice,” I told Rufi. When Rufi came back, we had already gone through our sexy match. And I told him about this passionate sexual encounter I just had with Antonio.

Antonio was still there looking at the photographic posters on the walls in our living room I was wearing a white shirt and white printed skirt. Rufi raised my skirt and bent me on the couch - and then fucked me in our living room. Antonio had no more sexual energy left so he could not join again.

But I had an idea that I had already discussed with Antonio. I and Antonio were interested in organizing a sex party in our apartment. For the next few weeks, I and Antonio tried together to contact different people for gathering them on a particular date. Once we even announced a date for the party. But we could not put together enough guests. So we gave up our program but we had made good efforts in this regard.

When we moved to a new apartment in Paris 20th near Gambetta, Antonio came there also just a few days before Rufi was preparing his trip to Hollywood for a few months to work and investigate on the project of a controversial film. This film project was based upon the true story of two CIA agents shot dead outside the CIA headquarters in Langley by a young Pakistani man Aimal Kansi.

When Rufi was in Hollywood, Antonio came again to this apartment. He spent the whole night with me. And we had sex three times during that night. Next day over the phone, I told Rufi about this adventure.

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