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Secret Games: The Art of Seduction(18+)

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"Detention for you, Miss Becker." He thunders and my lips curl into a sly smile. Lucifer Becker, a nineteen year old student, is known popularly for creating troubles. Writing on online platforms has interested her ever since she has been successful in discovering a good site. However things turn crispier when she gets an encounter with a real-life Dominant. Her love and devotion for her master has re-casted her into a bold fearless fire ball. It has also given her the fighting spirit to pursue modelling as her career against her father's wishes. However needing a job to be able to sustain her desire, she plans to open up her intention to her master, Sir Dominant once she gets the permission to visit him. Everything rests in Luci's favor until the determined globe of fire crashes with an unexpected and unimaginable iceberg moulded from such arrogance and bitterness that it become her worst nightmare. But undoubtedly, the collision of fire and ice holds the key to a new world of adventure, action, suspense and drama. Update Schedule: Every week on Sunday at 1:30 pm IST. © 2020 All right reserved by Kiwi McLean

Erotica / Romance
Kiwi McLean
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01~ Seducing Mister

I gently pull my companion into the darkness. My companion gives up resistance and hesitance with a sigh. His mesomorphic physique quivers as tension pumps through its veins at a high velocity on hearing the sound of a door being shut with a click.

“Baby, are you sure you want me to screw you in the basement of the campus?” Ben, my so-called current date, utters meekly.

“Yes, no one knows about this secret place so we are safe.” I reply him firmly, leaning my frame against the closed door.

A deep silence follows by. The burden of hesitation hangs in the air for longer than I could have imagined.

Willingly to break down the hovering silence intensely killing the mood, I curtly add, “We’ve been here before so I don’t understand why you need to reconsider my decision.”

He says nothing. My hands hurriedly find the pouch of cigarettes concealed in inner pocket of my jeans. I shoot an angry glance at the googling figure, and light up my cigarette.

He inhales deeply and looks around the basement. The basement is dank and the air is crammed with the smell of cigarettes, added with a special essence of sensual tension.

I am not addicted to smoking but this powerful tool, which can kill lives, comes to my rescue when I have to deal with excess stress or a bad day. It might seem weird but it helps me to keep my nerves composed!

Right now, Ben Alders is making me go nuts and filling me up with his illogical excuses.

“Yes, I agree. But wasn’t this hideout meant for only bunking purposes? I don’t think-” He pauses in the midway.

“I should have never considered dating a coward like you. You are not at all spontaneous.” I snap back.

“Luci, I have my reasons.”

I arch up my eyebrow, preparing myself to hear his stupidest excuses once again.

He mumbles, “I am on a warning. If I break one rule now, I will be expelled from this elite institution.”

“The only thing our principal cares is about sucking our money. Besides, what is the purpose of attending those worthless classes where the teacher himself lacks in the knowledge of the particular subject!” I exclaim with disgust, and wave my hand dismissively.

When it comes to patience, I have none. Terms and Conditions applied!

“You have every right to be mad at me.” Ben places his hand on both of my shoulders, and stares at me passionately. Lust is gleaming in his eyes.

“Of course I do when you use your illogical excuses. You have been dodging me for this entire week and throwing tons of fake excuses. Ben, you might think I am ignorant about all these matters but let me tell you, you are wrong. I count your every step and your excuses are piling up.”
I shove his hands and turn away from him.” Hurriedly, I place the rich benignant cigar in between my red lips. The smoke eddies coolly down my throat; I puff it out again in rings which rests in the air briefly for a moment and blabber angrily, “You are not the ONLY GOOD-LOOKING guy in this campus desperate to be in spotlight.”

I’m Lucifer Becker, 20 years old. I am known for being cold-hearted and popularly, called as the mean girl of the campus. Yet, possessing the character traits synonymous to the Ice Queen, guys wish to date me either for fame or one-night stand. When it comes to guys, I am picky as hell. A good heart matters to me more than a gorgeous face.

