The One That I Picked

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Chapter 19

Another Friday evening…

“What am I supposed to do? I think I’m going for a jog by the beach.”

After your date with John, he called to ask you out again. But this time, you tried to take things further… and he couldn’t get his cock to come out and play! After that episode, you decided to stay away from dating all together and focus on your work… mainly to forget about Reynold – he hasn’t called!

“It’s so peaceful out here… the fresh air is doing wonders… I wish he was here thou.”

As if on cue, you get a message from Reynold on one of your social media apps.

Wow! Can he hear my thoughts?

Reynold: “Seems like you have been pretty busy partying with your friends!”

He must have seen my pictures from last weekend’s party.

Hannah: “Well, it’s good to catch up with my friends. You, on the other hand, have been MIA.”

Reynold: “Yeah, and I feel bad. Work has been hectic, plus had a few business trips and I got sick. Are you still mad at me?”

Hannah: “I was never mad at you.”

Of course I was…

Reynold: “I’m glad! I thought you were. Last time we spoke, you weren’t happy and also, you never talked to me again.”

You neither! Hmph…

Hannah: “Don’t worry, I’m not mad, I have been pretty busy too.”

It’s not a lie! I dove into work like my life depended on it, and I forgot to relax. Last weekend was the first time Sofia managed to get me out of my routine, which lasted a few hours.

Reynold: “What are you doing right now?”

Hannah: “Jogging by the beach. And you?”

Reynold: “Still recovering from the flu… Lots of blankets and lemon tea.”

Hannah: “Hope you get better soon.”

Reynold: “Can we grab coffee soon? You pick the day and place and I’ll be there.”

Hannah: “Can it be on Tuesday at D’how?”

I miss him so much…

Reynold: “Of course. I’ll be there after work. See you then.”

You put your phone away, thinking that you were done with that, but seems like you were wrong.

Reynold: “I know I shouldn’t say this… but I miss you… miss our conversations… miss your laughter. I hope you are okay!”

Hannah: “I miss us too… hope you are okay too.”

The rest of the jog is much more pleasant… Hey, the rest of the weekend is! Sunday evening comes and Sofia invites you over to her place.

“So, what’s going on with you?”

“Why do you ask?”

“You are smiling uncontrollably today!”


“Uh oh… I know that look.”

“Yes! It’s what you are thinking.”

“Halleluiah! I’m going to have my bestie back…”

“What do you mean? I never left.”

“No, you did. I don’t know who that woman was until last week, but it wasn’t you. Did you two meet already?”

“No, he has been sick with the flu. We are grabbing coffee on Tuesday.”

“I’m really happy for you, and I hope you are able to work things out, you two are good together.”

You can see the sincerity on her words and you smile back.

“Thank you.”

“So, which series are we watching today?”

You spend the rest of the evening watching Netflix, eating popcorn and laughing.

Monday morning comes around. You do your usual routine: gym, work, your mother’s place and then home. Nothing out of the ordinary happens, so it’s a good day… Except you are counting the minutes to meet Reynold.

Tuesday comes around and you can’t keep your excitement. You don’t go to the gym so you are not too tired later, you catch up with your mother during your lunch hour so you don’t have to meet her after work, and by the time you are done, you are so happy you want to jump.

Hannah: “Hey! I’m leaving work now. See you soon.”

Reynold: “Great. I’m on my way there. See you in a bit.”

You rush to the place, you can’t wait to kiss and hug him… Which you’ll not do until you are sure everything is fine between you two. When you arrive, you find him waiting for you, hot and sexy as ever on his well-fitted suit. You walk towards his table and he stands up with a smile, watching you walk towards you.

“Hey.” He hugs you tight, and takes a while to let you go.

“Hey there, stranger.” Your heart skips a beat when you feel that familiar smell you miss on your pillowcase.

You both sit down and place your order.

“How are you?”

That smile…

“I have been great. Are you better from the flu?”

“Yes, much better. Thanks for asking.”

He looks at you choosing the proper words to speak. You can see his internal debate on his face. You want to ask what happened or why he left without even a phone call this past month while things were going great, but you opt to stay quiet and not ruin the moment. You spend the evening like nothing happened, like you met days before. Same familiarity, same inside jokes. You talk about sports, he asks about work and seems very genuine. You ask about his and he tells you that the project is well and on schedule. As usual, you spend hours chatting and laughing and you feel relaxed, like you haven’t felt in a long time. You hug goodbye and go on separate ways.

That was pleasant. Although, I wished it had a better ending.

You drive home, take a shower and put your pajamas. By the time you get to bed with a cup of tea, you get a text.

Reynold: “Hi. Are you still up?”

Well… I would be damned!

Hannah: “Yes, why?”

Reynold: “Can I come over?”

Hannah: “You know it’s past my bedtime, right?”

Reynold: “In that case, can I come over to tuck you in? Since I’m the one who kept you up late.”

You smile. You know you want him in your bed.

Hannah: “In that case, you may.”

Reynold: “Good, because I’m already downstairs. Please open the gate for me.”

You jump from your bed and run to the door to buzz him in. He knocks your door and you open. Without a word, he grabs you by the back of your neck, pulls you closer and kiss you with so much passion you are out of breath. He pulls you up and you lock him with your legs. He kicks the door close and takes you to your bedroom. He sets you by the bed and looks at you with hungry eyes. You stare him back waiting for him to carry on.

“I missed touching your soft skin.”

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