Secret Games: The Art of Seduction(18+)

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10~ Beneficial Punishments

Rough fingers gently whispering anticipation, tickling my soul with denial, metamorphosing this delay into wild images, mercilessly squeezing out fluid from my body, pushing me to a state of intoxication with a promise of little recovery from this crazy drive. My mouth slows utters out, “Oh Master!” The train of naughty images sprinting across my train, along with a visionary of his long rough fingers fondling my skin, transport me to a world of fairy tales. Master and me scribbling the next Fifty Shades. It would be a perfect date night full of passion.

His true identity will be disclosed...I’ll visit his house...he’ll conduct a real bdsm session with me, subjecting me under the influence of pain and pleasure which I’ve longing ever since I acquired knowledge of his dominant interests. Nothing can go wrong here, right?

I have been blissfully floating on the nine clouds of happiness unless my adobe appears in front of my eyesight. Most certainly, the definition of ‘adobe’ is a place filled with happiness and tranquility, which goes synonymous with ‘home’. A person always looks forward to step in their nests, but considering the situation Mr. Stone has immersed me into after an unannounced divulgement of his loyalty and honesty layer by layer, I regret the idea of accepting the differences between a house and a home.

Walking back to this land has a strong correlation with the fact of my unemployability status. But it doesn’t guarantee my father’s words are ultimate. He, rightfully and lawfully, doesn’t have the right to force his dreams upon me, in fact no individual has. I will ensure the fact that my life doesn’t need get caged. Like a born-free individual, I, too have inherited the right to live a life on my term. All I need is financial independence, which claims my urgency to find a job.

Being a doctor is not my dream. It never was! My dream is to grow up as a successful super model.

My father’s words bangs against my ears, throwing me into a pit with bleeding ears. It was unbelievable that he threatened me to cancel my admission in modelling school, and Mr. Stone’s indirectly added his will in this. This miraculously fake actor with the name of Calvin Stone is a scandal to the entire race of teacher!

I solemnly swear to crash anyone, regardless of his or her relationship status with me, who decides to clash with me or my dreams. Mr. Stone is my arch enemy. And William Becker, though my biological father, is in opposition party. Life’s not a road with rainbows and unicorns, now is it? Never did I ever imagine in my wildest nightmares to take extreme measures against my own life-giver for the sake of protecting my interests and dreams.

You need a job woman...a job to fulfill your needs and wants, do you understand?

Dependency is the lowest form of self esteem. If you are bound in chains, and restricted to make any movement, incapable to take part in the decision making process where your whole career is engaged to, how on earth will you taste the sweet freedom?

Undoubtedly, my father is a man of his words. I’ve known him for years, and I’m confident he will wreak vengeance for the unwanted humiliation endured by him, all because of my politeness. If he says he will cancel my admission in the modelling academy, he will take the step no matter of what emotions or level of depression I undergo. Hence, there exists a very low possibility of making modifications to this statement. Mr. Calvin Stone will be my new tutor, and I can guarantee no modifications in the field of class timings will be proposed from my father’s side. Rather he will make efforts to start my tutoring session by today itself, therefore least caring about my desire to go out to practise my passion.

Anyway now that the two men have concluded their proclamation, it is my turn to roll the dice.

My mind has already woven a brilliant plan. The waiting period of approximately six hours is sufficient for shaping my plan with newly crafted tools out of my wit, creating back-up pathways, and polishing the ideas to the uppermost layer of perfection before execution.

However, my interest should not be exhibited to my dad to avoid the arousal of suspicion. Willingly or unwillingly, I have to extend my hand forward and pretend to offer him coordination.

My lips twitch into a playful smile. Mr. Stone can be the perfect role model if it means steering a person in a path of hypocrisy.

Little can I hope that my admission will not be cancelled, but when it comes to my father there is no assurance. Nevertheless getting rid of this bastard Stone is a major segment of my plan. After witnessing the consequences I’m self-assertive my legal guardian will reward me by grounding me for a complete year.

My plan would have been effortless if Mr. Bastard was my puppet. Well, he is smart enough...snooping our conversation, filtering out my dislikes, and offering beneficial punishments based on them. Home tutoring is as much as barbarous Nazi treatment itself.

Emotionless Jerk he is! I remind myself. Yet I can be relieved knowing that the main authority rests with Principal, and there’s no possible way rules and regulations can be twisted.

The wave of relaxation spreading throughout my system gets leashed as the worst thought of century strikes me. “Don’t be soft on her. Punish her when necessary. Hellfire. Those were the exact words blurted out by my father. THE FREAKING CONSENT TO HIM TO INFLECT ANY FORM OF PUNISHMENT UPON MY POOR SOUL. Holy Hell! I am fond of pain. I enjoy being subjected to acts which inflict a mixture of pain and pleasure, but Mr. Stone hardly prefers the latter.

He makes a brilliant examples of a sadist. Him inflicting pain on me...and as an aftercare fondling me. My heart catches a glimpse of an erotic image running across my mind, and to my surprise makes my heart pound hard.

I shake myself violently. No no- he is a wrongdoer. Certainly as a student I should never try to intermix Mr. Stone with pleasure.