In my opinion, the concepts of marriage and love are boring and for the fools. Why on earth should I think of dedicating my entire life to a man and be tied to him forever! Love is bullshit. At the end of the day, you will get your heart broken, shed tears for the stranger and try to commit suicide for that worthless mistake you have committed in your life because you grew up watching cliche romantic movies.

The pipe once again comes in contact with my lips.

“You are my favourite girl Luci.”

“Fuck me right now, Ben.” I manage to vocalise my desire with the pipe being fixed in between my teeth.

He remains quite and stands there like a statue.

Folding my arms across my chest, I hang down the cigar in my and and put forth a suggestion. “Why don’t you prove your words and try to please me with your tongue and fingers.”
Winking at him, I drop the cigarette on the ground and trample the ember flame with my shoe in order to blow out the fire.

“You are the best man in bed I have ever known and I don’t want to lose this talented man.” Slowly my hands trace down his firmly lined chest, which is visible through his shirt.

I notice a light smirk on his lips, and I know, instantly, all he needs right now is a gentle push to get into action.

Seductively, I unbutton my blouse, and reveal a tiny portion of my cleavage. My lips curl into a sly smile.

“It is now or never.”

I rip off my white blouse and present my perky breasts into display for him. His gaze gets stuck on my blossoms wrapped around the red fabric.

He proceeds to unbuckle his belt and happily I squeak in, “Should I take this as yes?”

“I can’t help it. My girl is such a tease.” With a smirk, he hauls down his jeans.

I flash a grin at him as an indication for him to continue his task. It is not that hard to make a man fall for your words. All you need is to be the master of the art of seduction. No wonder, a fine pair of bosoms and butts is every man’s common weakness. It is an addiction for their eyes, more likely a disease to be aroused after witnessing such sights and there is no cure to it.

“It isn’t fair sweetheart when one of the player enters the field and the other one doesn’t.”

I tug down my denim jeans and the wear pools down on the floor. I have made an effort to match my red undies with my red coloured push up bra. Stepping out of the rolled clothes between my long toned smooth legs, I stand in front of him in full glory. I am taking pleasure in knowing the fact that not for a moment, he could focus on his task of stripping with my voluptuous body in show.

“You need a helping hand?” I utter teasingly while playing with my brown curls.

Soon, his shirt accompanies the messy pile of scattered and unorganised clothes laying on the concrete.

“Get on the floor on your knees.”

I nod, and drop onto my knees on the concrete ground. I grab hold of the waist of his briefs and tug down hard. His erect cock springs out from his underwear and I gasp. I trace the tip of my finger along the length of his shaft, admiring the magnificent size. Drool is spilling out my mouth. I have always loved this path of oral domination.

He becomes speechless once my tongue curls around his stiff member. I wrap it around his girth and slide it along the shaft, enjoying the tickle of thick veins rolling against the flat of my tongue. He throws his head back and leads out a soft moan in the air.

A man finding pleasure in me always sounds heavenly!

A thick drop of saliva drools my mouth and dribbles down to his ball sac. I lap at the neck of his cock and swirl around the head. Then I sit up slightly to get my mouth over it, being careful to protect him from my teeth. I seal my lips around his cock and start sucking. I push down hard, slipping my wet lips along his cock and thrusting it deep into the back of my throat.

“Awww Luci, you have been always good with blowjobs.”

He yanks my hair hard enough to make me wince, but I ignore the pain and focus on getting the whole of his cock down. I choke and slurp and suck on his shaft, gulping it down as best I can. My eyes begin to water as the depths of my throat close around his cock and my airway is being blocked.

He announces in his hoarse voice, “Yeaaa I am close baby.”

This is the alarm for me to put a halt to my activity. I let his cock out of my mouth with a pop sound.

Another golden quality of mine is that I never allow any man to shoot his load inside my throat. I fucking hate it and he is aware of my ideology.

