The moon goddess gift - The True Luna (book one)

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She was a girl who thought she was alone and human until the day of her 18th birthday. When rejected by the alphas son Jamie of the crescent moon pack, Payton doesn’t have a clue what’s going on and runs away with her brother Regan, she finds out who she is when her and her brother arrive in another pack. After finding her second chance mate Payton begins to feel happy again. Jamie falls into depression after what he did to Payton and regrets it everyday, his pack keeps getting attacked by rogues which causes the alpha to make him visit the neighbouring pack. After hearing they have a new powerful warrior he is happy to ask for help. When he gets there he sees Payton again Are the sparks still there ? Are they still mates ?? Can they work it out ?? What about her second chance mate ?? There’s a twist at every turn when it comes to Payton but just what will happen next, will she find love again and will she live happily ever after. Or will it all fall apart

Erotica / Fantasy
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In a small town in north America lived a young girl. she is '5.3' with long brown hair which, flows around her waist, brown eyes that have a hint of red in them, a pale complexion and a perfect hour glass body. Every girl wants to be her and every boy wants to be with her but, she doesn't really care for things like that. She lives in a four bedroom house that resides on top of a hill, that is surrounded by a beautiful forest. She used to live with her parents and her brother but they all moved on. The front of her home was covered in beautiful multi coloured flowers. The sun begins to rise and the birds begin to chirp, it sounds like a beautiful melody. "Payton, come on, hurry up !" Skylar shouts from downstairs as she enters the house. Payton was in her bedroom just finishing putting her eyeshadow on, when she heard a slam.

Payton's POV

"Jesus Skylar your going to take the door off its hinges." i shout as i turn my head to face her. Skylar stands at my bedroom door glaring at me. 'wow she's pissed' i thought to myself as i glance over at the time. i look back at Skylar, "What." i say to her shrugging my shoulders. "what, What, your going to make us late." Skylar screeches back at me. " come on Skylar its 8am, school doesn't start for another 45 minutes." i moan as i point at the clock on my nightstand. i watch how Skylar's glare turns into a little pout. "I know that Payton, but i left my bag in the gym yesterday after practice and i need to get it." Skylar says as she begins to look at the floor.

Me and Skylar have been best friends since we were 5. From the first day i met her I've felt this strong bond to her, not sure why but it feels like we are supposed to be around each other. So from then on we've been inseparable. We are now in high school and i am captain of he cheerleading team, Skylar is my second in command. When we first started cheerleading in our first year of high school, Skylar started to notice that my parents began to drift away. They would go on long trips where they were gone for months at a time.

So me and Skylar became a lot closer, i turned our guest room into her very own room as she stayed with me a lot anyway. Lately I've come to realise that Skylar is my life line if she wasn't in my life i wouldn't be here right now. " fine, I'm ready now anyway." i say letting out a little huff. Skylar begins to jump up and down with joy, "Great i will meet you at the car." She says as she turns on her heel and bounces out the door. I turn to face my full length mirror, smoothing down my cheerleading uniform that fits me perfectly. I give myself a quick smirk in the mirror, then turn to walk out my bedroom door. I walk down the stairs and into the living room grabbing my keys from the table as i exit the house.

After locking up i take a deep breath and look around. 'Todays going to be a good day' i think to myself. I run over to Skylar's car and hop into the passengers seat. "Ready." Skylar says giving me a grin. "Ready." i reply. Skylar starts the engines and speeds off. "Skylar, i want to be alive by the time we get to school." i scream at her. " Oh shush, we will be fine, anyway stop picking on my driving otherwise you can walk." she says and she scowls at me. i zip my mouth up jokingly as i see the grin come across her face. I turn to the window and begin to enjoy the journey, watching everything go by.

It doesn't take us long to get to school as i only live 10 minutes away. Skylar pulls into the carpark and parks her car next to the black land rover. We climb out the car and begin to walk up the steps to the school "I'm going to go to my locker and get my books if you need to go to the gym." i say as i give Skylar a smile. "sure, meet you in English." Skylar reply's. I give her a nod and turn to the left into the corridor. After walking past a few lockers i finally reach my locker. I open my locker using my code and begin to grab my books.

After i have grabbed the right books i shut my locker and lock it back up jumbling the combination. I begin to walk back through the hallway when i notice a familiar figure walking towards me. "Regan." i screamed. Giving me his best smile he waves. " hey sis how you doing ?" Thousands of questions begin to run through my mind. "what are you doing here ?" is all i could manage to ask. "Well its your birthday tomorrow kiddo, its not everyday a young girl turns 18." He answers back giving me a wider smile. "what about mom and dad ?" i ask a little quieter. His smile falls for a second when i ask that but he quickly recovers. "Last minute emergency at aunt Marissa's." He says. "Regan i haven't seen them in a year, what's going on ? they are never gone this long." i say as my voice begins to crack. I look at the floor, feeling tears prickle in my eyes. "I know, just don't get upset Payton, I'm going to organise a birthday party for you, leave it to me kiddo i will make your day special." he begins to ramble. I nod still feeling sad and a little numb that my parents wont be there.

Regan pulls me into a tight hug bringing me back to the present, he gives me comfort only a brother can. "Anyway no more sadness let me have a look at you, there not the only ones that haven't seen you in a year." he says as he pushes me away from him. I haven't seen him either, not since he graduated and joined the army. I used to get a few phone calls now and then when he first joined now its once a week. I take a step back and plaster my best fake smile across my face, this smile i have mastered no one can tell the real pain i feel inside. I begin to look at my brother, to me he looks exactly the same apart from he is now a lot taller and he is a lot more muscular. "Not so little anymore." i say giving him a grin. "I know right." Regan says smiling back at me. "Anyway i have to get to class, meet me after school in the gym, i have practice." I say beginning to take steps back. "Sure, i will pick you up, I'm going to go get some things ready for your party anyway." he says as he heads for the doors. "Great, see you later then." I say waving as I turn on my heel to run to class.

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