Tales of Seduction

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The Neighbor

As the elevator doors opened in front of me I was met by an angry looking girl about running me over. I sighed adjusting the grocery bags in my hand mumbling under my breath at her. It was late, I had to stay late at work and I just wanted to be home.

I could barely see over the grocery bags in my hand so when I collided straight into someone and my bags went flying I cussed. “Damnit I’m sorry.”

My eyes came in contact with the man that had been the lead character in all of my dreams lately. I didn’t know his name, all I knew was he was my new hot as fuck neighbor. I could see the aggravation on his face. "I'm so sorry, I wasn't paying attention," I said as I knelt at his feet picking up my scattered groceries.

"You live next door to me don't you," the handsome stranger said as he leaned down picking up one of the bags out of my hands. God why did he have to be so hot. He was built like a god, golden, dark hair, dark eyes, too hot for his own good. Ok no, too hot for my own good.

I sighed standing up letting him take the other bag out of my hand, "Yes, I'm Mandi. Mandi Bennet. Again I'm so sorry, today's been a long day, then this girl tried to run me over to get on the elevator, and now..." I took a deep breath, "now I'm rambling to you."

He looked down at me with a smirk on his face, "yeah the girl that run you over was my fault. Let me help you take these to your apartment."

"You don't have to do that," I started but he shook his head.

"I insist, besides it's time I properly introduce myself. I'm Damon Thorp."

As we walked down the hall I looked over at him, "nice to finally meet you. Are you liking it here so far?"

He chuckled, "it's not what I expected. I wanted somewhere private but it's a little more run down than I would have liked."

Great I thought, there were two types of people that moved in the building. Ones that wouldn't last two months or the ones who would probably die here. Damon had been here almost a month, and I had been here for the past two years.

I found my self fumbling with my keys as I tried to unlock the door. Something about him made me nervous. That and I really didn't want to say goodbye to him. Opening my door I flipped the light on thankful that I had cleaned up before work.

Damon walked in setting the grocery bags down on the bar for me before turning around. I instantly went into a tiny panic not wanting this to be the end. "Thanks, Damon, again I'm so sorry. If there is ever anything I can do consider it done."

As soon as the words escaped my mouth I felt my face flush a little. The walls here in the apartment were thin and I had heard way too much of his sexual escapades. My head went straight in the gutter and to the bedroom thinking of all the ways I could pay him back.

Damon tilted his head looking down at me. I'm sure he could read me like a book. He smiled, "we were bound to meet sooner or later. Have you eaten? I was about to go to the cafe on the corner."

I shook my head, "No, but I ordered takeout from Lee's on my way home. You are welcome to stay and eat with me. They always send too much food." Words just kept spilling out of my mouth, but he had just asked if I wanted to go with him to the cafe right? I wasn't overstepping.

"Are you sure I won't be intruding," Damon said looking around my apartment.

I shook my head as I started to put up my groceries. I was super nervous to have him in my home. "No, it's just me and Jack." As Damon arched his brow I pointed in the corner to the fat orange cat watching us from the sofa. "He's a grouch so you don't have to worry about him."

"He must be the culprit to the horrible racket I hear every morning."

My eyes grew wide, "oh my god yes. He acts like he's starved first thing in the morning and cries till I get up and feed him. You can see he never misses a meal."

Hearing my doorbell I excused myself to the door swapping my tip for the bags of delicious smelling food. Shutting the door behind me I looked up at Damon, "I hope you like Chinese."

He shrugged, "beggers can't be choosers right?"

I laughed nervously as I pulled us out plates, unsure if that was a yes or a no. "Would you like a drink? I have sweet tea, Dr. Pepper, wine."

He laughed, "what nothing stronger than wine?"

I shrugged, "I mean I have some vodka if you want some with some cranberry juice. I'm kinda simple over here."

He laughed, "it's fine. Vodka would be great."

Nodding I pointed at the food, "go ahead and fix your plate, I'll get our drinks."

As I poured the alcohol in a glass I wondered if I was giving him too much or not enough. I knew what I liked, nothing about what he liked. "So where do you work?"

His question caught me off guard but it also allowed me to stop stressing over the drinks. "I'm a secretary a couple of blocks away for Durmonts."

Walking over to the bar I sat his glass down and started fixing my own plate. "What about you?"

Damon looked over at me, "me, I work in a boring-ass office every day."

I laughed sitting down beside him, "don't we all." He shrugged his shoulders taking a drink. Looking down at my own food I found myself needing to know, "so I know this place isn't what you thought it would be, are you planning on sticking around?"

Glancing over at me he seemed to study me. "I doubt it honestly."

I could only nod the disappointment I felt was unjust but still, I felt it just the same. It was probably for the best. I had developed a crush on him from afar and now that he was in my apartment I wanted nothing more than to touch him. I blinked back into reality seeing he was watching me practically eat him up with my eyes.

Damon pushed his half-eaten plate away from him taking another long drink of Vodka. "So no dessert?"

I frowned, "no...I'm sorry. I'm not a big sweets eater. I mean the best I could do is probably some yogurt."

He shrugged, "well thanks for dinner."

