Secret Games: The Art of Seduction(18+)

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Seducing Mister (Mr. Calvin Stone's POV)

The sound of my boots stomping on the floor repeats itself in a consistent reverberation. But this distracting sound can hardly divert my cogitation on an interesting female noble personality.

What was this hellion adolescent’s name? Oh yeah, some Baker perhaps!

Undoubtedly my duty is to deliver lectures in classroom, inculcate the knowledge of wisdom in students, instill the moral values and disciplines within them, create a deep terror in them so that they are well acquainted with their boundaries, and lastly help them to grow as civilized beings. Though the last part mainly depends on a student (whether he or she wishes to grow as a well mannered person or a wicked witch).

But is truly it my responsibility to hunt for irresponsible brats bunking my class? The Principal, certainly, will not pay me for this!

In this hour of the day I would have been in my classroom pleasantly terrifying students with loads of homework. To make matters more interesting, I would have chosen a close deadline, and ignored their whims. The painful expressions which gets printed on their faces is precious than any exquisited priceless jewel. This is the beauty of being a teacher! A ruthless teacher, to be more accurate, which somehow complements my ice-cold character. As for a good companion to my nature, I have a heart colder than a stone, and it goes well with my last name: Mr. Stone.

Think less of your charms and stay focused on your mission! You’re here to grab hold of that sneaking youngster. She...she...

The little voice speaking in my head did not pluck up the courage to continue, unlike her. The thought of being insulted by a lady nudged my ego. I, Calvin Stone, don’t favour prodding agents daring to question my knowledge or authority in any place of the earth.

This noble lady, with immense courage in her guts, has dared to indirectly call my classes meritless by refusing to appear for my lectures even for once! If she would have been on a leave throughout the week, matters would have been different. Well however according to my source, she was spotted attending all her other lectures for the past seven days; only biology was an expectation.

One week!

The two words fuels up my system. With determination of exterminating this illicit business, I start my way down the stairs located at the end of the hall.

For one week she has been bunking my lectures under the misapprehension that her assigned teacher (my father, Olga Stone) is nonchalant on this aforementioned subject.

Does this XYZ named lady thinks she will get away from me? I am not a man to tolerate misbehavior; let alone being care-free. If I am to be follow the same policy of leniency like my father, these ill-mannered teenagers will never learn. Such specimens of rascals are ignorant to the amount of money spend after them. They overlook the sacrifices. The miseries that their parents undergo to subject them under a good educational institution. The worth of sweat drops, tears and blood is equivalent to the fart of an ant. Ungrateful creatures they are!

I charge forward for another flight of stairs with a mind full of evil lessons.

The best part is this brat decided to have a companion for herself. She has chosen to leave for the adventure with a friend of hers belonging from the opposite gender. But it was fair enough since the guy wasn’t a nincompoop to not attend any of my classes.

My indurated nerves relax a bit, only a little. The stairs come to an end, and I find myself being located in the ground floor of the building. My destination, the basement, is not far away.

All the credits goes to Miss Gloria for her honestly. She can fullfill the quote of a teacher’s pet very sincerely. I am pleased to have her chosen for this position until someone better pops for with more qualifications for this post.

Keeping in mind a mission yet to be accomplished, I hasten my feet for the door on the extreme corner of the corridor.

However the more I approach closer to my destination, the deeper whiplashes I acquire. The relaxation fades away from my body.

She isn’t alone. One basement. One girl. One body. A dark bunker.

These unusual factors gives access to the production of a scandalous image before my visionary. An explicit image which involves losing one’s virtues before the holy celebration of binding matrimonial relationships between two parties.

Good Lord! They can’t possibly...oh no no...The ridiculous image stands infront of my eyes stubbornly, refusing to get dissolved.

They are kids of this generation.

The voice beaming in up mind for a long time confirms. The same kids, who think drugs and alcohol are cool at this age, can very enthusiastic take part in illegal amorous Congress before marriage.

“This system can’t continue like this. I’ll teach them very a good lesson that will restrict them from daydreaming of each other’s reproductive organs. Duh!”