Lately I have been watching too much of adult videos for which my mind often travels around the blissful adventures of submission. I am greedily standing on the horizon where the pain submerges into a form of pleasure from deep within. That doesn’t mean I’m one of those students inclining their heads involuntarily to exchange services of any kind with grades. The only person I fancy or will ever fancy is my Master, the anonymous master with the username Sir_Dominant which glorified his dominance.

I should focus strictly on the preparations on executing my plan. A little melodrama is about to come up. Outstanding acting is what can keep my head above the water.

My rumination comes to a cease thinking of the answers I may have to provide once my dad arrives home. I gulp. Like a tortoise with my head held high, I plod inside the domain of constraint and subjugation.

A heavy sigh escapes my lips as I move a few inches after slamming the door behind me, and deposit my exhausted body on the couch.

My half dozing senses get awaked by a sudden ringing of my cell. A voice call.

“Master!!” I squeak immediately after my eyes read the caller Id. All my prostration evanesces.

I swipe over the answering mode and in a jump sit upright with a ram rod spine.

“Hello Master!” I greet him energetically.

“Greetings aside. L, answer me initially whether you want us to meet in person?” A body numbing voice reverberates around the hall room.

I answer meekly not understanding the reason which made him doubt my disagreement. “Of course I do, Master.”



He informs me coolly, “Then I must amuse it was an act of disrespect.”

Disrespect? What’s talking about? Curious to lend my ear in the whole ordeal, I ask him innocently, “Did I displease you in anyway Master?”

“You don’t say!” I hear him inhaling sharply. Then an earsplitting declaration quakes the foundation of this house. “YES MISS BECKER. IF THIS HAPPENS AGAIN, JUST KNOW YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR BRINGING YOUR WORST DAY CLOSER.”

My body freezes on spot, and the butterflies dancing tango in my stomach get replaced by a horrible funk. I want to speak yet my glaciated larynx doesn’t show symbols to produce a single noise.

“You viewed my messages, read them, and then ignored.” His infuriation turns deadly as he begins speaking with the same tone as of Mr. Stone. “Why?”

Damnation! Me and my irresponsible ass.

“Speak Lucifer,” he barks.

“I..I-” I slur, unaware what to say.

“Yes you did it. I want to know why.”

“No!” I exclaim.

“Pardon?” A bewildered tone comes out of the speaker of my phone.

“Not me.” I repeat, emphasising on the reason. “My phone was snatched away by my boss.”

I would have simply asked for a nice apology but taking into consideration my recent establishment of fibs, I better not if I don’t want him to turn into a vampire.

“By all means?”

An unknown thrill of fear causes an effect of goosebumps on my body. Overcoming it I pledge, “Yes Master. I’d never lie to you.”

Though our entire relationship is standing on a fib, you, Master, don’t have to know my real profession or age.

I resume speaking. “Even it wasn’t me who read your messages in first place. I was actually clueless until you mentioned it.”


I furrow thinking what why? Before I have the opportunity to question back, he elaborates. “Why was your phone with Isabella?”

“Who Isabella?”

“What do you mean? Don’t play games, L. She’s your head librarian if I ain’t wrong.”

“Oh Bella!” I clap my hands, sweats dripping my forehead. I better not forget my identification and creation of fictional names in front of him. If it wasn’t for his bio clearing stating the terms and conditions of his dating rules, I would have never known his interests in women, and not girls. I still now remember the first term “UNDER 21 NOT ALLOWED” written in caps on his account.

“Yes whatever.” His dismissals makes me feel so lucky to have him as my master. Thanks to my curiosity of stalking!

I recall quickly...assistant librarian at school, age twenty-six, my head Isabella, pursuing modelling as my career. Wait the last part isn’t a false statement.

“L? You still there?”

Every time he calls me L, my stomach twists and growls wanting to make love to him. I feel so warmed up each time he uses his nickname specially designed for me. At times even a feeling of guilt rushes through me for fooling him. He’s a such a gentleman with an anonymous name. Sweet Lord why does love know no boundaries?

I lie smoothly, continuing my game, “Actually Master we’ve been habituated with calling her with so many nicknames that I couldn’t distinguish her name at first place.”

“REASON!” He exclaims forcefully.

With a jolt the consequences of what might happen if the truth pops out dissolves in dust particles. I chuckle nervously, half-embarrassed while telling, “I was caught at library watching..”

He interrupts me, “Your boss? Are you bi?” A gasp can be heard from the other side of phone.

My eyes widen as he tease me. I hurriedly confirm boldly, “Of course not! I meant watching adult videos in my phone.”

“Acceptable...” He exhales the breath he has been holding slowly. I couldn’t help but chuckle and smirk simultaneously. Soon he goes on to mention curtly, “No that’s very bad, L.”

“Sure Sure.” I ridicule.

“You better prepare a first-aid box, L, when I visit you.” His cold voice is sharper than a pointed knife. “DON’T. QUESTION. MY. CAPABILITIES.”

The unexpected warning earns a round of giggles. He can make a good replica of Mr. I’ll Freeze You To Death at times, but not the exact replication.