“Stand up.” He groans in frustration and pushes my body against the old cupboard, pinning my hands above my head.

“You are turning into a very naughty girl.”

His warm breath over my face arouses me as he speaks.

“Am I?” The innocence in my voice is very much clear.

I spot a twinkle in his eyes but he leaves my question unattended.

He kisses me passionately as his hands travel at my back to unhook my bra. He takes it off completely and takes a minute to stare at the beauty of the heightened arousal. A moan escapes when I feel his warm mouth wrap around my left nipple. Gently biting, pulling, and sucking so vigorously that my juices start to slip past my lips down to my ass. He knows that my nipples are very sensitive.

He switches to the other nipple while pulling, pinching, and twisting the one he just left.

“You are gonna regret this so much baby.” He whispers in my ear as he slides his finger into my snatch, pressing the heel of his hand onto my bud, causing me to lift up my hips and loud moan.

A long bang on the door interrupts our actions. Both of us look at each other with horrid expressions.

My eyes widen, and my jaw literally hits the floor. My insides are boiling with fire and am ready to kill the person behind the door for committing this intentional or unintentional (I don’t care) sin without having any second thought. “Who is this?”

“I have no idea. No one knows about this secret base except our friends.”

“Maybe it is one of them.” I retort.

“Are they here to inform us that we are gonna be in trouble soon?” I sense his perturbation and rushing with words. He continues to blabber without showing any indication to stop. “I don’t remember we had a test early in the morning. Should we open the door?”

Frustrated with the entire commotion, my anger rupture on him like a volcano, and I yell. “Quieten down.” But more likely the words come out as a whisper.

“What if it does not turn out the way as we think? Maybe, he or she isn’t our life saviour but a devil disguised as a friend bringing troubles for us.” I suggest with a smile.

The sound of another loud bang fills the air sending chills down my spine.
Hastily, I slip my bra followed by my pair of expensive jeans. I wrap his shirt around my thin frame.

“What are you going to do?”

“The person might be one of our classmates. If he is a guy, I can manage it well.” I wink at him, and he is aware the exact intention behind the words.

I say to him in an assuring tone, “Don’t worry, we are not gonna be in trouble. May I know what is the time?”

He peers down at his watch and answers me back softly. “9:15 a.m.”

“That means our lecture isn’t over. We have a lot of a time in our hand. I can assure you it is one of our classmates.”

“My question is what if it is a ‘she’?”

“Good for you, we can have a good threesome.” I answer him casually and let out a titter.

“You gotta be kidding.”

“Nope Baby. You can go and hide somewhere. I will show you how to play and manage such situations like a real woman.”

He obeys me and hides himself behind an old furniture. He has chosen a place from where he can keep an eye on my movements.

I slowly make my way to the door and unlock the door.

A tall masculine figure is standing in front of me. I am not wearing my heels right now so I appear tiny ahead of his huge frame. But who cares of physical appearance? I’m mentally sounded, unlike him, and know privacy should never be violated.

I glance up at him.

Right who cares of physical appearance?


He has the kind of face which will or can stop you in the tracks. His skin is slightly tanned but doesn’t fail compliment his grey eyes. Holy Moses!!! He has the exact same hypnotizing eyes which I have always dreamt of. My eyes, with much difficult find themselves drifting to other part of his face. His face appears stronger with a pointed chin and chiseled jawline.

All his features look miraculously defined and materializes as if they have been beautifully moulded from granite in the bright light of the corridor. He’s muscular, with an almost perfectly symmetrical face.

Holy Hell, I am breathless, but if I am how the heck I am still alive? I can guarantee he is not a familiar guy from my class. Maybe he is a new student. It will be super fun. The real kind of fun which I was missing for days. He is a fish worthy to catch!

“May I know your name?” His voice is harsh and indicates dominance. He reminds me of the world wide sensational fictional character Christian Grey.

