The One That I Picked

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Chapter 6

“Sure, I would like to.”

He lead you to his car, and once inside, he looks at you, moves forward and kisses you! You feel fireworks going off in your stomach, such a passionate kiss that got your nipples hard. When he stopped, he had that devilish smile on his face that made you want him even more.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t wait anymore.” He’s clearly not sorry.

“No problem, it was good.” You blush, feeling your cheeks turning red.

A short car ride later, you arrive to his apartment complex. Good neighbourhood, you like it. The apartment was quiet and very organized, maybe he had no babies and also not a wife (good start), but maybe a good maid or a very protective mother. But, none of that would stop you today to see Reynold naked. It seemed like he was just waiting to be within closed doors, because in a second, he was all over you kissing passionately. He started to pull up your skirt, and almost ripped your panties, but he managed to get them off whole. You are starting to get wet, moaning under your breath while he’s sucking your breasts like mining for milk. He sits down on the couch, pulls your leg up, and starts to suck you and play with your clitoris. You almost lost balance with so much pleasure you were feeling that moment.

“Your turn!”

He did a great job!

You go down, freeing his shaft from his pants. He was erect, and you kind of felt proud for it. You start to suck him, slow and going deep. He was so delicious on your mouth that you didn’t want to stop. You start to play with the head, making him whisper your name and you started to taste the pre-cum.

“I want you so bad, you have no idea.” He murmurs.

I never sucked anyone on the second date… I feel like I’m in heaven!

“You can have me!”

He pulls you up, your legs locked on his waist, while your mouths are connected. You move to the bed, he grabs a condom from his nightstand, and quickly puts it on. He gets inside you and it feels like you went to the moon. He fucked you like he was reading your mind, just the way you like to be fucked. In and out, he was biting your neck while you were squeezing his butt, making him go deeper. You started to sweat, your walls started to get tight around his cock, he started to move faster and you felt you were about to cum.

“Fuck me harder, faster!” You demand, surprising yourself.

“Yes babe, just the way you like it!”

He keeps thrusting you, going faster. You wrap your legs around his waist, tight.

“Oh my God, I’m about cum!”

“Yes, cum for me babe!”

Your body is filled with desire. You cum, and he cums too. Your legs are shaking while he’s still recovering from unloading so much nut. He takes off the condom and you could see how full it was.

“Has it been that long?”

“No, you just have that effect on me…” He shrugs.


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