The One That I Picked

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Chapter 17

Things go back to normal between you and Reynold, and you couldn’t be happier. You meet regularly, go out on dinner dates and movies, like a normal couple. He still gets stuck on meeting sometimes, making you mad, but you calm down when he comes with that bright smile you can’t resist. At work, you are getting more and more clients, so you have to keep focused and on top of your employees to keep the good quality. Your mother still pressures you about marriage and work, but you are so used to it by now that you know how to zoom out from those conversations.

Few days later…

“Hey babe. Are we still meeting later?” You are talking to Reynold on the phone.

“Yes, of course. I can’t wait… Should I bring pizza?”

“No need tonight. I’m going to cook!”

“Really? That’s great, I miss your cooking.”
“Why didn’t you say so? I’ll make you your favourite then.”

“Great. Let me get back to work, I have a meeting soon.”

“Okay, later.”

You spend the afternoon organizing and checking with your assistant if everything is up to date. By the end of the day, you go home. You skip your workout because you promised to make dinner.

I’m so tired today! Lot of work lately, which is good, but I’m overwhelmed.

You get home, take a shower, put on some music and start cooking. While drinking your favourite wine, you dance around chatting with your friends on social media. Reynold texts you around 6pm.

Reynold: “Hey babe. I’m still stuck at the meeting, I’m not sure how much longer it will be.”

Not again…

Hannah: “Okay, let me know when you are done, then.”

You have a bad feeling, but you try to shake it off. Another hour passes, and still nothing from him. You decide to text him.

Hannah: “Are you still coming?” You get no response.

You wait a little longer and start to get pissed off.

He stood me up, again!

You eat your dinner, finish the bottle of wine and go to bed angry. On the next day, you wake up with a terrible hangover.

Damn! Why did I finish the bottle? I’m going to work later.

You text your assistant saying you are coming late and if she needs anything, she can reach you on your cell phone. You decide to run some errands and go to the bank. On your way out, Reynold sends you a text.

Reynold: “Hey. Sorry the meeting lasted longer than expected.”

Hannah: “You could have replied to my last text.”

Reynold: “My phone died. I saw your text when I got home late.”

Hannah: “You know how much I hate when you stand me up.”

You are so angry, you don’t wait for his response. By now he knows you pretty well, and he doesn’t try to say anything for the rest of the day, and you are so mad that you don’t text him either.

You wake up the next day, and still nothing. Your pride consumes you that you don’t dare to give the first step, so you keep silent. And you stay like that for days. You don’t talk, you don’t text each other. You are both quiet and don’t see each other for a while.

You meet Sofia for lunch some day during the week.

“He hasn’t called yet?”

“Still nothing.”

“That’s unbelievable! Why don’t you call him?”

“No! He messed up.”

“Aren’t you overreacting a bit?”

“Maybe, but he needs to learn. I hate when he keeps me waiting and doesn’t say anything.”

“So, you rather stay mad while you can fix this?”

“Why don’t you ask him that? Maybe these late meetings where actually booty calls with someone else.”

“Really? It can’t be true.”

“Who knows? It was so easy for him to stop contacting me, maybe he found someone else.”

“I still believe in you guys! You are going back to normal soon enough.”

“I don’t know, I already activated my dating app account.”

“That was quick!”

She gives you a suspicious look.

“I tried to be exclusive, I guess I made a mistake! Let’s give the other guys a chance, plus I get a free meal.”

“I can’t believe we are friends.”

“I love you too.”

After lunch, you go back to work. You don’t want to admit, but you are still hoping Reynold will call. You get sad every time you check your phone and there’s no text from him.

I can’t believe he just ghosted on me like this! It reminds me of Stephen, he used to this all the time until I found out he had another family! Is it happening again with Reynold? Does he have a wife and kids?

A lot goes through your mind, but that doesn’t stop you to chat with new guys.

John: “Hey there! You are very pretty. When can we meet?”

Pretty forward… Good! At least I can get some dick and move on.

Hannah: “Thank you. How about tomorrow evening?”

John: “Great! We can meet at Elvi’s.”

Hannah: “I will be there.”

And after him, you get a text from someone else.

Sam: “Hey beautiful! Are you free tonight?”

Damn! I have two prospects now. This is interesting.

Hannah: “Hey! Tonight, I can’t make it. What about tomorrow noon?”

Sam: “Sounds good. Can we meet at the restaurant by Radisson Hotel?”

Hannah: “Yes, sure.”

I guess I have to hit the gym hard later.

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