The One That I Picked

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Chapter 5

At the coffee shop, the conversation was going great. You feel like you know each other for a long time; at least that’s how he makes you feel.

“So, how was your day?” He asks curious.

“It was good. Busy, but very productive.”

“Mine was good too. My firm was able to close a contract to build a new 4-star hotel.”

“Pretty impressive! Does that mean I can use your discount when the hotel is ready?”

“Unfortunately we don’t get these kind of perks.” He laughs and it’s contagious.

“So, what were you thinking about me that made you stay up all night?” You make the bold move to spicy up the conversation.

He moves uncomfortably on his seat. You notice he had to rearrange his pants.

“I was wondering what a pretty girl like you usually do on Sunday nights, before bed.”

I wish I could tell you what I did last night because of you.

“When I got home, I read a book and fell asleep.” Better not be that honest at the beginning.

“So, you never thought about me at all?”

“Well, I did for a few minutes before falling asleep.” You bite your lip to the thought that made you touch yourself.

“Oh really? What was it about?” He seems interested, so he gets closer to your seat.


Your phone starts to ring and it’s Sofia calling you.

“Hey honey! Do you want to grab something to eat?”

“I can’t right now, I’m busy.” You look at Reynold, smiling.

“You still at work? You need to relax and have some fun! Work can wait.”

“I’m not at work anymore. Can we talk better later?”

“Hmm… Okay, call me later. Love you.”

“Love you too.”

When you hang up, you find a message from some other guy you matched with on your dating profile.

Jay: “Hi angel! How are you doing? Would you like to meet?”

He’s gorgeous! You think about keeping him around in case nothing happens with Reynold, which should be a crime.

“Sorry about that, my girlfriend was checking on me.” You put your phone back on your purse, turning your attention back to him.

“No problem. It’s good to have someone that cares for you. So, you were telling me about your thoughts last night…”

“Oh yeah! Well, I was also wondering what you were doing on a Sunday night, maybe watching sports and drinking beer, I’m guessing with some friends.”

“Well, if you must know, I was watching sports but I was actually alone last night.”


“And that maybe I should have invited you for some drinks at my place, since our conversation was so good.”

My imagination is already going wild!

“Would you like to continue this coffee at my place?” He suggests.

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