The One That I Picked

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Chapter 16

Sunday morning. You wake up, go to the gym and have breakfast. Then, you get a text from Reynold.

Reynold: “Hey babe. I fell asleep last night, sorry.”

Hannah: “Good morning.” You are furious, so you send a cold reply.

Reynold: “What are you doing now?”

Hannah: “Getting ready to go out.”

Reynold: “Where are you going?”

You ignore, you don’t feel like talking or explain anything to him.

Reynold: “Can we grab brunch before you have to go?” You keep ignoring him. “I know you are mad at me, and I’m sorry. Let me make it up to you.”

Hannah: “You promised that the whole week!”

Reynold: “I know. I promise, this time I will.”

Hannah: “I don’t really have time now. I have to meet the newlyweds for lunch.”

Reynold: “Okay… Can we meet after?”

Hannah: “It depends if you don’t fall asleep again.”

Reynold: “Babe, I said I was sorry. I had a very busy week and I was dead tired.”

Hannah: “Okay, it’s fine.”

Reynold: “So is that a yes on our date?”

Hannah: “I’ll think about it.”

Reynold: “Can you at least let me know what time you are home?”

Hannah: “I will.”

Reynold: “Okay, enjoy lunch with your friends.”

You head out to meet Sofia and the rest of the wedding party. You have lunch at a nice restaurant, and the rest of the group makes plans to hit a karaoke bar afterwards.

“I’m so in! Are you coming?” Sofia asks.

“Of course! When have I ever said no to karaoke?”

You all go to your favourite karaoke bar. You have fun with your friends, have a few drinks and some snacks, before you realize your phone is about to die. You decide to send Reynold a text, hoping this time he was serious about meeting you.

Hannah: “Hey. My phone is about to die, but I’ll be home at 7pm.”

Reynold: “Okay, no problem. I’ll meet you home.”

You enjoy the rest of the evening with your friends and then you bid them farewell. By 7pm, you are parking your car into the garage. You put your phone to charge and text Reynold letting him know he can come over. He doesn’t respond, as you were expecting.

This doesn’t look good.

You make yourself some tea and sit by the couch. Turn on the TV and watch your favourite series.

Still no response… And I would like to sleep soon.

You give up waiting and decide to take a shower. When you are done, you find on your phone six missed calls from Reynold and some texts.

I didn’t even take that long!

Reynold: “Babe, I know you are mad but please pick up. Can I come over? Please let me come over, I just want to see you. I promise I won’t take long, just want to talk.”

He keeps calling but you decide to ignore.

Reynold: “I know you are reading my texts, please let me come over.”

He calls again and you decide to pick it up this time.

“Hey!” You greet with a cold tone.

“I’m sorry babe! My phone died, had to rush home to charge and now I’m talking to you. Can I come over now?”

“I told you what time I would be home. Don’t you think I was having fun with my friends? I decided to cut it short because I had plans with you!”

You are fuming saying these words.

“I know, and I’m sorry.”

“You stood me up the whole week! Feels like I’m not a priority to you.”

“Babe, please let me come over so we can talk.”

“No! It’s late now, and I’m going to bed.”

“Please don’t do this! I just want to see you… 5min, that’s all I ask, I promise.”

You know you want to say yes, but you make him work for it.

“Please… if you are still mad by the time I get there, you can punch me.”

“Fine! You can come over.”

You can hear how happy he is through the phone.

“I’ll be there soon.” He hangs up. Now, you wait…

Twenty minutes later, Reynold is at your door.



“What are you hiding?”

He holds a box of chocolate and ice cream.

“For you. I’m sorry.”

You try to hide your excitement, but you can’t.

“Thank you. You got me my favourite.”

“I’m glad.”

You both sit on the couch, all relaxed now. You look at him like you haven’t see him in weeks. You want to jump and kiss him all over, but you decide to play it cool. He looks at you with puppy eyes showing you how sorry he is. He caresses your legs and your arms so he has an excuse to touch you.

“How was your week?” He asks.

“It was okay. Same old, minus you.”

“I know, it was weird for me too.”

You both laugh, you are so used to have him around on daily-basis that this week was almost unbearable.

“Is your boss gone?”

“Yes! Finally… We can go back to normal now.”

“So that means this will happen every time he comes in to town?”

“I can’t promise it won’t, but I promise I’ll try to avoid what happened this week. And if I can’t, I’ll always make it up to you. I’m sorry, it’s work, I can’t get out of it.”

He looks at you with pleading eyes, hoping you can understand.

“Okay, let’s forget about what happened this week.”

He smiles at you. You can see he can finally relax and feeling like some weight came out of his back. You talk some more, laughing and catching up. It’s getting late and you tell him you have to go to bed.

“Can I sleep over? I don’t want this moment to end.”

Butterflies fly on your stomach.

“Of course. You are always welcome here.”

You both head to bed and sleep comes quick.

It’s 4am and you have to wake up. You are still very tired from the weekend that you can barely move when the alarm goes on. You switch it off hoping Reynold didn’t wake up.

“Good morning babe.”

“Sorry I woke you. Good morning.” You whisper.

“It’s okay. You are not getting up?”

You still have your eyes closed.

“I still have a few minutes.”

“Oh really?”

You can sense his devious tone.

“Not for that! I’m too tired.”

“Okay, okay. I won’t try anything.”

You stay in bed for a few more minutes. Before you don’t get up at all, you get up and head for the shower. When you are all dressed up, you wake Reynold up.

“I have to leave soon.”

“I know…”

You can see how lazy he is. You wait for him to get dressed, you both gather your things and head out. He kisses you before entering his car and goes home. You get into your car and head to work. On your way there, you get a text from Reynold saying he’s home safe and now he’s going to carry on with his sleep, and you laugh.

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