The One That I Picked

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Chapter 4

Just like any other day, you woke up and went to the gym. You were so frustrated, so you needed to burn it out! After just 2h, you were on your way to work. Mondays are usually pretty busy, so you couldn’t miss it even if you get sick.

The morning went by fast. You worked well into your lunchtime until you got a text on your phone.

Reynold: “Hi there! Hope you got home safe last night.”

What should I say…?

Hannah: “Yes, I did. Thanks for caring, hope you did too.”

Reynold: “I did, but thinking about you kept me up all night! So, you owe me a cup of coffee.”

Hannah: “Well, if it’s my fault you stayed up, I guess I really should pay that cup of coffee.”

Reynold: “Can I meet you after work?”

Hannah: “Yes, there’s a coffee shop very close to my office. Just come get me at work and we can walk there.”

Reynold: “I’ll be there later.”

Well, Monday just turned into my favourite day of the week! Good thing I didn’t bring my car today.

The afternoon goes by quick, mainly because you were waiting anxiously for your date with Reynold. What brought you back from daydreaming was an email you got from your ex.

Stephen: “Hey babe! Can we please meet up to talk? I still believe we can make this work.”

“Ugh! Why is he still call me babe?”

Hannah: “We have nothing to talk about! I don’t want to hear anymore from you or any of your explanations. You lied to me, and didn’t care about my feelings. I trusted you, and you played with my heart and my feelings. Enough! Please don’t ever contact me again and go be the father your son deserves!”

Maybe after that he will leave you alone.

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