Those weavings of worst fears take a firm establishment section when a soft ladylike moan erupted out of pure pleasure travel through the vacant corridor, and bang against my ear drum.

XYZ here I’m coming to put a half to your disrespectful activities. You are a disgrace to the student race!

My long strides consume the distance faster than a racing car. The millisecond I land outside the door, I thump against the hardwood. In the air filled with silence, the noise recoils back to my ears. However my ears fail to collect any human movements.

I am confident I am in the correct place. I point towards the door, and mumble coldly, “Source of illegal business. Miss Gloria provided me with correct and most accurate directions.”

Once again I knock on the door. This time I employ all the forces mustered in my veins to produce an earth-shaking threat against the surface. My level of impatience to meet this noble lady is getting a proper display in the beautiful music I am creating against the door. I don’t wait any further, and raise my knuckles to hammer again.

Unexpectedly the door unlocks. Not completely though. It only unlatches enough to form a narrow slit, revealing a pair of hazel eyes peeking outside. Instead of lowering her head she lifted it, a stony glare carved into her dark eyes. Fury blurred her sight but she tightened her jaw and glared at him.

Taking in the view of the disturbing agent, her rage filled eyes soften a small fraction, and she push the wooden frame wide open.

In view appears a voluptuous ladylike figure resting herself against the doorframe. Her protuded chin has been crafted in the same way as mine. Though my represent stubborn willpower, I am uncertain of the symbolism of her biological structure. She is taller, but not taller enough to offer a strong competition to my 6 feet 7 inches stature. Well it is hard to categorise her underthe group of well bred females with a white coloured unbuttoned shirt disclosing all her feminine lumps and bumps. The arousal of suspicion has been dissolved in the end hour after my worst fears have been brought into life.

“May I know your name?” I hear my harsh voice, stating my dominant nature, utter out furiously.

“Lucifer Becker.” The moron bites her lip suggesting an alternative politely, “You can call me Luci.”

You bunk my classes. You insult me. And then you politely ask me to call you by nicknames. Am I a joke to you Miss?

The word ‘insult’ keeps on ringing inside my head. Unable to control my emotion I thunder, “Whatever it is! What the devil are you doing here?”

“But Mister, you should be the one apologising for interrupting our important business.”

It is crystal clear by her comeback that she has not recognised my authority. But what about my thunderous earth-shaking voice? Didn’t it create a tremor in her?

I enquire her suspiciously with my tone ten times more earth shattering than before, “Did you just dodge my question?”

She flinches at the acidity of my vent, and hurriedly straightens her physique.

“You bet.” This time she has sounded a little meek, thus proving the fact that my high rated quality to create petrification truly operates smoothly.

I stare at her with ferocity of a merciless Satan hoping she apologises the next instant. The effect my drilling gaze produce bring happiness in my heart.

Shrugging her shoulders, she answers with dripping mockery, “We were planning a mission here.”

I guffaw, and cock up my brow and apting for a clarification. “With the buttons of your shirt opened? May I get the information of this mission?”

“Sorry but that is not happening unless- ” she pauses allowing the sentence to trail off mysteriously. I notice a smirk followed by a sultry gaze directed at me.

Instead of showing any interest my eyes whirl around with speed of a rollercoaster.

She crunches her nose to emphasize her disgust after scanning me thoroughly. “You are new here, aren’t you?”

You don’t know me yet, do you young lady?

She is so innocent and clueless regarding my true identity. As much as I wish to spread out the card on deck, and bring back some senses to her, I simply have to resist the temptation. She is a good entertainer. Missing this opportunity to enjoy free entertainment would make me regret in later half of life.

“Don’t you have a class to attend?” I interrogate.

“Usshhh!!! No one is interested to attend the lectures of that old monkey professor. Besides, I bet you wanna join us.” She directs another wink at him to which I shoot a furious glare at her.

Old monkey professor, huh? Young lady be grateful my father has been a respectful person. But surely you’ve earned yourself a good spanking session.

I clench my fists, and in between my teeth grinding somehow the words manage to escape my throat. “How do you know Miss?”

“Ah, I see formalities.”

