The One That I Picked

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Chapter 2

It’s the day of the date with Reynolds! You feel so nervous and excited at the same time, so you call Sofia to come over to distract you.

“I hope you get laid tonight!”

She is helping you get ready. She always finds a way to cheer you up, like a sister you never had. You have been friends for a few years, but your bond is strong and it feels like you have been friends forever. And she became your role model; after her parents passed away, she was raised by her aunt with a fragile health. She worked so her aunt didn’t have to, and when she turned 20, she passed. She has been on her own ever since, and doing well.

“Well, I’m not sure it would be appropriate to do it on the first date, but I’m open to all possibilities.”

Deep down, you also hope to get laid! It’s been a while… When you found out about your ex, you were already drifting apart. He became so distant, that you are pissed you didn’t see that coming. Work kept you very busy, that you never gave much time to think about sex with anyone, for that matter. At least you got that promotion you were working so hard for, and earn your mother’s respect, for once.

“I don’t even know what to talk about with this guy. How should I start the conversation?”

“Honey, just be yourself. And since you are going to a restaurant, have some shots of tequila. Don’t overdo it!”


I can do this!

So, you go to the restaurant. You decide to call him when you arrive to find out where he is seated.

“Hey there! Are you here?” He replies, his voice is deep and sexy, and you love to hear it, realizing it’s the first time you talk on the phone.

“Yes, trying to find you.”

“I can see you, look to your right!”

He stands up and you approach his table. He’s tall, much handsome in person, the profile pictures don’t do him justice. His bright smile could light up everyone’s day anytime. His hair is so in place, that you want to run your fingers through it, he smells good, his eyes are so inviting, you wish you could swim on them.

“So, nice to meet you in person. Please, have a seat.” He indicates to the chair in front of him and you comply.

“Thank you.”

Such a gentleman!

You still feel nervous, it’s a new situation and you have no idea how to behave. He’s easy to talk to, and after a few minutes, your start to feel comfortable. You talked about everything while eating. He ordered the drinks, as if guessing what you needed. He talked a bit about his family, his work, he asked about yours, and all you could think about was to have him in your bed ASAP! His voice and presence had such powerful effect on you, that it was captivating.

“So, what made you join the app?” He asks, to your surprise.

Oh, not that question!

“I guess I was looking for something different, change the pace a bit.”

“Are you looking for a long-term relationship?”

“No, something casual.” Better not to scare him on the first date.

I feel like I’m lying to myself! I’m not a one-night stand kind of girl.

“Okay good, because I started using the app just to find casual sex, nothing long-term.”

At that moment, you felt disappointed. Maybe you had really high hopes when you saw him, but it’s good to start slow.

“At least we are on the same page. I just got out of a relationship, and the last thing I need right now is to get into a new one.”

Which is true!

So you gave a little white lie, but it was for a good cause. You kept talking, until late, and you didn’t even notice that the place was almost empty, only when the waiters started to give you ugly looks.

“Oh gosh, look at the time! I guess we should go now.” Suggests Reynold.

“Oh wow! It’s so late, how long have we been here?”

Is he going to invite me to a hot night under his sheets?”

He pays the bill and you leave.

“Well, this was fun. We should meet again, and I hope you think the same. Can I call you some other time?”

I shaved for nothing?

“Of course, looking forward to it.”

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