Getting up from the barstool I found myself toe to toe with him. He was taller than I so I had to look up to see his face. On instinct, I went to take a step back but he reached out holding me in place. His hands ran from my shoulders to my elbow making me shiver, "is that all you needed?"

Yet another question that caught me off guard. I didn't need anything from him but want, that was a different story. I wanted him. I knew if I let him walk out of my door that I would never see him again. He smirked at me as he leaned down to whisper in my ear, "something tells me you're keeping secrets from me."

I shook my head feeling my entire body flame up, how could his words whispered so softly in my ear turn me on. Reaching out I put a hand to his chest and when he didn't move I looked up catching his gaze. "I'm not keeping secrets," I said barely above a whisper.

He looked down at me, "then tell me before I leave."

"I want you," the words snuck out of my mouth so fast that I felt out of breath after I spoke them. My entire body went on panic mode and I was afraid to look up at him but he moved his hand tilting my chin up, "was that so hard."

I nodded, "yes." My admission seemed to amuse him. Pulling me closer to him he moved my long blonde hair to the side and kissed my neck. My other hand moved to his chest and I wondered for a moment if I wasn't dreaming. Most of my fantasies about him started out similar to this. Did he know? He couldnt' have known I fantasized about him.

Damon's kisses moved from one side of my neck to the other. My entire body was on fire as one of his hands made its way under my shirt and to my breast. "So you wanna show me your room?"

I nodded turning to lead him to my room wondering if I was about to make a huge mistake or if I was making one of the smartest decisions of my life. I had heard the way he made others cry out for him and I had dreamed of having him between my legs making me do just the same. I didn't care if he was a player, I didn't care why the girl had left his apartment mad earlier. I just wanted him.

Was I stupid? Definitely. Would I regret this in the morning? Probably. Turning to face him I didn't stop him as he pulled my shirt over my head before unhooking my bra. As it hit the floor between us he pulled his own shirt off pulling me toward him. His lips crashed down on mine and the skin to skin contact was like electricity.

"How long have you been wanting this Mandi," he asked as he rubbed the ache between my legs.

I let out a gasp as I held on to him, "ever since I first saw you get off the elevator that day."

He chuckled, "then why didn't you come to my door?"

I shook my head, "I'm not that brave."

Taking a step back I at first thought I had said the wrong thing but he nodded at me, "I want you naked in front of me Mandi."

I only nodded pushing my jeans and panties down until they slide down my legs. Stepping out of them I found myself right back in front of him. My eyes looked up at his as I began to fumble with the buttons of his jeans. He grabbed my hands pulling them over my head as he twisted me pushing me up against the wall. I closed my eyes leaning back as his lips made contact with my throat.

He lifted me up the wall holding me up with his arms. I never saw him unbutton his jeans but the next thing I knew he was inside of me. I wrapped my arms around his neck holding on to him as he thrust into me slamming me into the wall. His lips never left my neck and with each powerful thrust, he gave me the pictures beside us all moved and some even fell. I heard the shatter of glass but I didn't care. This was better than any fantasy I'd had of him.

The more I tried to stay quiet the harder Damon rammed himself into me and soon my cries were echoing throughout my apartment. His hands under my ass and his body pressing me continuously into the wall were the only things keeping me from falling. Wrapping my legs around his waist I arched my body closer to his feeling myself break to him. Crying out his name I clung onto him as he continued to thrust into me a few more times before letting me slide down the wall to my feet.

Part of me was afraid I'd lost the ability to stand but as he took my hand leading me to the bed I found although my legs were wobbly they would follow him anywhere. As we neared the bed he motioned for me to get in. As I crawled in the bed I went to lay back but he shook his head getting in beside me turning me so that I was on my knees.

As he slid himself back into me I closed my eyes biting my lip. He felt amazing. Damon picked up like he had never stopped fucking me before, just as hard just as fast. I felt my grip give but he leaned forward wrapping my neck in his arm pulling me up. The pressure was tight but not enough to make it so I couldnt breathe. His body continuously slammed into mine and all I could do was cry out at the pleasure his body was giving mine.

The only sound in my apartment was the slapping of skin, the sweet cries of pleasure, and his occasional low moan. I found myself wanting more, I wanted his grip around my neck to tighten, I wanted him to thrust into me harder and harder. Feeling the most intense orgasm I've ever had I gripped the bedsheets crying out his name my body gave. His grip on my neck never let up as he sped his thrust up even more than I could have thought possible and soon he was growling in my ear. It was the single most sexiest thing I had ever heard in my life.

We lay side by side panting, both out of breath, both covered in sweat. Was this what I had heard coming from the other side of the wall all those other nights. I instantly felt jealous of any woman he had ever touched. I would worship him, bow to him if he asked.

The next morning I awoke alone in a tangle of sheets. I had hoped there would be a note, or something, anything, yet I found nothing. Slipping in the shower I couldnt' get him off of my mind and found myself sliding my fingers in between my thighs as I thought of him.

Even though I should have gone straight to work I paused in front of his door and knocked. He opened the door in nothing but a towel smirking down at me. "Can I help you."

I nodded, "I'm at your door."

He nodded, "I can see that Mandi."

I looked down taking a deep breath, "I want you Damon."

He moved to the side letting me walk in before shutting the door behind me and shoving me against it. "It took you long enough."

The End.

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