T.R.G Chronicles

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It was kill or be killed in the TRG crew. TRG crew was one of the few clicks that would attack you, knowing they might die. True Rida shit risking lives even they own lives for shit they believe in Stood for. It’s a part of the game you live but you don’t but simple when everything is ran smoothly loyalty honesty and numbers never lied. That’s always been the TRG crew Moto but like any other organization is levels to this shit each member had a different position from the escorts the runners the house lady cook up crew the boosters the beauticians even the shooters it was all about who you were and what you specialize in we were a group of sexy smart hustling killers we have what we did and we did when we love we understood that the sky was the limit once you were in it wasn’t no turning back.

Erotica / Drama
Charla L Moore
Age Rating:


Damn baby slow down you were alone you said you was a freak,Dream said as he looked down between his legs he saw the most beautiful dark skin girl he ever laid eyes on she looked up at him with bright brown eyesHer mouth was full of dreams dickShe was performing her twister spit A1 head special when she suck both balls while the dick deep down the throat.This move was sure to make his toes curl! Dreamer with one of the biggest dope dealers in Charlotte and he was gone bananas he screen once via put her arms around her back she’s giving him the best head he’s ever had just when he was finna explore his girlfriend redd walks through the door.Redd let me explain you were supposed toBe in Atlanta with your sister’s dream said while he was reaching for his clothes redd pulled her gun out of her hand bag baby it’s not what it looks like let me explain I love u, dream cried...no you got me fucked up this supposed to be our house and you got some bitch up in my bed she pointed her chrome .380 towards via who was starting to gather her clothes in where you think you going ima blast yo ass as soon as I kill this nigga bay chill please so now u begging me not to shoot this bitch pow pow redd shot dream in the foot he screamed from the pain bleed spilled from the whole in his foot shut the fuck up bitch baby I’ll give u whatever you want just let me live dream cried where the stash say what the stash nigga don’t play with me why are you doing this dream cried so redd shot him two more times in the same hole she had put in him agghh dream screamed where’s the fucking stash redd yelled it’s in the last closest down the hall on your right dream spat bitch go get me money redd barked at via via did as she was told then redd told her to get missing when via was out the door redd turned her attention back to dream in politely told him she’s leave the door open so someone could help him in turned to walk away after gathering all four duffle bags once she hopped in the car where she met via the girls laughed in pulled off bitch you ain’t rolled da blunt yet redd asked via butch no I was trying see if I was gone have to come back in or not your ass was taking to long yea my bad love you know I had to play my part period bitch could’ve won a Oscar the girls laughed in joked the whole way to the spot once they was in they empty all four bags n began to counting the nigga dream was doing pretty good for hisself the ended up with 250,00 a piece 10 bricks of heroin 27 bricks of coke in 5 pounds of gas. Every since TRG heard that dream was the head nigga in charge over the whole East side it was up from there they had to get him. Redd was the youngest but she was trained to hitem up its a straight robbery in pistol play was redd’s specialty. TRG were very enticing smooth finessers true hustlers. Redd played the part of dreams main chick he was faithful till redd crossed him. This that gas via redd said over coughing you already know I only fucks with that strong via said knowingly. Facts the girls laughed in finished off the blunt. You ready bitch hell yea let get rid of this shit ima hit Tt so she can come scoop it we’ll throw that bitch 25,000 she’ll be happy sayless I’ll hit u in two weeks redd hopped in her ride n pulled off via followed behind her where they split ways on the interstate.

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