Secret Games: The Art of Seduction(18+)

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04~ Unlucky Morning

“Please reply!!”

I begin to chew down nails in anticipation. I have already disappointed him a few times before and the consequences were very much painful. Previously, he had threatened to dissolve the virtual interaction if I disobey him even for once.

The ticking of the clock indicates the coursing of every minute. Everything appears motionless except the clock.

“I am the most perfect replica of an annoying brat.” Cursing myself, I flip open my diary pages to recall the incidents of my master’s displeasure.

10th February, 2019

Meeting Sir Dominant is like a dream come true. He is the most effective person who can help me with my books. Though his user name sounds synonymous to the BDSM world, he is, perhaps, not a dom. How can a sweet person like him take pleasure in punishing women! Almost every user I have interacted with in this site has wild fantasies and wants to be a part of the BDSM world. Apparently, no one has turned out to be a real Dom. This is a site to bring together users who share the belief that BDSM isn’t a form of abuse. Obviously, it wasn’t a dating site where you can register yourself to find the most perfect dom for you.

However, today my ideology has been proved wrong. Sir Dominant, who prefers to keep his name anonymous suggested me to write down my experience. I was clueless, and questioned him what he meant by the term ′experience‘. He simplified it for me, and explained to me that readers are more attracted towards books which portray the first experience of the journey to the BDSM world. Timidly, I typed the question in the exact same way “I am not into the BDSM world but can you enlighten me by sharing your experiences?” My mind was preoccupied with the question of whether he was a dominant. Submission wasn’t his cup of tea, and maybe, that is why he had his username registered as ’Sir Dominant’.

The response received from him was more than enough to satisfy my heart. On the other hand, it aroused me and burdened me with the wildest fantasy. Raunchy thoughts filled my head as I released off the pressure imagining his huge thick cock injecting white fluid inside me body.

The question which turned my world upside down. It isn’t a scene of his discontentment. Rather, it rings the bell of how my journey has begun.

My heart sinks down whenever the most horrible thought of him boycotting his little girl thunders through my mind. A chill runs down my spine in fear, and make my heartache terribly for this mysterious guy, who had promised to reveal his face tonight.

The chance has been perished now. No hopes up and my thumbs, they are already downside.

I stare at my screen and refresh the page. But there is still no response from his side.

“Seems like he is very much frustrated on me.” I sigh deeply and shut down my laptop. “The only way I can get this out of my mind is by following the simplest path of Netflix and Chill.”

My dad is out in America for business matters so I am here alone. I have compelled my father with my whining to dismiss my nanny. Literally, not a soul is here and I am in charge of myself and the house. This is the best feeling in the world.

“I can throw a party here but I am not in the mood today.” With a sad face, I dial up the pizza guy and place an order for three regular Pepperoni Pizza and a coke.

“Make it two,” I correct myself.

The guy, after pinning down the orders hangs up the call with a final acknowledgment. The pizza palace isn’t far away from my house so I know the delivery boy will be here any minute. I search for my shorts in my messy cupboard and put them on. After all, I need to look organized in decent clothes for my huge party tonight!

In no time, my orders arrives. I thank the guy and handing him the cash, I shut the door.

I sniffled the heavy aroma of freshly baked pizza.

My subsconsciousness squeaks in, “I can’t wait to dig in.”

The night glides by in a blur in between pizza and Netflix. No book can beat The Kissing Booth!

Next morning, I wake up to the patter of raindrops. My eyes take a good amount of time in adjusting to the bright surrounding. Rubbing the remainders of sleep from my eyes, I sit upright, and peer at the mess I have created last night. Boxes of pizza resting on top of one another with their lids opened is serving as the main attraction of the round glass table.

Alongside, the vacant coke can is rolling and accelerating side to side with the wind direction, instead of being dumped in the trash. Lumps on pizza toppings scattered on the marble floor are adding to the glory of mess.

“Beautiful way to start a new day!” Ridiculing the situation, I rise up from the couch, which was apparently my bed last night and hunch my shoulders sideways. My rear seems like a tangle of aching knots, making me yelp in pain every time I bend my body forward. With a sigh, I give in and slump down on the comfy bed of high standards with a cry.

“Ouch! My back!!!!!! How can I attend classes in university with my sore back?” I shut my eyes, and try to think the complicated implications which can revolve around my day’s absence, and the slightest possibly of getting expelled. “Nope, it isn’t the best time to take risks.”

Mr. Stone is a disaster bearing the closest resemblance to a burning ball of fire. I let out a little giggle as a horrible thought strikes my mind. How can his wife cope up with Mr. Angry Bird?

Shaking off all the silly musings, I begin to clean the smut, depositing all the trashes in the bin, and take a minute to catch my breath. I walk into my room to take a shower and that is when, my laptop comes into my vision.

The events of last night fill my brain and I feel for disappointing him. Quickly, I flip open my laptop and logging into the site, I check whether he had left any replies for me. A little did I expect to receive a text back, but there is nothing.

The eye symbol which signals that the message has been viewed by the opposite party isn’t there as well. The worst, I cannot see his profile picture.

