Secret Games: The Art of Seduction(18+)

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02~ Prof. Calvin

My throat becomes slack as the words bang against my ears.

“A-Are you kidding me?”

His face is stern, and he doens’t feel the need to answer my question.

“Mr. Orgy Stone is my father.”

Double trouble!

“I have my id-card as a proof. Miss Becker, do you need to have a look at it?”

“I am sorry Mr. Stone.”

“You have the guts to insult my father, and later try in seducing your professor. Do provide me a good for reason to forgive you.”

I shift my weight from my one foot to another, and look down at the floor.

“The buttons are still opened.”

I follow his trail of gaze, and discover it be rooted on my cleavage. Embarassment gushes down through my every cells of the body. How on earth could I get so silly! My cheeks glow in the heat which is generating between us. I draw the shirt closer to my body, and cover my modesty. I look up at his face and flash him a smile nervously.

“I believe this shirt isn’t yours, is it?”

I shake my head.

“TELL ME LUCIFER BECKER WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH YOU?” He focuses on every word, and stretches with intensity.

“It’s my request to you not to take this matter to our Principal.”

“I didn’t ask for your opinion.”

“But Mr. Stone I am not the only student who is bunking the lecture.”

“Your boyfriend has fled already, who is included in this crime as well.”

I spring up in fear, and spinning back my head a little, I check out from the corner of my eyes behind the furniture. HE IS GONE!!!

He must have exited using the back door of the basement. Jerk!

Anger and anxiety take me over. The light breeze blows, and brings out the strands of hair upon my face. I stay quiet, expecting him to forgive me.

“You can get expelled, and I will make sure I take firm measures against this.” He yells at me.

He has the power to intimidate people. His cold voice has some real powers. Not knowingly what to say after the claustrotrophe I have caused, I choose silence as my reponse.

“You might think I don’t have the guts to take this matter to the authority but I will prove you wrong right away.”

His words creates a great tremor in me. I realise the fact that his words were no joke when he turns around, ready to leave inorder to prove his words.

“Please don’t.” My voice cracks up. Tears wells from deep inside and courses down my cheeks steadily.

“Are you shedding crocodile tears?”

“I-I am sorry. I really am.”

Moans escape my lips through the suppressed sound of hiccups as I beg him for forgiveness.

“Are you?” His lifeless eyes scan me thoroughly.

I nod my head in agreement, keeping my gaze fix on the ground.

“Stop crying. My intention was to make you realise your mistake.”

I make my best innocent puppy eyes, and stare at him. “Please don’t report this to the Principal. I don’t want my parents to know what I do behind the teachers.”

“This basement isn’t a place to make love. Do you understand the mistake you have committed?”

I shake my head side to side in disagreement. Then, I vocalise my opinion. “We didn’t, Mr Stone.”

“Very well Miss Becker. Can you explain who was moaning behind the closed door?” He taps his foot impatiently on the ground, waiting to hear my response.

“It was oral -”

He interrupts me, and leans closer to speak in a hushed tone. “I don’t need details. Whatever it was, you two skipped my lecture and planned to get physical in the basement. I don’t like this behaviour.”

Watching me squirm under his penetrative gaze satisfies him. He takes a step backwards.

“My dad has been diagnosed with pneumonia and is admitted in the hospital. I am here to fill his position in his absence. I will not digest any insult or shade thrown towards my father.”

“I apologize Mr. Stone. I thought you were a new student since you look a little young.”

His eyes whirls faster than a high-speed roller coaster. My talks have been boring him for him so long that he did not decide to follow the simple decorum of listening to me.

“I had to mark you absent for the last two weeks. Be in the class in 5.” He thunders for the last time before walking away. However, his cold words were still registered in my mind.

I have never been intimidated by any man before. Calvin fucking Stone is so different from his father. He is arrogant and hardly shows any emotions. I am wondering is he an alien. His voice is so dominating. He must be a control freak.

I wipe away my fake tears and stomp my feet angrily.

“I hate you Ben Alders. You left me in the time of trouble.” My voice echoes around the empty basement.

I rip off his shirt from my body.

“How did Mr. Stone know about this hideout?”

My words, again, resonates and reaches back my ears. I stand there like a fool.

I wrap the blouse around my body and straighten my hair.

I step out of the old basement with no feeling of regret and make my way to the classroom.

I knock on the door and ask my question decently, “May I come in, Sir?”

His cold voice reverberates and reaches my ears.

I push the big door and immediately his eyes interlocks with mine for a brief moment.

