The One That I Picked

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Chapter 12

It’s the day before your birthday. The talk with Stephen was 2 nights ago, and Reynold returned from his trip last night. Today, you have to take your nephew to the therapist and you have meetings all day. So, your stress level is pretty high! Stephen still texts, like he promised. He knows you won’t pick up his calls, so he doesn’t even try. You are having your weekly lunch with your best friend, when you check in about the plans for your birthday.

“So, we still doing pizza tomorrow?”

“I have to confirm, I might have to go on a business trip in the morning.”

“Oh no! On my birthday? Can’t someone else go instead?”

“No, if I’m going it’s because someone else went first and made a mess! So, I have to go and fix that.”

“I hope you don’t have to go.”

“Why don’t you spend the day with Reynold?”

“It’s my birthday. I don’t want to spend such special occasion with someone I’m just having sex with.”

“But it’s clearly you think of him as more than that. You are not even going on dates with other guys anymore.”

Yeah, I’m not a one night stand kind of girl. So when I found Reynold and saw that we had good chemistry, I stopped talking with the other guys.

“Maybe I do like him, but I rather think of him as a fuck buddy, the same way he thinks about me. And also because he might be fucking around like all men do!”

“Damn! Stephen really messed you up.”

He wasn’t the first guy to cheat on me, but something about him made me believe that this time would be different. The way we met, the way he treated me… he made me so happy!

“I’ll get over it eventually.”

The rest of the day, you have more meetings, problems to fix and orders to make. When you check the time, you rush out of the office and get your nephew to take him to the therapist, where you meet your mother and your sister-in-law waiting.

“We are not allowed inside, so we can sit at the lobby.” Your mother announces after admitting your nephew and watch him leave with the doctor.

You wait in the living room, a bit impatient, and hoping everything is going well. You get your phone to respond some urgent emails from work, and talk with your assistant to know if she got the confirmation of the orders you made.

I’m so stressed out! I need some sex tonight.

You decide to text Reynold.

Hannah: “Can we meet later? I’m really stressed out.”

Reynold: “Sure! Usual time?”

Hannah: “Yes. Should I come to you or are you coming over?”

Reynold: “I will come to your place. Pizza?”

Hannah: “Of course!”

After waiting for an hour or so, you drive home. Your nephew will have to go regularly to the sessions and you offered to take him every time. At home, you get your laptop to finish working on urgent matters because you are thinking about taking a day off some time during the week.

“Maybe the day after my birthday, I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow but I would like to have a few drinks, even if it’s alone.”

Reynold texts you to let you know that he’s at your door. You buzz him up, and he knocks on the door seconds later.

“Hi!” You open the door with a smile.

“Hey there.”

To your surprise, he kisses and hugs you like he haven’t seen you in weeks. Of course, you respond with the same urgency, you missed him too.

“How are you?” He asks, after a breath-taking kiss.

“I’m good!”

“You look tired.”

“It’s because I am.”

“Something wrong at work?”

“Nothing that can’t be fixed.”

“Good to hear.”

You both sit on the couch. You get some glasses for the drinks and napkins, eat and talk, and it feels so familiar it makes you forget all the stress from work, your nephew and Stephen.

“How is work?” You ask him.

“Same old.”

Reynold tells you stories about his teenage years, the pranks he pulled with his friends and you can’t stop laughing.

“I can’t believe you stole your dad’s car and had an accident!”

“I did! My friends ran away and let me take the fall, but it was their idea!”

You laugh and laugh, and notice he’s staring at you, admiring your eyes, your smile, and you blush.

“What are you looking at? Do I have something on my face?”

“You are beautiful.”

“Thank you.” Your cheeks turn pink.

Now, he’s looking at your lips with desire, and you can’t help but to want him too. You get closer to each other and inevitable, you kiss.

“I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too, babe.”

He’s taking the top of your pj’s and then stop to admire your breasts.

“You are so fucking sexy!”

You blush and bite your bottom lip.

“Thanks babe.”

You start kissing again, and then you are taking his pants off. You are holding his dick in your hands and he’s already moaning. You start to thrust his cock because you know he loves that, while he is biting your bottom lip. He inserts his finger inside you and starts to move around, reaching your g-spot.

“You are so wet right now, just like the way I like it. You taste so good, babe…” His voice trails off.

“I’m so ready for you. Fuck me!”

“Put the condom on me.”

You grab his pants on the floor, while he’s playing with your clit and making it even harder to concentrate. You finally find the condom and manage to put it on. With no time to waist, you sit on his lap releasing a loud moan while drowning on his dick.

“This feels so good!”

He grabs your ass, squeezes your nipple, put his hands on your hips to help you go up and down on him easily.

“Babe, faster!” You beg.

He obeys and starts to move his hips a bit faster. Your inner walls are tightening up, he feels that you are about to cum and seems like he is too.

“Babe… I’m about to cum. Look at me, let’s cum together.”

He stares at you with passion and desire. The room is silent and all you can hear is the sound of your couch while you go up and down and both of you breathing.

“Fuck me hard, Reynold. Don’t stop.”

“Yes babe, cum for me.”

You are moaning loud, you don’t care if your neighbours can hear you. You have your orgasm while shouting his name. He keeps fucking you until he cums too a few minutes later. You are both exhausted, so you just stay there on top of him, hugging each other.

“Happy birthday, babe.”

You look at your watch and realize it’s already midnight.

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