“Lucifer Becker.” I bite my lip to hide my excitement and suggest an alternative politely, “You can call me Luci.”

He thunders, “Whatever it is! What the devil are you doing here?”

“But Mister, you should be the one apologising for interrupting our important business.”

“Did you just dodge my question?”

“You bet.”

He stares at me with fury. Shrugging my shoulders, I answer him, “We were planning a mission here.”

He guffaws, and apting for a clarification, he cocks up his brow.
“With the buttons of your shirt opened? May I get the information of this mission?”

“Sorry but that is not happening unless- ” I pause and stare at his face with a smirk.

Instead of showing any interest, he rolls his eyes, as if I am boring him with my talks.

“You are new here, aren’t you?”

Of course he is. Every guy in the campus, unlike this big hot-headed guy standing in front of me and portraying his arrogance, knows me very well, and doesn’t dare to behave disrespectfully with me.

Ignoring my question, he directs another query of his at me. “Don’t you have a class to attend?”

“Usshhh!!! No one is interested to attend the lectures of that old monkey professor. Besides, I bet you wanna join us.” I direct a wink at him to which he shoots a furious glare at me.

“How do you know Miss?”

“Ah, I see formalities.”

“My job requires me to be formal.”

“I’ll lodge a complaint about this activity to the principal.” He confirms with confidence as high as the peak of Mount Everest.

I slither away the white shirt from my body. “Let’s get a bit informal.”

All I receive in response to one of the most brilliant offers is a dish of cold silence.

Pushing my chest forward, I enquire him seductively, “See anything you like?”

He crosses his arms around his chest and fixes his gaze at my face.

“What kind of a guy are you who isn’t interested in a good body show?” I sigh with disgust.

“Perhaps, I am not that kind of a man who is hiding behind the old furniture.”

I spin around my head, and notice Ben’s blonde hair is visible from behind the furniture.

This Ben Alders is a pathetic and worthless guy.

I pivot my head at the stranger and clenching my fingers into fists, I say meekly, “Will you SERIOUSLY complain about us?”

“Give me a reason not to.”

“I will give you anything you want.”

He sneers at my response, as if my words hold dishonesty in them.

“Look, I meant my words.”

“It is not a film that I have the opportunity to negotiate the terms with you sensually and then fuck you. That is what you want, right? ”

“Are you a mind reader?”

“Let’s say I know how brats like you are.”

His piercing gaze intimates me but I am too stubborn to admit it.

“Now that is a condescending tone. Are you trying to say you are experienced when you are a student yourself? It is hilarious.” I attempt to plaster a fake smile in order to show him the fact that his presence doesn’t bother me.

“You can say so. I have been at this stage of my life before.”

Irritated by his behaviour, I feel nauseated and answer him back almost immediately with utmost repugnance. “Are you twisted for God’s sake? Neither you are the president of student council nor the authority. You are just like one of us here.”

Our encounter has imprinted a bad impression of him in my mind. I put forth another statement in a ridiculing tone. “I believe you didn’t release off the pressure for a while. Let me help you.” A mischievous grin on my face overtakes my face.

“May I know your name, gentleman?”

“Calvin Stone.”

“So Calvin, how do you like it? Rough or slow?”

“Well, Miss Becker I love making pupils cry.”

“Impressive. I am a screamer.”

“That is not what I meant. You are about to cry for real; not in pleasure but in embarrassment.”

What!? Undoubtedly, he is twisted and crazy.

“Do you think it was a good idea to skip classes and then seduce your professor?”

“I am not interested into that Monkey King.”

He narrows his eyes and takes out a card from his pocket.

“Wanna have a look?”

“Nope, I am not interested just like you are not CONCERNED about my great offers. It is simple. I will let touch me if you don’t spill out a word about us outside.”

He let out an evil laughter and confirms firmly. “I am Calvin Stone, your new professor.”


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