“My job requires me to be formal.”

“I’ll lodge a complain about this activity to the principal.” I confirm confidently.

The fearless mammal, in response, slithers the white shirt dangling from her shoulders a little further till it seems to come to a point where it might drop from my body. “Let’s get a bit informal.” She suggests enthusiastically ignoring my threat.

To a brilliant body show performance, ever staged before me, I gift her my most expensive dish of cold body freezing deadly silence.

Somehow the little girl misunderstands my silence as a signal of interest. Pushing her chest forward, she enquires me seductively, “See anything you like?”

I cross my arms around my chest and fix her with a life threatening glare.

“What kind of a guy are you who isn’t interested in a good body show?” She sighs with revulsion.

“Perhaps, I am not that kind of a man who is hiding behind the old furniture.” I point at the figure utilising an old furniture as his armour. He is the Ben Alders guy if I am not mistaken.

The harlot spins back in the direction of my pointed finger. She notices the blonde strands of her inamorato, and pronounces an indelicate expletive curse. Such a beautiful outburst of profanity can only suit her tongue.

She faces me with a stern expression painted on her face. “Will you SERIOUSLY complian about us?”

“Give me a reason not to.”

“I will give you anything you want. Let’s make a deal.”

She is, most certainly, not a woman to surrender. Not even shudder or freeze under my gaze. Running away from me is perhaps out of my thinking kingdom. Probably her protruding chin refers to stubbornness. But the girl has intermixed the boundaries of a dream and a real world.

I hear myself lightly led out a chuckle.

“Look, I meant my words,” she confirms anxiously. My threat has penetrated its roots in her system.

“It is not a film that I have the opportunity to negotiate the terms with you sensually and then screw you. That is what you want, right? ”

She blinks at me rapidly looking puzzled. Later her lips crave into a simper.

“Are you a mind reader?”

“Let’s say I know how brats like you are.”

Her body winces under my penetrative gaze, but she manages to maintain a good eye contact with me. Fear has been buried under many layers in those coins of blue, but they are refusing to showcase it.

“Now that is a condescending tone. Are you trying to say you are experienced when you are a student yourself? It is hilarious.” She attempts to plaster a fake smile in order to show me the fact that my presence doesn’t bother me.

I will terrify you to such an extent that you will be forced to lower your gaze. I promise to teach you the best lesson of your life.

Changing the mantra of my life, and swearing solemnly to make her regret crossing path with me, I add: “You can say so. I have been at this stage of my life before.”

“Are you twisted for God’s sake? Neither you are the president of student council nor the authority. You are just like one of us here.”

Icy cold pin drop silence where the fast pace of her breathing is audible.

The girl chatters pleasantly, not daring to analyse her boundaries. “I believe you didn’t release off the pressure for a while. Let me help you.”

“May I know your name, gentleman?” She lays emphasis on the last word of the sentence unnecessarily, just so as to shower me with disrespect.

I say casually, “Calvin Stone.”

“So Calvin, how do you like it? Rough or slow?” A mischievous grin on my face overtakes my face.

“Well, Miss Becker I love making pupils cry.”

She smirks, “Impressive. I am a screamer.”

“That is not what I meant. You are about to cry for real; not in pleasure but in embarassment.”

Undoubtedly, she is twisted and a real moron to not understand my identity till now.

“Do you think it was a good idea to skip classes and then seduce your professor so as to add more sins in sins.?”

“I am not interested into that Monkey King.” She waves her hand dismissively.

I narrow my eyes, and take out a card from his pocket as a proof.

“Want to have a look?”

She glances at the card for once, and quickly the next second her gaze averts to another direction. “Nope, I am not interested just like you are not CONCERNED about my great offers. It is simple. I will let touch me if you don’t spill out a word about us outside.”

I let out an evil laughter and confirm firmly. “I am Calvin Stone, your new professor.”


Hey guys, I uploaded the POV of Mr Calvin Stone as a bonus chapter. More chapters coming right away!


1.) Harlot: A term used for women, who is known to get in many relationships or sexual encounters.

2.) Inamorato: A male sweetheart or lover.

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