The beta’s mate (The moon goddess gift series)

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She’s the adopted daughter of the two most strongest packs in America, her Luna/mother gets pregnant and she begins to train with both betas of the pack. After training for the past two years Chloe has become one of the best female warriors. Her 18th birthday finally comes and she can finally meet her mate who she has longingly hoped for. What will happen when she finds out that not just one of the betas but both are her mates. Will she run and hide, will she choose to be with both or just one of them, or will she step up and be the beta female they both need.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Introducing myself

Chloe POV

For those of you who don’t know me. My name is Chloe Elizabeth Scott. I am a short, skinny person with long blonde hair and blue eyes, but the most awesome thing is I’m a werewolf. My werewolf is called Scarlett, she is a small brown wolf with white paws, it almost looks like she is wearing socks, which she hates. Anyway I’m the girl that has recently been adopted by the two alphas and the Luna of the two strongest packs in America, the blood moon pack and the crescent moon pack. The day that I met the Luna we we was ordered to attend training. Waking up at 5am I began to make my way over to the training grounds, as the sun began to rise over the horizon I finally arrived at the training grounds, a she-wolf decided she was going to get all mouthy as she started shouting to the others, ignoring her I moved to the front to get a better view of who would be training us.

A short she-wolf with long brown hair and brown eyes walks up, she begins to clear her throat grabbing my full attention. She looks over at the woman who is shouting. “and you are ?” She says to the woman as she begins to glare at her. “I’m this packs future Luna, the alpha is my mate.” She says smirking at the woman who has just spoke. She laughs aloud making the woman who claims to be our Luna scowl. “Really, is that so? And what is the name of our future Luna.” She says mockingly. “My name is Marissa.” She shouts. Which makes the other woman laugh. Marissa looks at her with disgust as she watches the woman laugh. “Who are you ?” She spits as she glares at her. “I’m glad you asked.” She says smirking. She takes her place at the front of the group and glances over at everyone. “I’m Payton lea Conner's, I am the Luna of the blood moon pack and there best warrior.” She says out loud for everyone to hear. I hear a few gasps as she continues. “I am also the future Luna to this pack and the rightful mate to your alpha.” She finishes. Everyone looks at her shocked as we all begin to cheer. “Finally we have a Luna.” A few people shout which makes her smile. “No your not the Luna to this pack, I am, Jamie is my mate not yours.” Marissa shouts causing Payton to laugh. Marissa begins to run towards Payton as She moves out the way. “Everyone pay attention.” She shouts gaining everyone’s attention as Marissa stumbles and falls to the floor.

Payton looks at her on the floor and smirks. “Marissa seems to think she is your Luna and Jamie is her mate. I know this not to be true.” She shouts as She pulls part of her top over her shoulder showing them Jamie’s mark. “I bare his mark.” She shouts for everyone to hear as I glare at Marissa. “If you’ve got a problem with that, fight me for it.” She shouts as she turns and looks at everyone. No one says anything, all they do is smile, that was until Marissa opened her mouth. “He’s mine.” She growls as she stands up. “No he is not but you can fight me for the rights of Luna and his mate.” She offers, smirking at her. Marissa laughs “gladly I'll rip your head from your shoulders.” She spits causing Payton to laugh. “To the death then.” She says smirking at Marissa. She nods and takes her position as Payton takes her. “Everyone watch and pay attention there will be questions after.” She says as She begins to glare at Marissa you can see the anger rolling off of Marissa in waves.

Marissa runs towards Payton lifting her arm to throw a punch. Payton steps to the right making her miss her shot as she stumbles and falls face first on the floor. I let out a little giggle as she gets back up and charges for her again this time Payton steps to the left and Marissa stumbles again. She gets angrier and angrier with each missed hit, she charges for Payton again and stops right in front of her, lifting her fist to punch Payton in the face. She moves her head to the right just as she’s about to make contact which causes Marissa to miss again. Payton nudges Marissa with her shoulders which causes her to move backwards a little.

Marissa begins to shake uncontrollably. She takes a few more steps back and we know instantly what she’s about to do. Marissa begins to shift ‘stupid girl.’ Scarlett smirks in my head. Her shabby brown wolf is now standing there instead of the pathetic girl that was there just a moments ago, she lunges forward at Payton, she catches her in mid air as She grabs a hold of Marissa's throat at arms length in front of her. She smiles as Marissa begins to try and claw Payton’s arm to let go of her throat. Payton begins to walk with her as She holds her in the air, She faces the rest of the us taking in all our faces as Marissa continues to scratch her. “Can anyone tell me what Marissa has done wrong.” She shouts out as she squeezes Marissa throat a bit more, earning a whimper from her. She smiles knowing that she can scratch all she likes She won’t let go, No one says anything, “fine.” She lets out a sigh, disappointed that no one knows. “Her attacks were sloppy and predictable and do you know why that is? “ She asks out loud for anyone to answer. Looking around I answer “Because she was angry.” I shyly answers her. She looks down at me a bit amazed that I knew the answer, after all none of the adults knew, She gives me a smile “that’s correct darling, how old are you ?” She asks. “I’m 16.” I say shyly. “Well darling your very smart, give me a minute and we will speak.” I nod at her happily. She moves back a little remembering that she is still holding onto Marissa neck.

She squeezes again making her whimper more as She face her. “Change back to your human form.” She commands in her Luna voice. Marissa has no choice but to obey as she changes back into her human form. She’s begins to cry. “Payton what are you doing.” The alpha son Jamie shouts as him and another alpha enter the training grounds. Payton and Marissa turn there heads to look at them, Payton refusing to let go. One of the other females steps forward and begin to speak. “Alpha, Marissa was shouting that she was the future Luna and your mate and when miss Conner's told us all and showed us all her Mark,” she took a deep breath “ she offered a fight for rights of Luna and your mate with miss Conner's, to the death.” She finished a little out of breath. The other alpha is now glaring at Marissa and so is Jamie. “Is that so? “ he says giving Marissa a deadly glare. It looked like she was hoping he would save her. “Not all bad though love, I turned it into a demonstration, didn’t want to waste the chance.” She says calmly as she gives him a wink. She looks back at Marissa and squeezes her throat a little to make her look at her instead of her mate, Marissa lets out a whine.

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