He is ignoring me! But did he block me?

The alarm in my cell rings up at the usual time. The only difference is today I am earlier than my alarm is. I dismiss it and head for a quick shower.

After ten minutes, I step outside with a towel wrapped around my body. Drops of water is dripping down on the carpet and moistening it. With my the force of my two hands, I flung open the door of my wardrobe.

“Jeans and a tee top is the best outfit for a rainy day,” I say casually.

Luckily, I manage to find my faded blue denim jeans from the stacks of my organized clothes, for which I should be grateful to my nanny. Tucking it out, I slip my slim long legs into it pull up around my waist. Drawing up the chain, my hands trails down my firm buttocks. I loosen my towel, and it puddles around my feet. I doll myself with a matching white tee top with the bold label ‘Girl Power’.

I don’t care to catch a glimpse of my reflection because I know I look badass and can rock any outfit. I grab my rainbow colored umbrella, and set for my university.

The distance between my university and house is comparatively, quite less than my best friend’s. As a result of this advantage, I don’t have to depend on anyone to take me to my elite University, and can walk down the distance on my own. Taking the initiative, I unfurl my umbrella and begin walking and heading my way to the University.

The walk is a short one but by the time, I approach my destination, my hair is damp, and so is tee top. Nevertheless, ignoring my plight, I head to the medical building and climb down the stairs in order to reach my classroom.

Not many students have arrived yet. Maybe, I am a little early. But Mr. Stone is sitting at his chair with a stern face and perhaps, grading the answer scripts.

I tread inside the classroom. The same classroom where the students were making fun of me is literally vacant.

Wow, I never expected to be so punctual.

Mr. Calvin is so busy in his study that he does not bother to notice my presence.

Pretending to clear my throat, I say in a subdued tone, “Good morning Mr. Stone.” I greet him with a smile. He seems a little startled after my response but he looks up at me and in a minute, successfully manages to compose himself down. After catching a quick glimpse of my face, again he sinks down back to the piles of papers.

I mumbled, “Look at this ill-mannered jerk!”

Irritated by his behavior, I decide it is best for me to leave. I stroll to my seat in the last bench of the class. Dumping my bag on the floor, I position myself on the wooden chair.

I check my mobile phone and it flashes the time 7:45. Class is about to start in fifteen minutes but literally, no one is here. Moreover, I am stuck here with Mr. Angry Bird. This is definitely a bad way to start the day.

I stare at the ceilings, the freshly-painted walls, the colorful charts, the backboard, the bulbs and fans. Where else can I focus when there is no student. At least, it is a better option than staring at my teacher, who might develop a wrong idea with my way of intense staring if he catches me.

But my eyes fall on the tall figure sitting at the center of the room. His face is demonstrating annoyance and his eyes are moving along the letters of the sentences or words. He snatches away his red pen from the stand in dissatisfaction, and raises up his hand, ready to strike off the answer.

Then and there, my foe, Amanda Gloria makes her appearance.

“Hello Sir!” Her honey coated words disrupt his action.

Unlike in my case, Mr. Stone returns the answer with a grin. “Good morning Miss Gloria. I hope you are doing well.”

“Yes sir I am. Thank you for checking.” She smiles back.

I turn away my face in bewilderment. Am I a special one to except a special ruthless kind of behavior from my teacher? He should be treating everyone equally.

From the corner of my eyes, I glance at him. He is looking at my direction with cold and dark eyes, sending me chill and death vibes.

Soon, all the students enter and fill up the seats. I notice Ben Alders amongst the crowd. I bend down my head, with a hope to avoid him. He heads at my direction but unexpectedly, another dude comes by and enquires whether he can sit beside me. Not having any second thought, I answer him with a nod. He settles down beside me. Ben kicks his leg in air in disappointment and settles beside my beloved friend, Amanda.

After witnessing the little chit-chat with the teacher, my head is ready to burst out with anger.

As soon as the class bell rings, Mr. Stone stands up from his chair and clears his throat to gain everyone’s attention. “Good morning students. I hope everyone has completed the assigned tasks.”

“What task?” I utter in a whisper.

The guy sitting beside my side replies in a hushed tone. “Some diagrams and question answers were asked to be solved in A4 size sheet and today is the submission date.”

“Oh I see.”

“Collect all the assignments from the students, Miss Gloria.” Mr. Stone orders.

“Yes sir.” The enslaved teacher’s pet stands up on her, and bends a little forward to show her immense respect for elders.

“Arrange them roll no wise meanwhile I’ll take the morning attendance.” He states in a firm tone assigning a new task for his assistant, and takes his seat on the chair.

“It would be my pleasure.”

I roll my eyes. But what about me? I am gonna be in trouble.

Calvin Stone adds a threat in a thundering voice. “Anyone who has failed to complete their work will be rewarded a punishment. But I expect there is none!”

Is this a threat for me?

Amanda starts her collection. I squirm in my seat in horror with terror running inside my brain. Gulping down the load which has been formed in my mouth, I begin investing time in preparing my mind mentally, and await for my punishment.


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