“Sure I’ll wait for you at my place with a big first-aid box for you too since you will be like a rock.”

“Me?” He speaks with such an essence of immaculateness that I feel a sudden desire to pat his head like one does with a small boy nodding to the agreement that babies are produced by the Almighty.

“Your hand I mean to say Master red after all the spanking.” I titter, almost wanting to roll on ground.

He grinds his teeth in between his clenched jaws, growls, “L, don’t make me want to double your punishment.”

“Yes we’ll see my Lord.” I burst out laughing so hard that I don’t notice my phone automatically gliding in the air with its imaginary wings. Strange isn’t it but it’s rather stranger that me being the owner don’t realise the unseen capabilities of my phone.

“What’s so hilarious young lady?”

“You don’t ask..” I manage to utter out some words in between my laughter.

“Your cell will remain with me.” The speaker informs me tempestuously.

I scrunch nose and draw my brows closers with a puzzled expression. I try to solve a difficult puzzle of how my Master’s voice and father’s voice sound so much similar. It’s even more complicated than maths. Another suspicious matter is how come Isabella from my fictional world emerged out in reality.

“Get to you room, Lucifer. Mr. Stone shall visit you today in evening for tutoring.”

My face whirls in the direction of this speaking only to discover it to be as him. My father.

My set of eyes like dinner plates and a half-opened mouth utters softly, flabbergasted, “Dad...”

“I don’t need more arguments.” My extraordinary cell phone with undiscovered unknown capability of flying finds its placed locked in his pocket. “You” He points at me with an outstretched finger. “You are grounded. You have lost the company of your mobile. You will be tutored by Mr. Calvin Stone, an very eligible teacher and a perfect cure for your bratty behaviour. Furthermore, your admission has been cancelled.”

“Isn’t the list very long?” I don’t know exactly how the words have escaped my mouth to point out the truth, but it did. And from his glowering eyes and blowing out stream from his nose, it’s evident timing to delivery this critic was very bad.

“Don’t make me take any more steps, Lucifer Becker. You better apologize to your teacher when he comes to tutor you today for your unannounced, unforgivable, rude departure. Do you understand, young lady?”

I, certainly, can’t allow the flames of fury and agony engulf me. If I do, it will affect my overall plan. Crafty replies with honey dripping sarcasm will have to be eliminated for the timing. It is necessary for me to convince my father to attend some outdoor affairs tonight, probably the reception party for which letters of invitation has been piling in our letter box. Meanwhile, I can take this opportunity behind his back to conduct my own secret online affairs, rather offline affairs now.

Pretend to cooperate Luci. If not for yourself, at least for your Master. Act good and be polite.

“Do you have a problem in understanding English, Young lady?”

“Dad..” I bring my head down as I speak, “I feel bad how I humiliated Mr. Stone. I don’t know what got inside me that I reacted like a mad woman and walked off from there.” I cease speaking to draw in some breath. Slowly my head rises up as I meet the eyes of my father. “I disappointed you, didn’t I? I had a talk with this person and she was trying to uplift my mood. But I just guess it won’t happen if you don’t forgive me, dad.”

Father takes a few steps towards me, his eyes gleaming with emotions. Wow I can be a good actor in near future. His lips gaping and closing, but refusing to form any words.

“Forgive me father. I’m a very bad daughter.” I bow down my head respectfully.

“Take this.” My eyes fall on my cell. “Remember I won’t reduce anymore punishment from the list.”

I don’t know you, dad, you need a reason to stop my modelling.

Focus Luci Focus. Stay Positive. You’ll be rewarded tonight but with punishments.

The tiny voice in my head squeals making me wander the hidden source of immense positivity in my system.

I thank my father heartless, but to him it seems very emotional.

“You know how much I love modelling...”

“No!” He wails out. Successfully interjected my emotional blackmail.

I vehemently protest, not willing to let my dreams fade. “Dad, I’ve my dreams which I want to fulfill.”

“Please no need to fulfill them. Your dream of being pregnant at such an early age seems illogical to me.”

Unbelievable as it is, but that is exactly what he said. I blink at him dumbfounded. He might have secretly tiptoed in my room and sneaked in my secret dairy. Still I don’t remember being so high that I will scribble pure trash and waste my ink and dairy pages in penning down desires which I will never have.

My quietness may be comprehended in a wrong way so with a disgusted face, I exclaim, “DADDD! I’m a virgin!”

“You better not say anything.” The sentence hangs in the air as he plods towards his room, leaving me doubted how my father had acquired the knowledge of my virginity status.

How? How? My question in demand gets answered by a dotted outlined face before my visionary: MR. STONE!! He’s inconceivable.


My dearest sunflowers,

I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far and also the various sides of this Stone faced man. My deepest apologies for my slight delaying of few minutes to post this chapter.

Please be warned since the next few chapters may be highly for matured audience.


Miss Lean


1.) Fifty Shades:- Refers to the world sensational novel, Fifty Shades of Grey series by E.L. James.

2.) BDSM:- Includes various aspects of the sexual world which includes role playing, bondage and various other activities. You better surf the net for this.

3.) Wrongdoer:- A dishonest man.

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