“We are glad you could join us and now I would request you to take a seat at the first bench and attend the class.”

I hear giggles and chuckles filling up the air. My eyes dazzle up with fire. I have been in different kinds of troubles before, after all, I am the popular mean girl here. However certainly, never in my life I have been put in such an embarassing situation.

“Sure man.”

He cocks up his eyebrow after the words escape my mouth all of a sudden.

“That was a slip of tongue. I mean sure Sir.”

He slams down the book on the desk and gestures to the seat in front of him. My eyes fall on the student, who is actually my for foe and opponent. I notice a smirk across her lip and instantly the idea strikes my mind.

That bitch must have provided the new teacher with the information.

“Miss Becker we are waiting.”

I apologise and saunter to my seat. All the eyes are on me and the rage inside me is growing from the humiliation.

The class begins.

“So students, we have wasted much time on this matter. Let’s make this clear if you don’t want to attend the lectures, do let me know so that I can pass on the information to your Principal. Understood students? ”

All shouts out ‘YES’ in chorus.

Why do I feel his words were directed to me?

“For those who had been skipping classes for the last two weeks, I am Calvin Stone; I am 33. I am a temp here and will be your guide for the last semester.”

Last time, I considered it to be a mere assumption but this time I can assure myself and say it with confidence that Mr. Stone’s every words were meant for me.

Ahem I am only 20 but I look older than my age. Look at him on the other he a vampire?

“Any questions?”

“How can there be if you start to intimidate your students?”

No one answers. I murmur under my breath.

“Miss Becker?”

I glance up to meet his sparkling eyes and smile.

“Lucifer Becker I have none.”

“So as everything is settled, we will start.”

“Can any student explain me the basic animal cell structure?”

I hear discussions going on all around as he shoots his question. Students are turning the pages of their books to look for the answer. After a minute or so my opponent, Amanda Gloria raises her hand up to answer.

“Sir May I?”

“Sure, Miss Gloria. Go ahead and enlighten us with your knowledge.”

Everyone stares at her as she chirpily answers the question. I notice a part the hardcover of our medical book falling out from underneath his desk.

She is reading out the answer from the book but Mr. Stone doesn’t seem to mind.

Is he not noticing that Amanda has the book hidden under her desk?

“Sir I am sorry to interrupt but Amanda is reading out the answer from the book.”

“Is this response coming from the lady who is unaware of the lesson going on in the class?”

“No sir, the response is from a lady who is finding a smarter way to put her bad cramps to a halt. No Periods, no cramps, you see.”

The class burst into laughter. I hear the girls sitting behind my back are mocking about me. My eyes swell up with tears for real this time and I have a hard time in controlling my emotions. Mr. Stone doesn’t defend me and knowing the fact that my enemy is calling me a whore indirectly is killing my insides.

I huff and bite my tongue to hold my fury.

After a long exhausting day, finally I drive back home and hit to the bed straight without having any second thought.

Hours glides by. The alarm clock rings and produces excess nosie which awakes me. I peer at the clock in my sleep.

“Damn! It’s 6.”

Today evening is very special. I am about to do a face-time with my virtual master. I have tried kinks by myself but I want someone to show me the right path to pleasure. After a lot of research, I came across this dating site where I met a sweet guy who is actually a Dom and shares similar interests as I do. I pull on my best lingerie and use the lightest amount of makeup to keep it all natural yet glowy. Sitting with the laptop on my bed, I wear my huge smile and fix my webcam.

“I am all set now.” I giggle, but the out of excitement building in my belly is too much to take in.

I click on the video call icon and wait for him to pick up the call.

I check my reaction on the screen to ensure whether my nervousness was creating an impact on my face.

Soon, the call connects, and the picture of his room room flashes on my screen.

Where is he?

“Hello Doll.”

“Master you promised me to show your face.”

He walks infront of the camera but he has a mask covering his mask. I am disappointed because I had been waiting for this day where he reveals himself for so long. Even when we’re chatting, I was the only one to send him my nude pictures whereas he had decided to keep his identification anonymous. I trusted him but now I question my confidence in believing strangers.

“Master please.”

“I love what you are wearing, doll.”

“Thank you.”

“I will reveal myself in three.”

As the count down begins, the excitement inside me grows. A pool of moisture forms in between my legs. I have drawn so many beautiful pictures of him in my head. I wonder how it will go.

My eyes are glued to the screen as the countdown finishes and he proceeds forward to unwrap his mask.

My eyes widen as he reveals his face.


I gulp.


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