The One That I Picked

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Chapter 15

You are in bed with Reynold, the day after your birthday. He just revealed something that shocked you.

“I think I’m falling for you.”

I can’t believe this.

You search for his eyes, and see the sincerity on his words.

“Did you hear what I said?”

“I-I did, sorry” You are speechless. “I’m falling for you too.” Feels good to finally say that aloud.

You can see the relief on his face. He smiles and kisses you.

“So, you are not dating anyone else?” You ask, afraid of the answer.

“No, I deleted the app right after we met. I guess I found what I was looking for.”

You want to jump on him at that moment, but you hold yourself down.”

“That’s good to hear.”

“And you?”

“I’m not dating anyone either, I guess I’m not that kind of girl.”

“Well, I don’t want to ruin the moment, but I do need to go. I still have to go home and change for work.”

“Okay, can we meet later?”

“Of course. I’ll come by after gym, same time.”

He gets dressed, gather his things and starts to walk to the door. You put on some t-shirt and go open the door for him. He kisses you one last time and leaves. You close the door with the biggest smile on your face, and you run to get your phone to call Sofia.

“Hey girl! It’s so early, why are you awake now?”

“You are never going to believe what happened!”

“What? Tell me everything.” Seems like she is alert now.

You fill your friend with everything and she is in shock too.

“Aaahhh!!! I’m so happy for you.”

“Me too!”

“We have one more reason to celebrate on Friday, since you are going to stop partying with us.”

“Don’t do the self-pity party… We can still hang out.”

“Yeah, right. You are going to forget about us pretty quick.”

“You know I don’t do that.”

“I know, just teasing. But, how do you feel? Are you happy?”

“I am. I like the way I feel next to him. It’s easy to be with him, I don’t have to try so much to please him. Actually, he’s the one trying hard to please me! That makes me feel good, special.”

“Aw… I can feel it in your voice! I’m truly happy for you. You deserve this, I know how much you had to go through in the past, and I admire your will to never accept defeat.”

“Thank you so much.”

Hearing her say that makes you remember all the nights you stayed up because your boyfriend broke your heart, or made you self-doubt… or made you feel bad about him leaving, like you are not a good girlfriend. That broke your self-esteem so many times, that you started to believe that what you read on books and watch on movies, never really happens in real life.

You chat for a while with Sofia before you hang up. You get a text from Reynold letting you know he got home safe.

“What am I going to do now?”

You get ready to go to the gym and afterwards, you are going to run some errands.

Few days later, one of your girlfriends is getting married. You are going with Sofia as your plus one.

“I need to have hair and nails done for Saturday.”

“Me too. Your dress came out gorgeous! Reynold will be so jealous that he won’t be around.”

“I don’t think he’s a jealous guy, or maybe he never had a reason to.”

“Anyway, let me get back to work. Meet you later at the hair salon.”

“Okay, bye now.”

After your lunch with Sofia, you go back to work. You get a text from Reynold saying that he can’t make it to your date later because he’ll be busy.

Damn! It’s the second time this week.

You text him saying that you understand, and you dive into work to forget about the fact you won’t see him later.

It’s Friday night. Reynold promised he would come by later, so you don’t make any plans to go out.

I can’t wait for him to get here, I need to fuck tonight.

Soon after, you get a text.

Reynold: “Please don’t be mad…”

Hannah: “What now?”

Reynold: “I have to pick up my boss from the airport and then we are going out for some drinks.”

Hannah: “Can’t someone else do that?”

Reynold: “No, I’m sorry babe. I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

Hannah: “You also promised you would come over tonight. And, I won’t see you tomorrow either.”

Reynold: “We can meet after the wedding.”

Hannah: “I might come back late.”

Reynold: “It’s okay, I’ll stay awake for you.”

You are frustrated but there’s nothing you can do. You accept defeat and go to bed, alone.

I’m horny as fuck right now!

You get your vibrator out, turn it on and start playing with yourself.

Just the way Reynold touches me…

You have your orgasm but still frustrated. So, you take a cold shower and fall asleep.

The next morning, you get up, have breakfast, and start to get ready. Sofia comes over to finish get ready at your place, and you have some mimosas to help you loosen up and forget about the frustrating evening you had. Reynold already texted you wishing you a good morning and saying that he misses you. You replied saying the same. You are ready and then off to the wedding you go. All day, you exchange texts with Reynold.

Reynold: “Can I have a picture of your dress?”

You send him one you took before you left your place.

Reynold: “Babe, you look amazing! Although I’m not a fan of you showing off MY boobs like that, but okay.”

Hannah: “Hahaha… I’m not showing them off! They are perfectly covered.”

Reynold: “Not entirely. But you do look great, and sexy as hell! Can’t wait to see what’s underneath there.”

Hannah: “Nothing else…”

Reynold: “What? You are not wearing panties?”

Hannah: “They would be visible, so I decided not to.”

Reynold: “You are making me so hard right now…”

Hannah: “Oh yeah? Think about me licking your cock like ice cream.”

Reynold: “Babe, please stop.”

But you don’t…

Hannah: “And then, me brushing my pussy on your raw hard dick.”

Reynold: “That’s so unfair.”

Hannah: “And then, putting your dick down my throat, just the way you like it.”

Reynold: “Do you want me to cum?”

Hannah: “Knowing that I’m making you feel that, it’s a big turn on. And now, I’m sucking your balls while thrusting your cock. You are squeezing my nipples hard and I’m moaning with pleasure.”

Reynold: “Congrats! I just came.”

Hannah: “That makes me so happy.”

You pat yourself feeling proud, but with wet panties. Reynold tells you he has to take a shower now and you return your focus to the wedding party. Then, you get a text.

Stephen: “Hey babe. I miss you. Can we talk?”

Damn! Did he get a new number? I need to block this one too.

Around 10pm, you and Sofia are tired so you decide to go home. You drop her home then go to your place. On the way, you are calling Reynold to let him know he can come over but he’s not picking up. You keep calling him but still no response.

Great! I’m mad again.

You take a shower, put on your pajamas and got to bed. You get a book to read and fall asleep after a few chapters down.

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